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Desktop apps are very versatile in terms of technologies that can be used during their creation and they don't have such restrictions as mobile and web apps do. Windows, Mac OS, or Linux applications provide the unmatched security and performance to businesses worldwide.

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Our developers create software products for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux,
depending on the needs of a project.

Platform-Specific Development

A software product written for Mac differs drastically from the one made for Windows, starting with minor UI/UX and major OS features to the crucial differences in the hardware architecture. On top of that, native apps are known to have a higher performance and security than the cross-platform ones. Consider this, and your app will be more reliable, and overall support and updates much easier to get.

Cross-Platform Development

A cross-platform application will let you broaden the customer market. You won’t be tied to one particular system, and it will be possible to install your product on any supported device. But to create such applications, the developers have to be able to get the best out of the different fields of expertise. Lucky for you, our developers have been practicing this for many years already.

Software as a Service

SaaS is gaining the popularity like crazy because of its availability and profitability. It’s easy to install, complete with patches and update. Furthermore, it is functional and convenient. The downside of this kind of software is its dependence on the internet connection. But if your project considers a subscription system and you are not bothered to hold a server, this is a brilliant solution for you.

Platform as a Service

A sole disadvantage with the access to SaaS solution could be nullified by using the thing called PaaS. This kind of service is used widely by programmers to develop cross-platform solutions, to store and to process data. If you have powerful servers or heavy computing powers, and you want it to bring profit, we can implement an appropriate solution for you.

CRM/ERP Development

These services are the core of an enterprise. Each company is bound to manage the working processes and resources, and keep customers accounting. CRM/ERP systems are designed specifically for that kind of activities. If you want to fetch a secure, custom-made system to control and automate all your business processes, our developers will create such a solution for you with ease.

UI/UX Design

Design of an app is not only its looks, it’s what the functionality it is tied to. A good UI/UX design team will make your software comfortable, comprehensible, and pleasant to use. Even the most ad-hoc software product has to be usable. That’s why a good design is cherished nearly as high as the development itself and our talented team knows how to make them both perfect.

Selected Desktop Software Case Studies

Desktop software development projects we performed.

United Kingdom
Cross-platform solution for screen recording
Microsoft Word plugin for CMS product

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Price Advantages

Hiring offshore desktop app developers is not only time-efficient, but it can also be cost-effective. Redwerk’s prices are about 25% lower compared to the other IT-companies, and this is one of the advantages to work with us.

Skilled Offshore Developers

Our skilled software developers have more than a decade of experience in creating desktop applications. We have come a long way, learning on our own and others’ mistakes, so that we could forge a smooth mechanism of work.

UTC Friendly

Our company is situated in a very convenient location. Cooperation with us is equally comfortable for clients from the east and the west. You will never rely on your timezone too much and can timely communicate with the team.

Management and Communication

Clearly stated task, competent duty distribution and timely communications are essential for a project’s success. Our internal management always takes it into account when working on the development of your desktop solutions.

Timely Solutions

We value the time of our clients and always plan the development terms with maximum precision to establish an accurate deadline date. Be sure that your desktop application is going to be done and released on time.

No Project Queues

There will be no idle time if you decide to work with us. We can assign our best designers, developers and project managers to work on your desktop development project immediately, so you won’t have to wait in a queue for a couple of months.

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