Functional Specification Services

Functional requirements services
to showcase the expected behavior of the system

Redwerk’s team will assist you in developing a software functional specification document
to cover the functions, tasks or services the system will have to perform.

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We create a blueprint to help the development team get the picture of how an app will function

General Description

In this part of the software requirements specification, we will describe product features, perspective, operating environment, characteristics, design requirements, implementation constraints, assumptions, and dependencies. It also provides an overview of the user documentation.

Interface Requirements Specification

Software design specification is a section where we will describe external interfaces and specify the requirements placed upon one or more systems, manual operations, configuration Items, or other system components.

System Features Specification

That is the part where we describe product features in detail. What they are for, what they do, and their implementation priority. This section is to provide an understanding of why the particular functionality is present in the system.

Platform as a Service

This is to provide you with a detailed and precise description of all features. We describe how it works, saves, verifies, reacts to errors, and displays data. All this is written to be understood by a general audience with no particular technical knowledge.


Functional Specification Example by Redwerk

Where do you want us to send our functional specification sample?
Where do you want us to send our functional specification sample?

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Key Reasons to Prepare Functional Requirements Specification

Specifications are still as important as ever since the specification documentation serves as the linchpin of your entire digital project. If you are tempted to do without a specification at all, we have some reasons to make you go in the opposite direction:

A Clear-Cut Definition

As an on-site instruction manual, specs provide definite instructions on the intent, performance, and implementation of the project; as well as determines the quality and standards which should be met. As a reference guide and a ground for a check on performance criteria down the line, specs ensure the contractor will fully understand and satisfy your demands.

Information to Furnish Accurate Pricing

While the specification itself doesn’t include expenditure information if it is well-conceived and adequately detailed, it will make it easy for a vendor to price the job quickly and accurately. Providing detailed information about project requirements and expectations on the outcome will eventually result in more accurate pricing.

The Ability to Minimize Risk

It is worth mentioning that the specification makes part of the contract documentation; therefore, by codifying requirements into a specification, it is harder to impeach things. So, if you did ever find yourself in an unfavorable situation where there was a controversy on your project, if you have your specification at your fingertips, you are in a far safer position.

Saves You Time and Money

Sparing some time on collecting accurate information and clear guidance will allow eliminating unnecessary duplication and minimize repetition almost to the null. The contractors, in their turn, will be able to proceed with little setbacks, with a decreased need for clarification, all of which add time to a project and reduces costs.

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At Redwerk we connect you to our dedicated account representative to guide you through the entire development process. It will allow you to ask any questions and clear out all the details that may bother you.

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There is no deadline we were unable to meet at Redwerk. We provide results, not excuses. You can be sure the job will be done exactly when it is supposed to.

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