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We understand that starting a software customization and development project often lead to facing a lot of unknowns or unspecified cost projections. We at Redwerk always provide transparent and structured information on project quotes for custom software development.

How to Start Your IT Project

We would recommend starting with putting down a list of requirements for your IT development project. This can be a list of use-cases or user stories. It can also be a textual description of the solution that needs to be developed. In the perfect world, you would provide us with a full technical task description document covering every detail of the future product. But since the world is not perfect, our PM/BA team will do a discovery effort with you to bridge all the gaps in the initial materials.

If you have a software development project that you want to outsource, send your specification over to us. Our team of developers, project managers, and business analysts will thoroughly analyze it and conduct additional research: ask you questions and propose behaviors.

How Projects Are Made

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How We Estimate

Once clarity has been achieved in the initial requirements, we will provide you with a time estimation for the project, usually in the form of Excel sheet, where your software project is broken down into subtasks. Each subtask has two figures assigned: realistic and pessimistic. These numbers display a possible price range of the project.

As we use only Time & Material model, the price varies depending on the hours spent on the development and is subject to discussion with the client, allowing the full control of this process. There are no strings attached and no hidden charges, just the time estimation, as accurate as possible.

Here is an example of how our typical hourly estimate looks like:

A time estimation for software development outsourcing projects / Redwerk company

How We Plan and Execute

Software development projects outsourcing - plan and execute / Redwerk company

Once we have agreed upon the project scope, we start allocating resources, planning the efforts to communicate the final deadline to you. The result is a Gantt chart we strictly follow.

When we’re all set and ready to work towards the project delivery, managing your budget expectations as we go. During development, normally you get access to our test server where you can see your product being developed, and to our issue-tracker, where we log the hours on a daily basis for better transparency.

We Accept All Types of Payments

We want our payment options to be convenient, flexible, but, most significantly, secure. That is why, except bank transfers and PayPal payments, we also accept cryptocurrencies.

Personal data protection and fraud prevention are the main reasons we decided to do so. You can pay not only in bitcoin but other cryptos too.

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How We Start

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IT Development Projects: Selected Cases

Over 250 custom software development projects completed in 22 countries from America to Australia.

Restaurant management solution
Slack bot for scoring
United States
Mobile benchmarking app for school observers
Innovative and convenient website archiving service

Why Us

Business Analysis

Many start-ups in our portfolio had no technical staff, and we do know how to deal with it. Our team studies the specifics of your projects and can build the entire software development process for non-technical clients.

Perfect Process

Over the years, we’ve faced many problems and found numerous workarounds. That’s how we polished our software development process, and now can confidently guarantee quality and timely results.

Maximum Agility

Before you get the final product, we can quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype), so you could check the most critical features and logic.

Management and Communication

We choose the most convenient way in touch with our clients, and our project managers keep you updated at all times. In addition, our excellent English skills help to avoid misunderstandings.

Legal Protection

We respect the confidentiality of our customers and sign Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This document ensures that access to the confidential information is restricted to third parties.

Fast Ramp-Up

We have a resource pool, that is ready to start working on the project immediately after we get requirements and materials.

Price Advantage

Hiring an external team helps you to focus on your business goals. Besides that, transferring your project development to Eastern European companies saves your budget substantially.

Intellectual Property Rights

Your project is 100% yours. Intellectual Property rights on software we developed are completely transferred to the client.

Working Hours & Time Zones

No matter where you are – in the USA, Europe, or Australia – we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific timezone.

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