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with advanced targeting by country, device model, carrier, language and more was built by Redwerk for Digitair

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Digitair Servicii Informatice SRL is a leading Romanian mobile application developer and provider of integrated mobile marketing solutions, as well as a premium content creator and publisher.

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Redwerk business analysts сomposed a full-scale documentation which kept detailed business logic specs. Next, the project assessment was amended, finalized and presented to Digitair.

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Redwerk team contributed to various start-ups on different stages of their development. So, no matter how big your project is, we’re experienced enough to deliver it from start to finish.

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Digitair Servicii Informatice SRL is a leading Romanian mobile application developer and provider of integrated mobile marketing solutions, as well as a premium content creator and publisher. Digitair became a BREW Authenticated Developer with Qualcomm in 2003, making it the first software development firm in Romania to adopt BREW. Nowadays development competencies have been extended to most important mobile platforms, including iOS and Android. Digitair’s mobile application clients span major newspapers and magazines, big international and domestic consumer brands and various local artists.

Digitair needed a reliable, competent software development partner to bring to life their ideas on next-generation mobile advertisement. This project’s challenge was to build a robust, scalable, flexible and future-proof advertising solution, easily adjustable to the ever-changing fast evolving mobile ecosystem. Being an experienced company in providing Android outsourcing services, we certainly accepted this challenge for our team.


We evaluated existing mobile advertisement systems like Greystripe, BuzzCity, ADmoda, and AdMob. AdMob is well known for its concept that suits advertisers and site owners along with being sold to Google for $750 million. We added their best features to our vision of Adfectious. Building it from scratch, the Redwerk development team designed the system’s overall architecture and an advanced banner processing engine, capable of processing billions of banners, handling targeted and personalized ads, and therefore monetizing mobile traffic.

We researched the best ways to track mobile web surfers by main targeting criteria. Part of the research required developing a dependency table between carriers and their IP addresses, and device manufacturers and software platforms to User-Agent values.

To allow easy and flexible deployment of ad-codes on various customers platforms, we implemented the banner install code in PHP, ASP, C#, CGI/Perl, Ruby on Rails, JSP, VB.Net and extended this standard list with the iPhone JavaScript.

We employed a flexible ACL system that lets administrators log in using the same form as regular users. The Admin UI is very similar to that of the user’s, but has extended elements and rights. For example, dynamic pages for ads and landing pages can be created being instantly displayed the same way they will look on different screen sizes.

At the end of the first development cycle, Redwerk’s QA team performed advanced distributed load testing to make sure the system was capable of handling lots of data and requests. It definitely passed the testing, and then some further enhancements were made after production deployment.

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By applying the very best of our web, mobile and backend development skills, Redwerk succeeded in recreating existing popular solutions’ features and further extended those with advanced functionalities required by the customer. As a mobile application outsourcing development company, we gained invaluable experience in building a production-scale advertisement system, while delivering a first-class scalable and robust solution, ready to go live.

Adfectious provides advanced targeting by country, device model, carrier, language and more. It allows site owners to create landing pages in case they don’t have any, which is a much easier process than modifying a web page to embed the banner code into it, especially for those customers who were taken by surprise by the mobile web expansion.

Adfectious is currently used on popular Romanian sites like and, in Arbomedia’s portfolio sites including, and serving in-app ads in software solutions on iOS and Android. It goes to show how custom iPhone app development is capable of providing options that help in fostering your business growth and achieving your business objectives.

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