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CDP Blitz, an online directory of media contacts in Canada.

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The company needed to work with a legacy database and bring the online platform into the modern era. Redwerk implemented the renewed solution from the ground up.

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The CDP Blitz online directory used by Canadian communication agencies, product marketers and other businesses that are looking to build lists of media contacts by small and medium businesses looking for specific reporters. Customers can use its advanced search features and export data files using the preset filters (by region, by media and by subject matter).

The global business goal of CDP Blitz to update its functionality and grow its subscription base with a longer-term view to expand to new markets required consideration and turn to an outsource web application development company. Redwerk team became an asset and successfully contributed to this strategy implementation.

The main challenge was to migrate the old data into the new system. On the one hand, we wanted to structure and optimize the existing database. Our outsource software development team had to rewrite the major database tables and parse the existing data by carefully keeping the existing infrastructure. The current database had a lot of relationships inside that were displayed differently and fed a complex search function on the front end, so our QA process focused on ensuring all the inputs and outputs were handled correctly.

The main modules that we have implemented:

  • Data management system;
  • Subscriptions management system;
  • Stripe payments;
  • Contact search by different filters with a custom algorithm;
  • MediaMatch API integration;
  • Advanced Export functionality;
  • Ability to download files with preset filters.


Redwerk was involved in all spheres of this major product update: we created a new improved UX design, extended the existing website functionality, and created the new admin panel for data management. We also integrated the MediaMatch API — a proprietary service that enables advanced media monitoring relevant to the users of CDPBlitz.

As this online solution is provided as a paid subscription, the UX and system performance had to work without a glitch. We worked closely with the customer team to process the feedback received from their users and develop improvements to increase customer satisfaction.

Due to the nature of the product, the value of this database is in its ability to remain updated. The new admin panel was created to automate the data handling made by the company researchers, and to allow real-time updating of the database. Additionally, the admin panel contains the extended management functionality of the existing payment plans, and other monitoring tools.

We’ve also implemented an online payment system using Stripe allowing customers to switch from using a manual invoice and cheque payment system, handling subscription payments and renewals online.


The entire design process of this project can be divided into three main stages. So let’s take a closer look at all of them!
Firstly, we performed the work on the public part of the web service. That is, in the first place, we selected a color scheme and provided the design of the first 5 main pages. The client did not have a single supplement, he was satisfied with everything done and we immediately moved on to the next stage.

So we moved on to closed part of the service, which is probably one of the most difficult stages of this project, since the client had provided about 40 wireframes, that mostly were represented by variables, for example: {Category_Name}, {Filter 1, Filter 2}. The client promised to provide with detailed data at the very end of the project. So that in order to adhere to the time-frame and not to delay the implementation, we were forced to draw what we had, approve it with the client and hand it over to the development.
We chose black and blue colors for the interface accents, and white was chosen as the basic color for the content, since this color matches well with web services, that are related to the data search.

And eventually we reached the final stage of our development process, which is UX improvements stage. So, as soon as the project was accomplished, and we received not only the final content from the client, but the export of the database from the old service, as well, thus in concert with the client we decided that it would be great to improve, in terms of UX, some details of the web interface that were in connection with the search and filters.

In order to make it more convenient and comfortable for users to use the search tool, our UX designer offered about 15 improvements more than 80% of which were accepted by the client and eventually converted into production.

We implemented the improvements that, at present, immediately display the search categories to users, thus reducing unwanted clicks. In addition, the selected filters were moved closer to the search box, the filters in the lateral left part were arranged and updated, and search results navigation was improved. From now on, users are able to easily discover the search results, without a threat of his filters or previous settings unsaved.

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media contacts in the database


Club de Presse Blitz was founded


lines of code


The upgraded website has a new, modern look with improved UX and a significant performance boost. On the backend, the new code is well documented and Swagger is used for API. The database contains a large number of media contacts with up-to-date valid information, flexibility to capture new media types and new ways to contact media outlets.

As a Python development company, Redwerk team created pure code on the server side that allows users to navigate the database of over 35 000 contacts, using advanced search options and benefiting from flexible filter settings and effortless online payments. And media representatives across the country, in turn, can be easily reached with news relevant to their outlets.


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Redwerk team comments


One of the primary tasks for Redwerk team was improving the database search and its performance and complementing it with the new functionality and filtering rules. It was both challenging and interesting to refactor the old desktop solution using web technologies. We prepared and implemented the migration of data from 4D database to PostgreSQL, and refined subscriptions mechanism, making payments so much easier.

Redwerk team comments


It was a pleasure to take part in this project. Our UI/UX team has built over 30 mockups that were immediately approved by the client with just a few slightest changes. The mockups we created covered the whole functionality of the online directory and are live on the website.

CDP Blitz - Dashboard screen

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