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We deliver helpful, enticing, and entertaining AR experiences to help businesses build stronger relations
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We at Redwerk are no strangers to pioneering tech. Use our augmented reality development services to elevate your user journey to a fun, handy, and highly compelling game.

AR for iOS

Our iOS developers can help you integrate AR features into your existing app or build a standalone AR product for your iOS / iPadOS audience. We are skilled in using all Apple AR creation tools to easily implement your most daring ideas into real life.

AR for Android

When creating AR experiences for Android users, we consider device-specific hardware details such as clock speed, drivers, or camera quality. We achieve decent app performance by minimizing battery drain, ensuring consistent frame rates, and high responsiveness to user input.

Web-Based AR

Our AR delivery teams have certified PM/ BA experts who know how to gain the most out of the limited WebAR content. We’ll help you create appealing, resource-efficient, and highly engaging campaigns powered by the latest AR features.

Cross-Platform AR

Deploy your software with confidence that it works across multiple platforms, including wearable devices. We thoroughly test the AR solutions we develop to ensure they run seamlessly on smartphones, laptops, and AR glasses.

AR Game Dev

Gamers at heart and engineers by training, we’ll turn augmented reality game development into a smooth and productive process. Whether you’re interested in location-based, FPS, or RPG game development, we’ll have your back from ideation until launch.

3D Modeling

Our augmented reality development services include asset creation. Redwerk technical artists are well-skilled in designing 3D models and animations. We’ll communicate a lot to ensure the end result matches your creative vision and captivates from the first glance.

AR can enhance sporting activitieslike live game broadcasts, trainingvideos, and virtual on-fieldparticipation. It is a way to providea truly unforgettable experience!Sports& EntertainmentGetting lost is almostimpossible with AR: you canpoint your camera to thestreet and get the rightdirections! AR can providecomplete routes andinformation on separateobjects.NavigationAR is a sure way to increase your brand value, attractmore clients, and offer better customer service. Surpriseyour customers with this still unique technology!CommerceEducationUse the visualization ofabstract notions and step-by-step guides to reducelearning time and increasethe understanding oftopics.AR is highly applicable toeveryday life solutions, fromInstagram or Snapchat filtersto translations and onlineshopping. Millions of peoplebenefit from AR daily!Everyday lifeAR makes sightseeinginteractive and informative. Thetechnology can allow users totake virtual city tours and take ajourney back in time.Tourism &SightseeingAR makes the gamingexperience immersive andpersonalized: the player canobserve digitally-createdobjects while in real-worldsettings.Video gamesAugmented RealityApplications

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Why Us


We prioritize usability when creating AR experiences to make them meaningful, safe, and easy to understand. We carefully think through standard and uncommon use cases to ensure the AR functionality stands the usability test and is more than a gimmick.

Legally Conscious

We build software proactively by factoring in legal, ethical, and user health considerations. We inform our clients from the very beginning how the customer data is handled and offer ways to mitigate possible security risks or physical harm instances.

Multifaceted Expertise

Since 2005, we have penetrated all major business verticals – from E-Commerce, E-Learning, and E-Government to Construction, Entertainment, and GameDev. We use our multifaceted expertise to create industry-specific AR experiences that are relevant and loved by users.

From Zero to Hero

Redwerk is experienced in developing products from the ground up. Our AR delivery team includes developers, QA engineers, PM/BAs, 3D designers, DevOps, SEO, and marketing folks. Access multiple experts at once and get support at every stage of SDLC.

Quality Assurance

Augmented reality app development is impossible without a rigorous QA process. We test every solution we deliver and have a framework on how to test AR comprehensively. We also tailor our AR testing approach to the project’s specifics and target audience.

End-to-End Support

Redwerk not only builds AR solutions but also helps to maintain and upgrade them along the way. We can provide you with continuous tech support and take care of all the software maintenance routine freeing up your internal team.

Why AR

Increase Brand Value

With augmented reality being a relatively new technology, an AR-enhanced app will make your brand stand out. This is a sure way to promote your brand while putting a unique service on the market.

Enhance Customer Experience

Augmented reality can enhance the user experience by allowing customers to try on clothes before buying them, visualize interior decorations before finalizing them, and play immersive games.

Improve Customer Engagement

Nothing attracts attention more than cutting-edge technology. The users are willing to try something new, and offering them an AR experience is a perfect way to communicate and engage.

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