Software Maintenance & Support Services

Software Maintenance
to Assure High Performance and Timely Updates

Software maintenance entails constant update, modernization, support, and quality control of product to ensure its stable and effective work. We create a custom-tailored strategy that includes not only development but also testing and bug-fixing, and provide ongoing help desk service to internal teams or on the customer/user side.

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Here at Redwerk we supply our customers with quality software maintenance services for products of any complexity.

Legacy System Migration

Many organizations think that legacy migration is challenging to implement, but with the help of professional developers, it won’t be difficult. Specializing in various legacy system migration strategies, Redwerk team helps companies to update their products with innovative technologies and receive new opportunities for company growth.

Legacy System Integration

Due to companies continuous growth and expansion, they face a problem of legacy systems integration with new technologies. Old systems are often fragile and difficult to integrate, so this process subject only to professional companies. Redwerk’s software developers can handle legacy integration with minimal, if any, disruptions to your business.

Software Support Services

Legacy systems and programs must integrate with emerging ones in addition to retaining the data and processes they were originally designed to capture and support. Therefore, our legacy system support is flexible and scalable to the requirements of the end goal or the program itself.

Software Development

Rather than manage their own IT experts’ resources on maintaining legacy software development, companies today are outsourcing this work to offshore software engineers and consultants to free up their own developers to work on next-generation programs and systems.

Selected Cases

We provide custom software maintenance services to our clients in the USA and Europe:

Mobile app for professional cleaning services
United States
Facebook App for music recommendations
Microsoft Word plugin for CMS product

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Why Us

Professional Evaluation

Not every company exactly knows whether or not it should maintain its existing legacy codebase, upgrade its system, or completely transform its source code. For a professional evaluation, Redwerk can assess the quality of your current code, and help you decide on the best actions for your company to take.

Legacy Codebase Solutions

Whether your legacy codebase needs to be maintained in its current state or upgraded to keep up with modern technology, Redwerk will execute your solution fast. Our software development team is equipped with the proper tools and skill set to provide you with quality legacy software support.

Excellent Availability

While most IT projects can take weeks or even months to kickoff, Redwerk operates on a sharp timeline. We have an excellent resource pool of software developers, IT support professionals, and business analysts who are ready to take on your company’s project as soon as you need us.

Proven Process

Redwerk has successfully provided software maintenance and support services for multinational organizations and major technology companies. We’ve restored code that was severely outdated, and gave a new lease of life to organizations with a fully-functioning and easy to work codebase.

Quality Support

We guarantee that you will receive the online customer support of the best quality. Our support options are designed specifically for each project, and the possibilities include establishing a call or email center where our consultants respond accordingly to questions and pass it over to the developers.

We Speak Your Language

No doubt, understanding technical terms might be a challenging task sometimes. That’s why we make sure Redwerk support team specialists give our clients or their customers clear and easy-to-understand explanations, even regarding the most challenging issues.

Looking to outsource software maintenance?

Our qualified team is more than ready to provide you with the software maintenance services for products in different areas.

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