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C!A helps systems of government improve production capacity, gain operational efficiency, and deliver better customer service faster and at a lower cost. C!A achieves this by using innovative and well-proven tech solutions to tackle government challenges.

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Following C!A’s product vision and expertise in the government sector, we built Current – a robust web app with the functionality fully customizable to the needs and internal workflows of each government agency.

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Redwerk helped C!A develop an innovative web app for processing citizens’ requests within a range of state-administered programs in the USA. The app is designed for users with different roles and offers built-in analytics for tracking case progress.

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Our biggest challenge was to build a fully-functioning product with robust functionality that can be easily customized to the needs of government agencies across the USA. Realizing how ground-breaking this solution can potentially be, we felt immense responsibility to deliver the highest quality app within the set timeframe. We were inspired by C!A’s mission to impact the lives of millions of people dependent on various state-administered programs and took on the challenge.

Current was designed to enhance C!A’s business process redesign services by enabling human services agencies to leverage the benefits of modern technology. Current was meant to help human services agencies and safety net programs across the country address such common issues as case overload, cumbersome workflows, and outdated computer systems. With built-in analytics and ability to aggregate data from multiple access points (lobby, call center, processing center), this app provides human services leaders with real-time insights. With Current, they can instantly see how quickly clients are being served, where the backlogs are developing, and where the staff should be reassigned.

Undeniably, projects of this scope and complexity require the expertise of several stakeholders. We were lucky to work alongside 10th Magnitude, a leading cloud solution provider recently acquired by Cognizant. The 10th Magnitude team has laid the foundation for the web platform by sharing their vision of the software architecture and overall infrastructure.

On our end, we contributed to developing the platform’s business logic, while factoring in the product vision of key stakeholders. Before that, we needed to comprehensively understand each feature and what problem the functionality is meant to solve. So we dived deep into everyday use cases and workflows of US-based public service providers, studying different user roles and going through respective user stories. Only by putting ourselves in the users’ shoes can we bring real value and suggest efficient ways of implementing a certain functionality.

While developing the app, we also had to keep in mind that numerous users would use Current simultaneously; therefore, we had to think through possible ways to optimize its performance.

Last but not least, e-government solutions like Current require strict adherence to the industry standards. Making the app accessible for a broader range of people with disabilities was one of the compliance regulations we needed to implement.


Working closely with the C!A team and leveraging the insights contributed by 10th Magnitude, we managed to develop Current – a powerful web app for government agencies to process citizens’ requests within a range of state-administered programs in the USA. With this app, government agencies can deliver public services in an innovative and much more efficient way.

As for the tech stack, it was clear from the very beginning. 10th Magnitude being a part of Cognizant Microsoft Business Group and Redwerk as a Microsoft Partner capitalized on the power of Microsoft Azure. With more than 100 Azure services supporting .NET natively, we didn’t have any trouble finding the solutions we needed. For instance, Azure Application Insights perfectly satisfied the need in monitoring application health whereas Azure Blob Storage allowed us to implement the Case Import feature. Designed for public servants with different areas of responsibility, Current required conditional access, and that’s exactly what we achieved with Azure Active Directory.

The Current app functionality that we developed from scratch allows agencies to:

  • See: Offers visibility into all of an agency’s systems so leaders can see in real time – and in one single dashboard – how much work exists across all customer access points (e.g. lobby, phone, mail, online).
  • Process: Creates work assignments and delivers them to the right workers at the right time, ensuring workers always know which case requires their focus.
  • Monitor: Alerts leaders when agency-determined thresholds are triggered and corrective action is needed; if enabled, auto-quarterbacking functionality automatically initiates action, such as reassigning workers to meet changing demand. Current also monitors process variation.
  • Report: Translates crucial data from an agency’s systems into key measures; available in real-time dashboard or system-generated reports offering views at the state, regional, office, team and worker levels for specific timeframes.
  • Predict: Forecasts staffing needs using historical customer demand and worker output data to help leaders proactively prepare to meet future demand.

We also made Current ADA compliant by following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1 (WCAG) and Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act. We ensured all non-text elements have alternative descriptions; there’s sufficient contrast and an on-screen indication of the current focus; content is readable without stylesheets, among other features, fully optimizing the app for assistive technology.

To warrant the high quality of ADA solutions we delivered, we used JAWS, the world’s most popular screen reader to thoroughly test every interface.


With a consolidated effort of the C!A and Redwerk teams, an innovative e-government solution was born. Current is not just a web app for processing citizens’ requests; it’s a powerful platform with the functionality meticulously designed by award-winning change agents – public servants by experience and at heart. Ten state and county human services agencies across the country have successfully integrated Current into their operations, and many more agency implementations are on the horizon. We managed to build a positive rapport with C!A, win their trust, and use our expertise to help them transform government systems through the right tech solutions. We are proud to have such a partner and keep working together on developing new features and enhancing the app performance.

Exit: Acquisition

Vimo Inc. dba GetInsured acquired Change and Innovation Agency in November 2021 Vimo Inc. dba GetInsured acquired Change and Innovation Agency in November 2021 Read More
I cannot give enough credit to the Redwerk team for the way that they partner with and support their clients. We have been a client for a couple of years now, and Redwerk has always provided talented, supportive, and very creative team members to our efforts. They solve problems quickly, they don't make assumptions without clarification, and they deliver.
Blake Shaw
Blake Shaw, Senior Partner at Change and Innovation Agency

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Azure Cosmos DBAzure Cosmos DB
Azure Application InsightsAzure Application Insights
Azure StorageAzure Storage
Azure Active Directory B2CAzure Active Directory B2C
Azure Event GridAzure Event Grid
Azure Kubernetes ServiceAzure Kubernetes Service
Azure Front DoorAzure Front Door
Azure Key VaultAzure Key Vault
Azure Cache for RedisAzure Cache for Redis
10gov agencies using the app
100%ADA compliant
100k+lines of code
13people in team

Redwerk Team Comments



I can’t help but mention the amazing work experience with the C!A team. I found it really productive to work in such close contact, be aware of all the business processes, and help people resolve their issues. At C!A, they are very supportive and responsible and genuinely passionate about what they do. In such a committed collaboration, we managed to solve numerous challenges. One of them was, for example, an automated process for tracking policy deadlines and pending tasks that should be processed in time to guarantee that every person will get their help. It’s a great pleasure for me to be a part of this project.


QA Engineer

I find the C!A project truly enriching, especially considering the sphere it touches. I’m thrilled to have an opportunity to contribute to this socially significant solution with such impressive functionality. Our team solved multiple complications during project implementation, and the one that I’d like to mention is the Reports section. It was quite a challenge, since C!A had releases in multiple states that had their unique requirements of what they wanted to see in reports. Thus, we had to tailor the report logic and calculations to meet those requirements and combine all of them in the way they could live in peace with each other. The most inspiring thing in this process was, of course, people. I cannot count all the collaborative brainstorming sessions we had during our technical meetings and the amount of support and understanding the C!A team shared – a fascinating experience indeed.


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