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Redwerk is a software development company with customers in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. We build secure and user-friendly software, whether it's a brand-new web app, a mobile blockchain solution, or ongoing maintenance and feature development for existing software.

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Product Development

Redwerk conceptualized and developed Tingl iOS messenger and landing page from the ground up. This involved in-depth market research and customer development, guiding our product pivots. Our iterative approach ensured we built a product that meets the specific needs of privacy-conscious users.

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Blockchain App Development

We built a blockchain application from scratch, marrying security with usability. Our blockchain developers created a custom transport protocol to provide high security and anonymity of user metadata and message contents. The app’s logic resides on the blockchain to guarantee tamper-proof transactions.


Modern instant messengers are deeply flawed: they offer convenience at the price of user privacy. It’s tough to find a messenger that would be both widely adopted and didn’t harvest user data.

Many are marketed as highly secure due to end-to-end encryption or self-destructing messages, creating an illusion of security. However, most require a phone number or email to sign up and store plenty of metadata. This may include everything from a contact list and online status to the length of calls, who one communicates with, and even their device’s unique fingerprint and IP address.

The risk goes beyond data collection. Journalists, activists, and anyone targeted by authorities face the chilling reality of government surveillance, especially in countries where democracy has been eroded or is non-existent. Leaked information can expose them and even put their lives at risk.

But it’s not only governments that eavesdrop on our communication. There are multiple reports on instant messengers being hacked and malicious actors intercepting confidential information.

We saw a need for an instant messaging app that would offer anonymity and exclusive chat privacy while being easy and fun to use. Our biggest hurdle? Solving the classic “security vs. usability” dilemma and ensuring our app finds its perfect audience.


We started by prioritizing customer development. This ensured we grounded the process in data and facts. Knowing we’d likely need to pivot to find the perfect product-market fit, we embraced an iterative approach. Now, after extensive research, meetings, and conversations with potential users, let’s explore what we’ve developed!

Target Audience

Tingl targets users who value privacy and security beyond what traditional messengers offer. They understand the limitations of conventional platforms and seek a solution for secure communication.

These people are not necessarily looking for a full replacement for their current messengers but rather for an extra tool to take care of their most confidential matters. Imagine being able to discuss things you’d only share in person, but online, with the guarantee of leaving no digital trace.

Blockchain application development is often associated with a tech-savvy user base. While Tingl is designed for ease of use and effortless navigation, it requires certain technical knowledge. This includes setting up a MetaMask wallet, recovering an account with a seed phrase, grasping the app’s tokenomics, and dealing with gas fees. So, if you want to create a blockchain app, keep this in mind.

Tech Stack

Developing a blockchain application like Tingl involves some key considerations beyond traditional software development.

For the front-end, Tingl uses Flutter, a framework known for its rapid mobile app prototyping capabilities. This choice allowed us to quickly build a polished Minimum Viable Product (MVP) with its pre-built, customizable widgets. Additionally, Flutter’s ability to compile a single codebase for mobile, web, and desktop made it perfect for our vision of expanding Tingl beyond mobile.

Blockchain applications have a distinct “backend” compared to conventional apps. Instead of relying on a central server, it’s a distributed system. The core components include:

  • Blockchain Network: Acts as the secure and tamper-proof ledger for storing data. We chose Polygon for its speed, efficiency, and lower gas fees.
  • Smart Contracts: Define the app’s logic and automate processes on the blockchain.
  • P2P Networks: Enable direct communication between users within the network.
  • IPFS (InterPlanetary File System): Provides decentralized storage for large files, like images and videos, that wouldn’t be ideal to store directly on the blockchain.

In Tingl’s beta, user data and message metadata reside on the blockchain for maximum security. However, large media files are stored off-chain for efficiency. In the next versions, we plan to integrate IPFS for a fully decentralized storage solution.

Why did we opt for blockchain app development in the first place? We wanted to leverage the inherent security and transparency of smart contracts. By deploying the app’s logic on the blockchain, Tingl ensures tamper-proof, auditable transactions, significantly enhancing the overall security and user trust in our messaging platform.

Of course, this is a simplified overview of how to develop blockchain applications. Each project requires in-depth research, business analysis, and industry expertise to tailor the technology to its specific needs.

Data Transfer

Rock-solid data integrity is why you would want to build a blockchain application. To achieve that in Tingl, we developed BAMM, a layer 3 transport protocol. It is Signal’s fork that uses a distributed network of servers and onion routing to ensure end-to-end encrypted data transfer. BAMM uses the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to validate transactions.

Here is how BAMM helps respect user privacy:

  • End-to-End Encryption. Messages are encrypted on the sender’s device and remain unreadable by anyone but the intended recipient, even if intercepted.
  • Data Integrity. Messages are guaranteed to arrive intact. Any tampering renders them unreadable and discarded.
  • Onion Routing. This involves wrapping messages in multiple encryption layers and routing them through a network of intermediary nodes. Each node removes a layer, revealing the next destination without ever exposing the final recipient. This hides user metadata like IP addresses and device identifiers, enhancing privacy and anonymity.
  • Proof-of-Stake. This ensures everyone on the network agrees on the validity of transactions and the current state of the blockchain. In our model, every node must stake currency before being allowed to join the network, which incentivizes honest behavior and discourages malicious actors from attempting to compromise user privacy.

BAMM facilitates direct, secure communication between users, both synchronously and asynchronously, without relying on a central server. This decentralization removes a single point of failure and ensures user privacy.


We conceptualized Tingl as an anti-messenger that defies the security risks associated with instant messaging in its traditional form.

One of the biggest sacrifices users make is giving away their personal information at registration, typically a phone number or email. Tingl takes a different approach. Users sign up with a MetaMask wallet and receive a generated username and a blockie avatar.

Features like screenshots, message forwarding, editing, and video calls can all potentially leak confidential data. Tingl deliberately omits these features to minimize such risks.

Unlike conventional messengers with year-long message storage on centralized servers, Tingl minimizes data storage, reducing the potential for compromise. It offers a limited chat history of 20 messages that are automatically burned in 6 hours.

Finally, Tingl doesn’t ask for access to one’s microphone, location, or address book.

While considering how to build a blockchain application from scratch, remember that blockchain alone isn’t enough for true user anonymity. The app’s design philosophy must complement the security benefits offered by blockchain technology.

Unique Features

Tingl is intended for quick negotiations, whistleblowing, sharing secrets, and selling digital assets like images, files, or just plain pieces of text. These use cases necessitate features that are not commonly found on other platforms. Here’s a glimpse into what we implemented for Tingl’s beta:

  • Pay-Per-View Messages: Files become available only after the sender is paid. Users can securely share images and files up to 2MB.
  • Guest Chat: Facilitating one-time communication, Tingl users can host a guest chat for someone without an account.
  • Sale Web Link: Enabling secure transactions, Tingl users can create a web link with content previews and options for buyers to purchase the content.
  • Superlike: Users can send a “superlike” with a special duck emoji via a paid on-chain transaction. The message author receives a reward for each superlike.

These features represent just a small selection from Tingl’s roadmap.

UI/UX Design

An app that boldly claims to respect user privacy and anonymity requires an equally bold design. At the same time, we wanted to make it playful, approachable, and fun. Of course, ease of use was a priority, too. In blockchain app development, usability plays an even bigger role because you want to make your app intuitive for everyone, regardless of technical expertise.

We also knew we needed a mascot to make the app easily recognizable and lay the foundations for developing its brand identity. It’s also a good way to make the app more appealing to users.

To convey Tingl’s fun and edgy vibe, we combined elements of neo-brutalism for its boldness and comic art for its playful touch. As for the mascot, we drew inspiration from the Rebel, Jester, and Explorer archetypes.

The Rebel archetype signifies a willingness to challenge the status quo, which aligns with Tingl’s focus on providing a secure alternative to conventional messaging apps. The Jester brings lightheartedness and laughter, reflecting Tingl’s commitment to a user-friendly and enjoyable experience. Finally, the Explorer embodies the spirit of venturing into uncharted territory, resonating with Tingl’s innovative use of blockchain technology.

For a seamless user experience, consistency is key. We developed a comprehensive style guide to ensure Tingl’s UI/UX design and branding remain aligned across the app, the landing page, and all our marketing channels.


We set out to achieve what some might call the impossible: creating a blockchain app that was both highly secure and usable. And we did it! Tingl lets you have those confidential conversations online, stay anonymous, and leave no digital footprint behind. Plus, it allows for secure crypto payments on classified content, protecting creators and ensuring they get rewarded for their work.

When we launched Tingl’s beta on Product Hunt, the response from early adopters was fantastic – tons of positive reviews! We built a strong foundation for turning this beta into a major player in the secure messaging game. No surprise then, that Tingl’s high potential caught the eye of a leader in the crypto space, leading to Tingl’s recent acquisition.

This is just the beginning. Blockchain app development opens exciting possibilities for secure communication, and we’re committed to continuous innovation in this space.

Exit: Acquisition

Tingl’s journey has taken an exciting turn. Our focus on user privacy and innovative messaging features attracted the attention of an industry leader building a comprehensive platform for secure communication (the company’s name remains undisclosed at their request). Recognizing Tingl’s potential to be a cornerstone within their ecosystem, an agreement was reached for Tingl to become part of this larger initiative.

This acquisition allows Tingl’s secure messaging functionalities to be seamlessly integrated with a suite of other privacy-focused tools and services. By joining forces, Tingl’s technology will contribute to a robust ecosystem that empowers users with a holistic approach to secure communication.

Tingl at Blockchain Expo in London

Tingl Anti-Messenger seems to be revolutionizing secure communication with its web3-based approach! The emphasis on anonymity, paid messages, and limited chat history with automatic deletion sets a new standard for secure messaging. Excited to see how it redefines data privacy in communication. Great work by the Tingl team!
Anthony Green
Anthony Green, Co-Founder at OpenRep & Satisfied Tingl User

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Redwerk Team Comments


Software Engineer

I got really deep into working with Dart FFI, which isn’t something you use every day. FFI acts as a bridge between Dart and native code written in Rust. This allowed us to use a native Rust library, enabling features like encrypted messaging and user connection management on the blockchain. Overall, it was a fantastic learning experience that boosted my knowledge of mobile development with Flutter.



Writing secure and efficient smart contracts in Solidity meant going deep into the language’s functionalities. I also improved my skills working with the Truffle framework. It’s a great tool for managing smart contracts throughout their lifecycle – from compilation and deployment to testing and interaction. Learning the intricacies of both Solidity and Truffle during this project has been incredibly valuable for my growth as a developer.

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