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ProZorro is a unique electronic module designed specifically for public procurement. State tenders are held in cases where state or municipal enterprises, organizations, institutions need to purchase certain goods, order services or perform works.

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The team of Redwerk professionals helps clients define the requirements that must be implemented in their software. We carefully describe how the software will look and behave in all situations and also assist with keeping it updated over the whole software lifecycle.

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We apply our domain expertise to make government services more accessible online, streamline administrative processes, and strengthen accountability and responsiveness.

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ProZorro is a unique electronic module designed specifically for public procurement. State tenders are held in cases where state or municipal enterprises, organizations, institutions need to purchase certain goods, order services or perform works.

ProZorro is a hybrid electronic system based on an open-source model, and it allows collaboration between the central database and an infinite number of commercial marketplaces that provide front-end access.

The customer called for Redwerk to prepare a specification document for an electronic procurement platform designed to organize, conduct and participate in public electronic tenders based on the ProZorro system on the part of a supplier.

Since the long-term goal consisted of designing the platform from scratch Redwerk team, first, had to prepare the specification that would:

  • Give a basic overview of the project and the organization behind it.
  • Articulate the project’s goals, objectives, and tactics.
  • Outline constraints, such as budget, deadlines, or technical restraints.
  • Describe Information Architecture, including a site map, content types, taxonomies, page templates, that said to create the basic skeleton of the platform.
  • Outline a concept for a unique platform with an attractive design and user-friendly features.
  • Articulate UI/UX guidance on the constraints and desired stylistic direction.
  • Reveal the main functionality.


Marketplaces compete with each other which motivates them to provide the best service to attract both contracting entities and suppliers. That is why Redwerk team was focused on drawing up clearly the most convenient system for the supplier, with the ability to search, view and monitor tenders, as well as the option to analyze various information that is available to the system, which will allow the supplier to effectively manage its sales.

Redwerk leveraged the knowledge and expertise related to the best practices and emerging technology trends to conduct business analysis and divided the project into tasks and subtasks providing time and budget estimates.

Since there were two main roles in the system: the supplier and the buyer, we spelled out the functionality of the site separately for each. Business processes for both roles are displayed in simplified flowcharts, below.

We back the idea that in order to deliver results, a digital product must offer an engaging, dynamic user experience. To elevate both buyer and vendor experience, we suggested advanced yet comfortable UI/UX design for the e-procurement platform users.

Redwerk backs that technology stands behind maintenance and reinforcement of the existing relationship between government and its citizens. This e-government specification writing project is another example of how our team can contribute to the transformation of the processes of interaction between the state and citizens to fulfill the following objectives:

  • optimize the provision of government services to the public and business;
  • increase the transparency of governmental deeds;
  • support and expand self-service opportunities for citizens;
  • grow up technological awareness and qualifications of citizens.

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Electronic State Procurement Platform

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