Web Intake

Citizen Requests Processing System

for local government authorities was developed in partnership between Redwerk and Green Valley BV

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Delft, Netherlands

Green Valley BV provides top e-government solutions with its specialized, government standard-compliant CMS. It is used by companies, organizations, cities, and countries, being the most used in Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Our long-standing experience in developing products from scratch has allowed us to built Web Intake system that meets all governmental standards. Starting with creating specs, we went through all stages of development up to a successful launch of the project.

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Having over a decade of experience in developing e‑Government solutions and standards, we are proud of the results we have reached.

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European Union (EU) e-government laws define a clear matrix for government clerks processing citizen inquires. Every time a person requests permission to perform certain property upkeep actions, update their address, request a new ID card, etc., they must follow a specific submission process. All requests must be answered within an established time period.

Citizens should be able to submit requests either by email or an online form. There should also be a way to define multiple POP3 data sources and import messages with SOAP calls.

Government clerks should be able to log in using their LDAP credentials. Multiple LDAP implementations have to be supported: OpenLDAP, Active Directory, Apache Directory Server, Novell eDirectory, Sun LDAP and others, as well as multiple databases: MySQL, MS-SQL and Oracle.

Each clerk should have their own dashboard with the ability to prioritize action requests. Action items that have a fast approaching deadline, along with overdue requests, have to be highlighted so that those items can be addressed first.

Finally, the system had to be in compliance with many government regulations.


To facilitate this process for both citizens and government authorities, Green Valley scoped out a system called Web Intake and took advantage of our high-quality outsourcing software services to build a flawless product. Through Agile outsource web application development process, Redwerk team brings life to intuitive, reliable and sustainable solutions that transform a static webpage into a dynamic interface between the user and the company. It is particularly important when it comes to a single transparent mechanism for interaction between the state and citizens, such as Web Intake. Hence, the system’s easy-to-use web user interface, advanced message acquisition and rule-based engine allow government authorities to organize their clerks’ workloads more effectively as compared to other systems.

In a collaborative partnership with Green Valley, Redwerk helped in deploying the system, along with the architecture, message import, export and processing routines, web UI and setup package. Our software developers had to put down a specification first, defining all structures and flows in the system. Then our team implemented, documented, tested and prepared a foolproof and simple installation package for Green Valley’s field engineers.

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Green Valley BV delivered a system featuring a scalable multi-component architecture with Redwerk’s support. It can be installed on one PC or on multiple servers to withstand a heavy load. Together, Green Valley and Redwerk developed the application installer that automatically detects an LDAP type and schema, allows database type selection and automatically updates the DB in upgrade mode saving field engineers’ valuable time. Another time saving feature is that message importing modules are automatically registered as Windows services during installation.

The system is capable of looking up request submitters by their social security numbers and calculating due dates for issues, while taking public holidays into account. Its web UI supports multiple web browsers.

The first beta was delivered 3 months after development began. In 6 months, Green Valley started field testing. Soon after, Web Intake became one of Green Valley’s key products, used and loved by many government offices and end users across the Netherlands and Belgium.

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