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You know how it is with big projects and grand ideas: It is one thing to have a great idea and a clear objective, and quite another to design the most efficient processes to reach these goals. Loads of things have to be delegated, and often many people have to work together in order to make your software dream come true. And have you ever experienced that nagging feeling that something just isn’t going the way it should? That processes could be smoother and your collaborators just aren’t doing things properly? Fear not! Redwerk offers development process audits and efficiency evaluation services so that you can be sure that every cent you invest benefits your project, and that no time (and money) is wasted due to inefficient or unnecessary procedures. Even better, get in touch even before the project starts to make sure that we are supervising and evaluating your development processes right from the start!

Our expert advisors will accompany you every step of the way to a finished product that meets your clients’ and customers’ requirements and fulfills their wildest wishes. We will help you optimize the various process phases to make sure each one of them is 100% optimized:

  • Planning process: determining objectives and carrying out an initial requirements analysis. Assessment of which functionality is feasible for your solution and/or outside the project’s scope.
  • Implementation, testing, and documenting: Efficient programming of the code for your project. Assuring clean code is written which is easy to maintain and update in order to add new functionality to the project later on. Making sure bugs are spotted early on in the development process. Ensuring the required amount of documentation of the software’s design and code structure and where required, writing of internal or external APIs.
  • Maintaining and enhancing software to cope with newly faults discovered during or after development of the software.

What is Software Process Assessment

Software process assessment of improvement as a concept started to appear in the 1990s, introducing a new, process-based approach to software development, which until then was seen as an abstract art rather than a professional, structured process. The advantage of a process-based approach compared to a product-based approach is that activities which have no visible results can be reduced and quality control can be introduced directly into the individual steps of the project.

Most problems come about not because of a lack of talent or creativity, but because the available methods and processes are not used in an efficient way or in a way which is unrelated to the final product. If relevant process assessment techniques are applied, all activities described in detail and then optimized, saving companies valuable time and money.

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Why Us

Independent Audit

Do you feel like your latest software project isn’t on track? Redwerk can eliminate your stress, and provide you with a quick and thorough independent software audit. We’ll align your software development process with your company’s true vision, and ultimately help you create a plan that leads to a successful software project.

Sharp Deadline

Choosing to have Redwerk audit your software development process ensures that your project will run smoothly, within your budget, and according to schedule. And best of all, after receiving a timely independent audit from Redwerk, you’ll be left with a surefire path to a successful development project.

Immediate Availability

If you need to fast-track your software audit, Redwerk can work with your schedule. Just let us know of your needs, and we’ll set our availability in accordance with your timeline.

Unbiased Perspective

We only want the best for our clients. So, we’ll approach your software development audit from a true third-party perspective. Redwerk will assess your software’s plan, implementation and maintenance as an unbiased spectator. This ensures that you receive a fair, high-quality audit that helps you achieve your goals.

Standardized Process

Redwerk uses a thorough three-step audit process that enables us to assess your project’s planning phase, implementation, and maintenance. We look in-depth at every angle of your project in order to provide you with an elite competitive advantage. So, when it comes time to actually build your software, you’ll know that your product delivers an excellent User Experience (UX).

Market Assessment

If you need Redwerk to audit your software’s marketability, we can take care of that for you as well. We’ll help you make sure that your software solves real user problems, and remains competitive in the open marketplace. We can also help you determine your software’s market price, brand your software, define your target market and more.

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