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Muskelhirn is a recruitment platform that helps German companies hire skilled workers from abroad. The company specializes in recruiting for a wide range of electrical and construction roles, including industrial electricians, operations managers, construction electricians, engineers, painters, fitters, and carpenters.

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Web Development

We built Muskelhirn's frontend and backend functionalities from the ground up, ensuring they align with provided specifications and mockups. At Redwerk, we meticulously address every aspect of web solutions to design functional and visually appealing sites that reflect your vision.

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Startups & Innovation

With ongoing support from Redwerk, Muskelhirn can ramp up innovation and swiftly introduce new opportunities to the German labor market. Our skilled software engineers create reliable solutions from scratch, which not only cuts down on future maintenance time and costs but also ensures long-term stability.

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Muskelhirn approached Redwerk with one undertaking: the creation of an SEO-optimized website designed to attract new clients and streamline their business operations, such as presenting resumes to potential clients more effectively.

Prior to enlisting our services, Muskelhirn’s online presence was limited to a one-page landing page that struggled to effectively showcase their services. Their vision was to transform the website into a comprehensive database featuring candidates’ CVs, enabling clients to easily discover skilled workers and schedule interviews.

The site needed to be user-friendly for content management and updates. Considering these requirements and the client’s familiarity with WordPress, we opted for WordPress for the development phase.

Our team collaborated closely with the client to develop content for the website that resonated with its target audience. We had to delve deeply into the intricacies of hiring within the German labor market due to its unique characteristics and regulations. This contributed to establishing credibility and trustworthiness among potential website visitors.


We initiated the project with a comprehensive discovery phase, focusing on technical specifications. During this stage, we outlined the essential functionalities of the upcoming website and delineated user stories and acceptance criteria. We understood the key elements to emphasize on the CV page and the additional client services the website should showcase.

The client provided us with references illustrating their preferences and requirements. We dedicated 35 hours to the discovery phase, resulting in a detailed functional specification and development estimate.

As the product was developed from the ground up, we were involved in every stage of the SDLC. In addition to our core development work, we also provided services in UI/UX design, QA, and SEO. And here are some of the other tasks we have successfully completed:

  • Front and backend development from scratch. This involved designing the visual elements of the website, including colors, layout, drop-down menus, and fonts, with a focus on the user-facing side. Our backend developers handled the server-side aspects of the website, which encompassed site operations, databases, and the application programming interface (API).
  • Design. We designed the website for both desktop and mobile views using Figma. Our focus was on ensuring that the design implementation precisely matched the mockups.
  • Quality assurance. The Redwerk team assigned one QA engineer to test the website thoroughly. Our testing process involved cross-browser and cross-platform tests across Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome browsers. We checked for any issues such as broken links, improperly displayed images on mobile devices, design inconsistencies, and other functional and UI defects.
  • SEO strategy. Redwerk’s strategy follows an adaptive approach, where we monitor search engine responses to our promotional efforts and adjust the semantic core accordingly. We retain only the keywords that generate a positive response from search engines. This method is particularly effective for niche markets where it’s challenging to identify all relevant keywords beforehand.
  • Website admin manual. We created detailed instructions for content managers on navigating the site admin panel. This included guidance on tasks such as adding new CVs, creating new category pages, and editing content throughout the site.


Through our collaborative efforts with Muskelhirn, we have developed a contemporary, adaptable, and user-friendly solution that helps companies find the perfect candidates for their positions.

With this platform, enterprises throughout Germany can streamline their candidate evaluation processes, while job seekers can swiftly identify suitable employment opportunities. We hope that this platform will significantly reduce the time spent on recruitment procedures for both employers and employees alike.

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Redwerk Team Comment


Project Manager

Working on the project was fascinating as we covered all stages from discovery to launch. I particularly enjoyed defining functional requirements, analyzing the market, and simplifying content management for the client's ease post-launch.


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