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gigmit is an online portal for live music bookings, helping artists book more gigs and promoters find appropriate performers. It uses data-driven algorithms to perfectly match artists with gigs, festivals, and other events, depending on their genre, preferred location, and fanbase.

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Data Mining

We helped gigmit expand their database with new festivals, venues, and associated contact and location info. We used a combination of API requests and HTML parsing to retrieve and organize the data, strictly adhering to their data structure requirements.

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Media & Entertainment

We helped gigmit pursue their mission of making the live music business accessible to anyone. By helping them increase and enrich their database, we provided their users with a broader choice of opportunities, which also translates in higher consumer trust and loyalty.

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The nature of our client’s business requires continuous data harvesting to ensure the end users have an ever-increasing choice of relevant and up-to-date options. In simple terms, gigmit ensures artists can easily find desirable music festivals, fairs, shows, or special event venues and contact the organizers.

To achieve this goal, gigmit collects publicly available information from a plethora of music & entertainment websites into a single database. Before our partnership, gigmit gathered the necessary data with the help of Scrapy, an open-source web crawler for extracting data with APIs and general-purpose web scraping.

However, they faced certain limitations with this tool, so they turned to Redwerk to help them perform data scraping and parsing of a select number of web resources. Naturally, we were expected to do this in a way that doesn’t harm the operation of the mentioned resources and without getting blocked. Also, we had to work under time constraints.


The first step was to evaluate the existing web scraping strategy and select a new tech stack that would pose fewer data extraction and display restrictions.

We chose Django REST to build data models and handle interactions with the database. This framework allowed us to organize and manage the collected data efficiently.

We created asynchronous task queues with Celery and RabbitMQ to avoid overloading the servers with API calls. This way, we ensured our requests are processed in an orderly and controlled manner.

Contact information was only sometimes readily available, so we leveraged the power of, an AI-driven email finder.

The biggest challenge was to find the balance between parsing speed and the limits of hosting servers. Still, we ethically collected all the needed data without service disruptions or complaints from the web admins.


With our help, gigmit increased and enriched its database of music festivals, special event venues, pubs, cinemas, art centers, theaters coupled with associated gigs and contact details. We delivered well-structured data in SQL tables and XLSX files in line with the data structure requirements. gigmit’s success as a business relies on up-to-date and relevant data, and we helped them get hold of it in a timely fashion so that their subscribers could see all those opportunities and apply for suitable gigs.

We’re proud that gigmit is expanding to the USA, and we’ll continue supporting them and sharing our tech expertise to ensure their steady growth for the years to come.

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We harness data, and we stand for making that data transparently accessible. At some point we will be able to predict how crowded a concert will be in the future.

Europe's leading magazine for startups, founders, and entrepreneurs

Of the platforms, gigmit is making the biggest waves. Founded in 2012, the site is a sort of Tinder for the music industry, bringing together perfectly matched venues and artists.

Online music magazine and community platform based in the UK

gigmit was launched under the motto “Simple booking. Booking simply.” on November 11, 2012. For its tenth anniversary, gigmit has 225,000 users from over 120 countries.

Music industry news portal for German-speaking countries

A digital solution could simplify the world of live music and help both sides — giving the promoters a more filtered view and helping artists to see where opportunities lie.

Music news from UK’s major provider of recording & rehearsal studios

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Django RESTDjango REST
630+positive user reviews
225,000+registered users
120+ countries using platform
500%more gig opportunities

Redwerk Team Comment



I used a mix of API requests and HTML page parsing to gather the required data. I applied proven strategies to avoid overwhelming the services from which the data was being collected. This project required a bit of problem-solving, but once the right tech stack was selected, everything became very clear and straightforward.


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