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Evolv helps businesses boost their conversion rates by transforming their consumers’ digital experiences. Incorporating innovative A/B testing powered by AI, Evolv knows exactly what UX improvements will drive sales.

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Using our expertise in building modern web apps, we help Evolv further develop its core product to make it even more competitive, secure, and reliable. Our team is fully engaged in the development process, which allows us to implement innovative software solutions faster.

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With Redwerk’s continuous software development support, Evolv is steadily increasing its software potential day by day. Our seasoned software engineers write sustainable and scalable code from the very start, which saves time and cost on maintenance in the long run.

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Evolv’s core business revolves around an AI-powered SaaS platform that allows launching multiple UX experiments at a scale never possible before. The platform’s concept and part of its functionality are based on Sentient Ascend, a world’s known conversion optimization tool. Initially, we provided our service to Sentient Technologies; however, it was dissolved in 2019, and the Sentient Ascend technology got acquired by Evolv.

Maintaining and upgrading such a robust system requires significant development resources. Since the Redwerk team had already worked with Sentient Technologies and was familiar with the platform’s business logic, Evolv decided to continue our partnership.

Evolv helps brands improve their customers’ digital experiences by working out a custom-tailored digital strategy, generating UX improvements and their multiple variations, and evaluating those changes with the AI-based A/B testing platform. The active learning approach implemented in Evolv’s system ensures real-time response to best-performing UX combinations, allowing businesses to save time and traffic during the experiment.

Here is a typical example of how Evolv’s solution is applied in real life. A business owner comes to Evolv with a clear optimization target in mind, such as increasing the user inflow to the order confirmation page and an established KPI (for instance, the correlation of completed orders to the number of product page unique visitors). After that, the client decides on the page for the experiment (any product or service page), platform (web, desktop, mobile, or combined), and audience location for Evolv’s team to start the ideation process. The latter entails that Evolv uses their own UX research to identify areas for improvement and outline multiple changes and their variations that can positively impact conversion.

Of course, all the UX suggestions are discussed with the client, and the approved ones go to the so-called “Experiment Deсk.” From there, the UX improvements are coded and tested in Web Editor and then exported to Manager for the actual release. Once the experiment is launched, each variant’s performance is evaluated in relation to the control candidate (original version) in the standard A/B testing mode, with the worst-performing candidates automatically excluded. Once the system has aggregated a sufficient amount of traffic to move to the evolution phase – EVO- it starts combining variants from different variables using an active learning approach. Because the system reacts to customer feedback in real-time, it continuously trains its machine learning model to predict the best-performing combinations within a short time. Having detailed statistics on each combination, the business owner clearly sees what UX changes will drive sales.


At the initial stage of our cooperation, we were tasked mostly with coding UX improvements designed by Evolv’s growth team. One time we were involved in the ideation process, which entailed thinking through variable combinations for A/B testing.

Witnessing our commitment, expertise, and timely delivery, Evolv decided to expand the scope of the services we provide and fully engaged our team in developing its core product – a pioneering A/B testing platform consisting of Web Editor and Manager. Web Editor is Evolv’s brand new desktop app that allows coding UX improvements without the client’s source code as well as previewing, editing, and testing the implemented changes, among other handy features. Manager is Evolv’s web platform with advanced A/B testing settings that enables the launch of the experiment itself.

The system’s complex architecture coupled with extended business logic posed some technical challenges, yet we managed to dive deep into the development phase within a short time. Moreover, we have limited access to some of the system’s parts; therefore, incomplete understanding of how different services communicate data also created some obstacles. For these reasons, getting to the heart of certain issues demanded more effort at the very beginning of the project.


We joined Evov’s development team when they were just starting to rearchitecture their system, which allowed us to get to know it step by step. At the initial development stages, we asked as many questions as possible, perhaps even overcommunicating, to gain the most exhaustive understanding of the established business logic. Evolv, in their turn, provided us with timely and comprehensive answers, doing their part to streamline the communication process and synchronize both teams. This joint effort turned out to be quite fruitful as now we can complete most of the frontend tasks assigned to us with maximum independence.

At present, the Redwerk delivery team is focused mainly on continuous upgrading of Evolv’s evolutionary A/B testing platform, which consists of Web Editor and Manager. We are proud to know that most of the frontend tasks get delegated to us, and here are just some of the frontend parts we have delivered by far:

  • Manager: Show Total Unique Visitors vs Total Unique Converted Visitors – displays all the data on visitors for the entire experiment as well as for each combination of variants.
  • Manager: Variable Listing – Tree View – variables are displayed in a tree view instead of a list with the option to group them and check performance data (if available) for each variable.
  • Manager: UI – Project Listing – displays project lists with the options to view project history, performance, visitors, goal events.
  • Web Editor – QA Configuration – the user has the ability to select one or more variants from any context that matches the current preview URL and apply the variant configuration to the current URL in the Preview panel.
  • Web Editor: Cross Browser QA – possibility to create a copyable URL that will help to preview the currently selected variants in the browser.
  • Web Editor: Screenshots for variants – allows taking and saving a screenshot of a variant combination currently loaded in the QA Mode.
  • Web Editor: Login UI for Web Editor.


Choosing a reliable and dedicated technology partner is one step forward towards long-lasting business growth. Together with the Redwerk delivery team, Evolv successfully released its new product – Evolv 1.0. – which is already used by numerous Evolv’s customers. We are proud to know that our professionalism, commitment, and diligent attitude to work were appreciated by Evolv, and what seemed to be just a 3-month project resulted into a strong long-term partnership.


Exit: Acquisition


Originally, we provided our service for Sentient Technologies, a world-known AI-based technology company. In 2019, Evolv acquired Sentient Ascend™, a global market leader in autonomous experience optimization for websites and mobile apps, the result of a spin-off from Sentient Technologies Holdings Ltd. This is how our cooperation with Sentient Technologies transitioned to Evolv.

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Redwerk Team Comment


Working on such a large, complex, yet interesting project with a non-conditional architecture based on the pioneering technologies has been nothing but pleasure for me. Our team is mostly engaged in developing the desktop and web apps; however, the project also contains numerous web services developed by Evolv’s engineers. Obstacles we face primarily arise from the system’s complex business logic and data management; however, thanks to seamless communication with the Evolv team and their high responsiveness, our questions get quickly resolved. During our cooperation with Evolv, my Redwerk colleagues and I gained invaluable experience in working with such technologies as GraphQL and Apollo, which offer a non-standard declarative approach to requesting and caching data. I am also thrilled about developing a native desktop app, which is Electron-based, yet built with commonly used web technologies.



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