New CMS module to cater to Belgian municipality

built by Redwerk in collaboration with Green Valley BV

Green Valley BVGreen Valley BVDelft, Netherlands

Green Valley BV offers specialized and government standard-compliant CMS for numerous cities, counties, companies and organizations. Its
e-government solutions are applied in Belgium and in the diplomatic missions of the kingdom of the Netherlands.

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Redwerk team created a detailed specification, that described all business logic and full scope for Green Valley BV. Due to the in-depth understanding of the project we finished the development within the defined timeline and precise budget.

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Our experience in providing e-government solutions and standards counts 10 years of successful work.

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The Belgian branch of Green Valley BV contracted Redwerk to customize its main product, the CMS, for the town of Maasmechelen in Belgium. They provided Web page designs approved by the town’s local authorities’ employees, as well as the website’s functional requirements.

Additionally, a new module had to be developed for the CMS product. It had to allow citizens and civil servants to make online listings or reservations for events. An event can be anything—a book, a car, a meeting room, officer appointments and more.

The reservation process had to be represented visually with a calendar displaying occupied and free time slots marked by different colors. Monthly, weekly and daily views had to be available. To authenticate users, the module had to be user profile-aware and be available on both the intranet (for civil employees only) and the Internet sites (for citizens).


Having worked side-by-side with Green Valley’s core CMS developers before, the Redwerk team easily customized it to the town of Maasmechelen’s needs and requirements. Photoshop mockups were created. Templates were put in their places. JavaScript programming was performed.

We used CMS customization best practices to make sure each updatable section, from news, events and videos to contact numbers, is easily maintainable post launch. These practices were partially taken from Green Valley’s partnerships with other localities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

The reservations module used the CMS document tree as its main data storage. On the client-side, we implemented a dynamic AJAX behavior for a smooth user experience without multiple page reloads.

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In our outsourcing case studies, we have several great projects developed for Green Valley BV, and this challenge was one of them. Maasmechelen’s website was successfully delivered within a very demanding timeline, fully tested and ready for integration.

The reservations module was implemented in such a way so that it can be repurposed easily. At the end of development, a user guide was written to guide other engineers in integrating it into their CMS-based solutions without any hassles or confusion.

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Before knowing Redwerk, offshore was synonym to problems for me. But they changed my ideas about that. Their team is very service-oriented, punctual and to the point. Redwerk is always doing their best to meet our 'impossible' deadlines.

Bart Waterlot, Product & Project Manager at Greenvalley Belgium

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