Case Studies

United States
Mobile Solution for Tutors
IT outsourcing case study - Lighting fast mobile browser developed by Redwerk
Advanced mobile browser
SpamHound - SMS spam filter app by Redwerk software development company
SMS & MMS filtering app
Programming outsource to software development company Redwerk - Restaurant Reservation Management App
Restaurant Management Solution
IT outsourcing case study - Canadian Media Directory upgraded by Redwerk company
Canadian Media Directory
IT outsourcing case study - marketplace for Freelancers Caesium improving / Redwerk company
Innovative Marketplace for Freelancers
IT outsourcing case study - rebuilding and improving Slack Bot PlusPlus / Redwerk company
Slack Bot for scoring
Justin Alexander outsourced programming of bridal dress online platform to software development company Redwerk
United States
Stunning bridal dress online platform - online multiplayer electoral game created by Redwerk mobile game development agency
United States
Redwerk’s online multiplayer game
IT outsourcing case study - Converting a screen recording Java Applet into a Standalone Java App / Redwerk company
United Kingdom
Cross-platform solution for screen recording
IT outsourcing case study - Upgrade of EUREL EUGI platform for voting in European Parliament / Redwerk company
EUREL EUGI platform for voting in European Parliament
USA based company The Education Partners outsourced software project to Redwerk
United States
Mobile benchmarking app for school observers
IT outsourcing case study - Intuitive mobile geolocation app for travelers eNomad / Redwerk company
Intuitive mobile geolocation app for travelers
Spirit board game created by Redwerk game development agency
Online mobile game with a spiritual taste
IT outsourcing case study - Sports events crawler / Redwerk company
United States
Automated sports tournaments crawling solution
IT outsourcing case study - Web Intake / Redwerk company
Citizen requests processing system for local government authorities
IT outsourcing ecommerce case study - Online wine store Breukelen Cellars / Redwerk company
United States
Webstore for Breukelen Cellars wine shop and art boutique
IT outsourcing case study - Animatron / Redwerk company
United States
Website for managing animated content created by users
IT outsourcing case study - CMSOI / Redwerk company
Microsoft Word plugin for CMS product
IT outsourcing case study - DFP for local media apps / Redwerk company
United States
System for displaying banner ads on local channels
IT outsourcing case study - Cleanagents / Redwerk company
Mobile app for professional cleaning services
IT outsourcing case study - Maasmechelen’s website / Redwerk company
Customized E-Government CMS and reservation module
IT outsourcing case study - B-Orange ERP / Redwerk company
Extension of functionality for the open source ERP system
  • Hibernate
  • Java
  • PostgreSQL
IT outsourcing case study - GiftGiving / Redwerk company
United States
Facebook App for music recommendations
IT outsourcing case study - Akamai closed captioning fix / Redwerk company
United States
Akamai closed captioning fix for streamed video files
IT outsourcing case study - SystemDataRecorder / Redwerk company
Windows system service to log CPUdiskhardware and network usage
IT outsourcing case study - 9yahds / Redwerk company
United States
SaaS solution for business workflow automation
IT outsourcing case study - Penthouse Club in Kharkov website / Redwerk company
United States
Penthouse Club Kharkov website
IT outsourcing case study - PageFreezer / Redwerk company
Innovative and convenient website archiving service
IT outsourcing case study - Mobile apps for local media / Redwerk company
United States
Mobile apps for the leading TV networks in the United States
  • iOS
  • ObjectiveC
  • XML
IT outsourcing case study - Adfectious / Redwerk company
Mobile advertising system with advanced targeting and statistics
IT outsourcing case study - LikeLabs / Redwerk company
iPad app that allows visitors in a public place to create and share a review
IT outsourcing case study - Platform for local TV channels / Redwerk company
United States
Platform for local TV channels in the United States
IT outsourcing case study - Advanced ERP system / Redwerk company
Advanced web-based ERP system for IT company
IT outsourcing case study - URS workflow automation / Redwerk company
United States
Web application for automation of workflows related to audit and statistics
  • AJAX
  • Hibernate
  • Java
  • MySQL
IT outsourcing case study - City council decision-making automation solution / Redwerk company
Decision-making automation solution for the city councils
IT outsourcing case study - Linktiger / Redwerk company
Easy-to-use SaaS broken links checking tool
IT outsourcing case study - YouTown / Redwerk company
United States
Mobile app connecting citizens with their local governments and city information