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Orderstep is a sales and customer relations management platform helping companies close more deals by automating quote generation and streamlining offer communication. Orderstep optimizes the entire customer flow, which translates into time and energy savings for sales and customer care personnel, and consequently – increased conversions.

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SaaS Development Company

We helped Orderstep extend their SaaS product’s functionality by developing a frontend for a new feature, personal webshops. Our Redwerk team devised a personalized approach to ensure the frontend was fully compatible with the existing backend and there were no compromises in terms of usability and performance.

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E-Commerce Development Services

We built the UI for the webshop product gallery, detailed product page with fields for customizing the item’s color, number and other characteristics before adding it to the cart, the shopping cart itself, and checkout. Redwerk developers implemented the UI in full compliance with the given designs and industry standards.

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Orderstep is a fast-growing startup with a small in-house team. Since it was initially self-funded, the company needed to use their limited resources wisely. At the same time, implementing new features fast can be fundamental to a startup’s success. To remain on schedule and reduce pressure on the internal team, Orderstep turned to Redwerk.

They wanted to extend the Orderstep customer portal with personal webshops so that their customers could not only improve quote management and customer flow at every touchpoint but also sell their products on the same platform.

Orderstep asked the Redwerk team to develop the frontend part of the webshop functionality. Here are some of the requirements we were expected to meet:

  • Framework-free solution. The webshop backend was already completed, so using a framework would require tweaking it to a great extent to make it compatible with the frontend. That’s why we were asked to build the UI without relying on any frameworks.
  • Flexibility.Redwerk is known for its flexibility in terms of communication and tools our customers prefer using. This time we needed to ensure our client could directly communicate with our developers as he is a software engineer himself.
  • Documentation. We were also expected to analyze requirements specifications, identify gaps, and address those issues either by engaging the Orderstep team or drawing on our long-standing e-commerce expertise to handle them independently.

Lastly, we had to deliver the final solution in line with the project estimate we prepared for Orderstep earlier.


Single-page applications (SPA) have proven their effectiveness in making user experiences seamless. Instead of loading entire new pages upon interacting with the user, a SPA loads only a single web document. It dynamically rewrites the current web page, fetching only those pieces of data that the user needs.

React is a go-to framework for building a SPA. While we couldn’t use frameworks because of the backend peculiarities, we still wanted the webshop to have some of the SPA benefits. That’s why we offered to use React for interactive parts of the online store, whereas static pages were frameworkless.

As for the second requirement, our developers have high English proficiency, which made direct communication between Redwerk and Orderstep developers barrier-free.

The Figma designs we received didn’t detail all the element states, so before proceeding with implementing those, we would engage the Orderstep decision-makers and offer them options considered the latest industry standard.

The UI we developed includes a product gallery, detailed product page, fields for customizing the item’s color, number and other characteristics before adding the product to the cart, the shopping cart itself, and checkout.


With the help of Redwerk, the Orderstep team managed to keep their word and release the personal webshop feature on time. Consistency in delivering new capabilities to consumers and fast time to market help Orderstep attract new customers and raise interest among potential investors.

During our partnership, Orderstep increased not only the number of new features on their platform but also significantly grew the number of unique monthly visitors. In 2022, over 12K invoices were sent via their platform. Orderstep is also trusted by well-established companies that close 150 mln DKK deals. We’re proud to have contributed to the growth of such a high-impact and revenue-generating product.

2022 has been a year of great growth for Orderstep, both with the number of new users on our system, as well as with a lot of new opportunities in the system. And we’re not done at all.

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The Danish software startup, Orderstep, has received a million-dollar investment from an enthusiastic user of the solution. Now the ambition is to become a leader in the Nordics within the next three years.

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Ukrainians are very dedicated people. No matter where they are or what's happening around them, they will deliver what they promised. Looking at how it can be done with smaller projects, I'm very confident that Redwerk would also work if you had a bigger project with more complicated requirements.
Lars Olafsson, Founding Partner at Orderstep

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5stars on Trustpilot
7,000+offers created
12,000+invoices sent
150 mlnDKK deals processed

Redwerk Team Comment



This project made me step out of my comfort zone, which added even more excitement. Since it’s not your typical SPA, I couldn’t use the Create React App build tool, and I had to do certain things myself, like configuring the module bundler, file compiling, etc. Because our client is a developer, I could resolve some technical questions directly, and overall, the communication was superb.

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