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Eliciting clients’ specific business needs, our team creates different business
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Enterprise Software Development - Redwerk

Enhanced efficiency of all company departments and positive customer experience – that’s what one gets for employing business application software.

Redwerk team has more than a decade of experience in developing Enterprise Resource Planning Systems that help businesses around the globe integrate and effectively manage tasks and databases of all departments; create a unified information environment and speed up the workflow.

Companies of all sizes choose Redwerk’s on-the-shelf solutions as our business application systems cover finances, supply chains, operations, reporting, manufacturing, human resources, and many more.

Our expertise allows expanding the ERP functionality along with the company evolution. We will determine the requirements for customized business applications bearing in mind the special business needs.

Business Application Development Services

Data Management

Data management is an integral part of the organization of business processes. The rapid development of technology involves storing large amounts of information in databases. Depending on purposes, they can contain customer lists, information about employees or products of the company, statistics, workflow, etc. We will help with the automation of data management by providing database development and user interface design & development of any complexity.

Workflow Management

The workflow automation will help the business to control the working process, time costs, and tasks in a single interactive system. Such software provides access to all data at any time and allows improving the interaction between the team, allocate tasks, receive approvals, controlling the execution time, and, most importantly, it significantly reduces costs on management. We know the benefits of workflow automation by ourselves, so ready to offer high-quality development to streamline your business processes.

Reporting Management

Each business has its reporting system, which usually contains a large amount of information about finance, accounting, and sales. Automating the collection and processing of such data will save a lot of time for businesses of any size. Thanks to reporting management system, employees always have access to up-to-date data and can create documents directly in the system itself.

Reminder Management

The core of every business is clients. For accounting and interaction with hundreds or thousands of clients, it does not do without a custom relationship and reminding management automation. They help to deal effectively with client’s information, mailings, calls, and reports keeping all your data in one place. Our team provides quality custom CRM development, so you definitely will not forget anything.

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Selected Cases

Over 20 business and workflow automation solutions done in 6 countries.

United States
Web application for automation of workflows related to audit and statistics
Advanced web-based ERP system for IT company
Extension of functionality for the open source ERP system

Why Us

Quality Development

Redwerk business software developers are professionals in many fields of activity. Our team conducts diagnostics of the inner and external business processes, identifying ways to improve them and suggest appropriate solutions. We are experts in the development of CRM, ERP, BPM, and other systems that can significantly automate your business processes.

Clear Process

No matter the country your business from, the type of solution you need: workflow, marketing, data management, or reminder system, our team is ready to organize a quality process for automation your business. Based on our rich experience in this industry, we guarantee the best result of our work on your projects.

Effective Business Application Development

The excellent option for many businesses is the development of their automation solution, which allows refining it for their tasks, which is very limited or impossible in the finished product. The consequence of automation will be a qualitative, systematic change in the conduct of business that will growth its effectivity, and as a result, the profit.

Perfect Outsourcing

Redwerk is one of the best business software development companies that provide outsourcing services for enterprises all over the world, especially in Europe and the US. The location of our clients also recently replenished with Australia! We have secure programming experience, English communication skills, and a talented, dedicated team to meet all modern requirements.

Ongoing Support

We care about the smooth performance of the developed solutions, so offer support services to keep your product quality on the top level. You also have an opportunity to receive lifetime support for the project we’ve developed for your business.

Observed Deadlines

Meeting the deadlines is one of the top priorities for us. We always deliver complete projects at the set time according to estimation. You can be sure of our professionalism in these matters.

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