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Gooroo provides a handy solution to its users, matching the right tutors and students based on their profiles and expectations, allowing to find each other in an easy and convenient way.

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The company needed to develop the mobile application for tutors. Redwerk developed it based on the guidelines provided by Gooroo team.

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Gooroo team had a clear vision of how to ease the lives of tutors and students willing to obtain knowledge in various fields of study requiring offline lessons with experienced tutors.

This is how the most incredible products appear: clear vision combines with the professionalism of technical executors. Redwerk gladly agreed to help Gooroo with mobile application development services which ended up as a great iOS app tutors from the US are successfully using now!

The features that had to be implemented in the application were: signup/login page, sending requests, tutors’ profiles and lessons scheduling.



We developed the whole application from scratch. The back-end was developed on the client’s side in parallel with mobile application development we were doing in Redwerk.

Redwerk developed a native iOS application by using Swift language. In order to create the scalable and easily modifiable application, Redwerk has chosen MVVM (Model-View-Viewmodel) as a template for projecting the app’s architecture. Projecting with help of MVVM allows to easily add, delete or simply change the separate modules of the app and scale the developing efforts when needed.

These are the main features implemented to the app:

  • Detailed onboarding for tutors, helping to correctly set up their profiles step-by-step.
  • Requests from students including short information about the student, student’s manager / mentor (in case it’s present), Subject, Topic, Student’s Grade level, Goal of study, Preferable learning style (Discovery, Introduction, Storytelling, Analogy, Theory), Session length, Free time slots, Place for meetings (offline only), Balance of earnings.
  • Tutor’s sessions (planned sessions past sessions waiting for feedback, past sessions with feedback). Feedback includes: general recap, learning pace of each student, learning methods that work best, problematic areas of study, soft skills evaluation. Feedback system helps tutors to find maximally personal approach to each student.
  • Tutor’s profile. This section includes specific information about each tutor: languages, hobbies, subjects, location, accomplishments, available time slots.

In case with Gooroo, Redwerk has got beautiful, meticulously thought out design, well-structured in the upstyle guides.

A set of well-thought-out components creates one screen that does not stand out from the general style and is convenient for reuse. This design is convenient for developers who can adjust all styles in the system and repeatedly replicate them on other screens.


The development process started in November 2018 and is still on. The project is currently on the stage of improvements and support. Thanks to the well-structured scrum-process we use the first release made in December 2018. We still continue development by providing minor fixes and support of the created product.

Gooroo grows day by day. Today, it is a pool of teachers and curious students and an official vendor and partner of the NYC Department of Education. According to ProductHunt, it is #3 Product of the Month.

Gooroo also provides one-on-one academic mentoring and tutoring to low-income children and the elderly via its nonprofit initiative Gooroo Gives Back. Among the current partners of Gooroo are Books for Africa, NYC Department of Aging, TAL, Related Realty, and Carter Burden Network.

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Gooroo is a sophisticated modern mobile product where a high-level backend and design merge. Great guys with whom you can easily and quickly solve any issues of different levels of complexity!

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