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BengalFox provides warehousing and distribution services to businesses worldwide. Its vision for the future of commerce is motivated by one singular focus – growing innovative and unique brands.

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Mobile Application Development

Incorporating the client’s vision and our technical expertise in developing iOS apps, we developed a mobile solution tailored to the specific needs of BengalFox warehouse employees. The app we built is stable, fast, and easy in use – these were the major requirements for the product.

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Business Process Automation

Redwerk helped BengalFox streamline their shipping operations by building a handy app for warehouse employees. We carefully thought through every step of the user flow, which allowed us to reach the desired speed of the app, cover all possible non-standard cases, and implement intuitive UI.

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BengalFox needed a solution to optimize their shipping operations by cutting down monotonous and repetitive tasks of warehouse employees. Their initial workflow consisted of using phone cameras to take pictures of order barcodes and invoices, and manual renaming and uploading of those files to the corporate cloud storage. When multiplied by the number of orders that had to be processed daily, these simple steps turned out to be not that simple because of the amount of manual labor and high risk of human error.

BengalFox had a clear vision of the product, and they wanted to keep the mobile app as simple as possible. Our major tasks were as follows:

  • Build an iOS app for warehouse employees with a minimal number of user actions
  • Assure the app’s maximum speed and stable performance
  • Integrate the app with cloud storage of their choice (
  • Distribute the app via the Apple Developer Enterprise account and configure all the needed settings

Although the app’s functionality is rather simple and we faced no significant technical challenges while working on it, the project required careful consideration of the app’s business logic and bringing real value to users as well as tangible financial gains to our client.


Our team took BengalFox’s concept of the app and built on it to make sure all possible user scenarios were covered. We wanted the user, in this case, a warehouse employee, to be properly guided under any circumstances, be it a user mistake or a technical glitch. For that, we extended the initial business logic by adding error messages for non-standard cases, such as duplicate photos, missing storage folder, user permissions, connection issues, and other technical or user errors.

Our major challenge was reducing the time needed to process one order to an absolute minimum; otherwise, the app would defeat its purpose. As the app’s key functionality revolves around taking and saving pictures, we started with that. The standard iPhone photo takes up about 4-12 MB, whereas the photos taken by our app consume no more than 300 KB and keep barcode and invoice details fully legible. We managed to significantly reduce the photo file size, which speeded up the app’s operation to a great extent: from initial 10-15 seconds, we went to 3 seconds needed to complete one order processing cycle (provided the user flow is standard).

As far as the integration with is concerned, there were mild technical challenges related to the difference in programming languages ( is written in Objective-C, whereas our app – in Swift 3.1); however, they were quickly resolved.

Since the app was designed exclusively for BengalFox warehouse employees, it was distributed via the Apple Developer Enterprise account. Our team developed detailed guidelines on using the account, updating the license, and handling user permissions. We also provide on-demand services in case BengalFox needs any assistance with managing the account.


With the joint effort of both teams, BengalFox received a handy iOS app designed to ease the burden of warehousing routine. The solution we developed is fully compliant with the initial requirements and contains functionality improvements suggested from our end. As a result, BengalFox employees now process orders in a much more convenient way, reducing the time and effort spent on manual processing of each order.


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One of the major functional requirements was the minimum time needed to complete a full order processing round. Since our team developed the app from the ground up, we had a free hand in implementing techniques that would serve the client’s best interests. Compressing the photos to the maximum extent without compromising their legibility was a cost-effective solution that allowed us to achieve the app’s desired speed in no time.

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