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KB&G helps construction materials companies worldwide increase their profitability by improving their business strategies and reevaluating their approaches to pricing. KB&G enhances its consulting expertise with modern software tailored to the needs of concrete, aggregates, cement, and asphalt markets.

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Product Development

The software we delivered to KB&G is a 100% unique product: it offers the benefits of modern SaaS solutions and, at the same time, can work with legacy proprietary systems many construction materials companies cannot afford to replace. This product allows companies to innovate and stay competitive without rewriting their entire codebases.

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Startups & Innovation

KB&G has combined years of its consulting practice to devise a truly pioneering automated pricing solution. We help companies like that leverage the latest tech advancements to put their great ideas to use. Redwerk develops high-quality software that fully conveys the value of the initial concept and allows further customization and improvement.

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The KB&G experts have more than 30 years of experience in construction materials. With such an impressive knowledge base behind their backs, they know the challenges that concrete, aggregate, and asphalt manufacturers face daily. While aspects affecting a company’s commercial excellence are numerous, inefficient pricing and quotation processes are among the most impactful factors.

Another distinctive feature of the construction materials industry is the reluctance to let go of legacy proprietary systems that are hard to refactor and may need complete rewriting. This substantial technical debt is a major deterrent to embracing innovation and change.

KB&G had a clear vision of how these obstacles could be addressed to optimize the workflows, reduce manual labor, and increase profit margins. Our task was to take that vision and design & implement its technical side.

KB&G needed someone who would be ready to fully immerse into the industry specifics, do a lot of math, and write tons of algorithms to select the most suitable ones. On top of that, we were expected to develop a solution that would assure data communication between KB&G’s innovative product and their clients’ legacy systems, often lacking proper documentation.


It was crucial for Redwerk to deliver the technical solution that matches our client’s high consulting expertise. Since the product was built from scratch, we were engaged in every stage of the SDLC and provided additional services in terms of UI/UX design, QA, and DevOps.

Automated smart pricing is a SaaS product designed by construction materials experts for construction materials companies. It’s a robust web app that can be further enhanced and customized to suit KB&G clients’ needs. Its functionality cannot be condensed to one case study, but here are some of the modules we have successfully implemented:

  • Quote Generation. This functionality allows speeding up the quotation process by 90%. What used to be done manually and was prone to human error can now be accomplished automatically in less than 5 minutes. All that KB&G clients have to do is enter their data into the given input fields and press the button to generate the quote. The pricing algorithms factor in numerous conditions, including order volumes and varying prices across regions.
  • Pricing Tiers. This feature is one of the central pieces of KB&G’s commercial excellence program. It makes the process of forecasting revenue easy and transparent. Its primary purpose is to help construction materials companies customize their pricing policy based on their clients’ engagement, focusing on the clients that drive the highest profit.
  • Competitors View. Knowing your competitors is great, but visualizing them on a map is way better. This feature allows calculating the distance between the manufacturer and consumer, an important aspect affecting price formulation. With mapping systems designed for bulk freight, companies can make informative decisions and tweak pricing based on the actual truck routing, road widths, and bridge weight limits, among other circumstances impacting delivery.
  • Heat Maps. Clearly seeing what areas and regions are winning deals and what are lagging behind has numerous benefits. Not only can companies timely react to emerging issues but also gain invaluable insights as to what drives increased profitability and what sets them back.
  • Data Import & Export. This is one of the most highly requested features as it allows construction materials companies to integrate their legacy systems with KB&G’s modern solution. Utilizing the capabilities of database management systems, we assured order import from companies’ proprietary software to the smart pricing app and vice versa for those orders with approved quotes.

We also built a mobile version of the automated smart pricing app for sales managers to be able to generate quotes on the go. Its functionality is slightly simplified, yet it still enables accurate price formulation compliant with major commercial excellence principles.

Another resource-saving solution we shipped is a software module designed specifically for aggregate companies. Its primary purpose is to help these companies optimize their production and minimize quarry waste by calculating the right settings for stone crushing. With this software, aggregates can produce more of those materials that are in demand, which positively impacts their profitability.


The outcome of our close partnership with KB&G is a modern, scalable, and easily maintainable solution helping construction materials companies achieve sustainable revenue growth. It perfectly complements KB&G’s long-standing consultancy expertise, allowing them to stay at the forefront of the competition and continue to be the industry pioneers and change agents. The automated smart pricing solution is already used by large construction materials companies in the United States, France, and New Zealand.

I have nothing but great things to say. The quality of work is great, it’s very very fast and the team always come up with suggestions on how to improve things.
Barry Hudson, CEO at Killer Bee

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Redwerk Team Comment


Team Lead

Working together with the KB&G team was a challenging yet enticing and fulfilling experience. I had to familiarize myself with the industry specifics before I could jump straight to the development phase. The logic behind price formulation, creating quarry plans, typical workflows of construction materials manufacturers – all these, among other insider nuances, had to be studied, understood, and kept in mind throughout the entire SDLC. What I loved most is that I was given clear-cut project requirements with well-documented and crisply articulated goals and objectives. Another motivation driver was working with actual data and seeing large-scale companies’ real production scope and profit margins. Integrating our solution with proprietary systems took months of effort. I also did a ton of math while fine-tuning the quarry plan algorithms to minimize production waste. All in all, I’m proud to be part of the project that has fully transformed the way construction materials approach price formulation and optimize their production processes.


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