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All of Worldnow apps for local news channels show banner ads. These were always an important part of the apps, and it was Redwerk’s task to modernize their implementation and make them even smoother in order to have a solid foundation for future app upgrades. The banner ads were displayed via UIWebView and web snipplets, which meant that the apps needed a browser component to be able to display banners.

We decided to implement an even more efficient advertising solution using Google DFP. DFP (Doubleclick For Publishers) is a SaaS-based advertising software by Google. It is used to display banners anywhere: on websites, in mobile applications, etc. It has a flexible selection of banners: e.g. they can be sorted by tags or by the location of a banner on a page. DFP users can easily configure the list of banners via a web interface.

After the migration to DFP was completed successfully, the next step was to configure the banners view properly. Ads had to be resized and configured for individual apps, and the user’s location info had to be taken into account.

This process required migrating all advertisement data (more than 300 affiliates, around 10,000 advertising campaigns, 100,000 banners) from the old platform to the new system.


As an experienced .NET development company, Redwerk had a clear and highly effective strategy: Complete migration of all banner ads and apps to the Google DFP system. This process, which as usual sounds much easier than it is, included the following steps:

  • Migration
    All data had to be imported from the existing platform into the Google DFP system. Standard mechanisms were limited and didn’t allow to migrate the huge amount of data, so being a skilled C# development company we used C# technology to copewith the task. We developed an affiliate and campaigns export system with fully automatic JAVA technology, and a separate banner export system. Due to the lack of API features available, we had to create and automate export system via the web interface using .NET. Then, this information had to be imported into the new platform. In close collaboration with the staff of Worldnow, we implemented all the necessary DFP elements (affiliates, orders, line items etc.).
  • Integration of DFP framework into the existing apps.
  • Removing the old mechanism for viewing ads, where each banner was a WebView object, which was loaded with the corresponding HTML code. This included the necessary requests to ad servers. Banners were also displayed as WebView objects.
  • After the integration of the new framework was completed, each ad was configured to be shown by adding a DFP object to each WebView. After that, each DFP object received identifiers of the required banner as well as the address of the advertiser’s account. Subsequently the banner was loaded automatically via the Google DFP library.

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Redwerk’s able engineers made true of their promise to take the display of banner ads to a higher level and to make sure that the system was ready for future improvements and updates to the platform. They were able to find an elegant solution, where no platforms other than the DFP SDK were required. This allows it to configure ads with just a few very easy steps, specifying the location and the required options. The hard work is done by the DFP SDK itself, which creates all the required threads for the asynchronous organization and then a customized WebView with the banner in the specified location. This system has absolutely no issues with the organization of threads, which was especially impressive.

Sometimes in App design, it’s the little things which make a real difference. Thanks to Redwerk’s efficient work, Worldnow’s ads now provide their users with a premium ad experience, offering smooth-as-silk operation and placing them firmly among the class-leading News apps out there.

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iOS Developer

We used a web view for displaying ads on iOS devices. It didn’t always work well, so we had to convince the customer to use the Google DFP API instead, which cleared up the issues it was having nicely. We also used TestFlight SDK for a number of apps, and later migrated to Hockey SDK.

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