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Game Studios

Replicate the success of metaverse games like Sandbox, Minecraft, or Fortnite Creative with the right metaverse development company by your side. We’ll help you develop a metaverse game users are dying to play.

Social Media Startups

Set yourself apart from a myriad of similar apps by adopting next-gen community-building and marketing strategies of the metaverse. Create exclusive opportunities for influencers and subscribers to exponentially grow your platform.

Event Agencies

Take virtual events, conferences, and corporate training to the next level. We’ll help you create a virtual world with mesmerizing venues and limitless opportunities for attendees to engage with each other, the speakers, and event sponsors.


Transform your corporate education and boost remote team collaboration with hyper-realistic simulation training and visualization of complex data. Build your own corporate metaverse taking full control of your data.


Join the ranks of higher education institutions like Morehouse College that created a digital twin of their campus and provide immersive virtual reality classes, increasing students’ attendance, achievements, and retention.

Entertainment Firms

Create an immersive space for fans to generate content inspired by popular movies or music videos. Host a virtual concert, sell NFT celebrity merch, and distribute your content globally without physical constraints.

Our Metaverse Development Services

Decentralized Platforms

Whether you’re building a metaverse game, a social network, or a DeFi app, we can help you develop a robust and secure dapp. We have hands-on experience in developing web3 solutions, and we’re also the creator of the BAMM layer 3 transport protocol.

NFT Marketplaces

Redwerk can help you develop a standalone NFT marketplace like OpenSea or build one into your existing platform. We’ll help you add support for multiple blockchains, implement smart contracts, optimize gas fees, add community-building features, and more.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are the power mechanism behind metaverse apps. We’ll help you develop hack-proof and well thought-out smart contracts. Handle in-game transactions, manage digital identities, automate reward distribution and other dynamic experiences easily.

Integration Services

Entice your users with plentiful opportunities and seamless experiences on your metaverse platform. We’ll help you integrate with VR devices, socials, esports streaming platforms, other metaverse apps, popular NFT marketplaces, crypto wallets, and payment gateways.

Metaverse Games

With a metaverse company like Redwerk, you can build an addictively satisfying metaverse game that includes the absolute essentials like avatar configuration and user-created content and nice-to-haves like cross-game interactions, a quest editor, or in-game events.

3D Spaces

Our 3D artists will help you materialize your vision and create a beautiful 3D space appealing to the needs of your target audience. We’ll help you build hyper-realistic, customizable, and inclusive 3D avatars, highly trendy skins, and sought-after digital collectibles.

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Why Us

Blockchain Prowess

We employ only senior blockchain software engineers with years of commercial experience under the belt.

Skilled 3D Artists

Our 2D &3D designers are proficient in multiple art styles – pixel, cel-shading, pop art, fantasy realism, and more.

Cross-Industry Expertise

Since 2005, we’ve built tech solutions for gaming, media, entertainment, education, retail, and government.

Full-Stack Team

Besides metaverse domain engineers and designers, we have seasoned BAs, QA engineers, and DevOps experts.

Scalable Solutions

We factor in scalability and performance issues early on, delivering future-ready solutions optimized for large-scale usage.

Top-Tier Security

We comply with present-day software security standards to prevent smart contract breaches and system abuse.


What does metaverse development entail?

Metaverse development is an umbrella term for different metaverse services, from developing standalone metaverse elements like 3D assets and NFT collections to full-fledged metaverse projects.

Metaverse development usually starts with selecting a theme for your virtual world and close collaboration with a BA who’ll help you articulate clear-cut business and functional requirements to avoid future scope creep and budget issues. Redwerk’s BAs can also help you set up a customer development process to validate your ideas before proceeding to the development itself.

From there, you discuss your storyboard, tokenomics, and integrations for an MVP and how that can be pivoted or transformed into a full-scale product.

Not everyone needs metaverse solutions built from scratch. Some businesses look into organic advertising opportunities within established metaverses like Decentraland. We can help you create permanent in-game spaces with mini-games within popular metaverses to expand your brand promotion and community-building opportunities.

How do I know Redwerk is the right metaverse development company for me?

We’re very transparent about things we can and cannot do because we value our reputation and the reputation of our clients. We’ll start with a brief intro call to understand your project and share our experience regarding your software development and testing needs. If we’re not a match, we won’t waste your time and tell you upfront.

We’ll proceed to the discovery phase if we have the expertise you’re looking for. Redwerk has been building web2 products since 2005 and web3 solutions since 2020 for businesses across North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand.

What types of metaverse projects do you develop?

Our metaverse development services include the following:

  • Blockchain-based metaverse games
  • Metaverse avatar development
  • Smart contracts development
  • Smart contracts code review and testing
  • NFT marketplace design & development
  • NFT collection design
  • Virtual 3D space design & development
  • Server configuration audit to improve performance
  • Decentralized social media and news platforms

This is not an exhaustive list. Please get in touch with us directly to clarify if your project falls under our area of expertise.

How much does it cost to develop a metaverse product?

Metaverse development cost depends on the features of your metaverse app, tech stack choice, and the team you’re working with.

Simple metaverse websites may cost anywhere from $50K, whereas more complex gaming projects require a larger team of experts and longer execution, raising costs as high as $300K.

Can I hire a single metaverse developer?

Sure, if that’s all you need. At Redwerk, we assign a dedicated PM/BA to each project to facilitate communication, monitor our team’s progress, and prevent bottlenecks. They usually don’t work full time, so you can hire them only for 0.5 or 0.2 FTE while having peace of mind that the developer will do the job correctly and timely.

We turned to Redwerk because we did not have the resources or the expertise in-house to build a cloud-based product. They're incredibly professional, responsive, and highly communicative. We launched the product last year, and we're still doing business with them. I'd recommend them in a heartbeat.
Deborah B. Sorgi, CEO at AWE Learning
I’ve sent Redwerk a number of complicated architecture and design tasks, and they’ve pretty much delivered on every one of them provided that I wasn’t asking for something that isn’t technically possible.
Ira Bell
Ira Bell, Founding Board Member at Recruit Media
I need to be sure that developers are truly involved and support our vision. This is what I get from cooperation with Redwerk.
Torge Barkholtz, Co-founder at Kooky

Learn more about web3 dapp protocol we built to achieve anonymous and secure data transfer with e2e encryption and onion routing

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