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Our clients from the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia have trusted their UI/UX design, custom software development, and QA to Redwerk company.

We’ve done dozens of projects and obtained numerous loyal and happy customers from various industries. Our team has given life to lots of exciting applications and technology startups and we are proud to be a part of their success. Happy birthday to us, and we look forward to many more decades of quality ‎software development!

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Redwerk hits 19 years this year

You might be interested to know more about our company,
so here is our own history timeline.


First Steps

June 9, 2005 is the date when Redwerk appeared on the map. That day, we opened our first office in Zaporizhzhia.

With a small team of only five talented developers, including CEO Konstantin Klyagin, the company started working on its first US project for the company Merrimac, which used to supply equipment for NASA space programs including Spirit and Opportunity mission to Mars.

We developed a workflow automation system for Merrimac. And soon after, we started a productive 8-year partnership with the Dutch startup LinkTiger.

Team size
Java tech stack
New clients


By the year 2009, we had gathered a strong, coordinated development team. We started out mobile development practices, widened our technology pool, and began gaining credence and recognition. We also added one more long-term partner to the list - Green Valley from the Netherlands. We commerced with the development of Web Intake.

By the end of that year, we had already accumulated a decent portfolio with more than 40 successful projects for US and European clients.

Team size
Projects complete
New in stack
New clients

Kyiv Office

Our team was growing month by month and by the end of 2010 it had already comprised 25 software developers. We felt the need to expand even more and opened the second development center in the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

That very year we started creating responsive applications with Ruby language. We also added two giant American companies, WorldNow and DotGov, to our clients' list.

Team size
New in stack
New in stack
New clients

Honored by the White House

We continued expanding in the US, got new clients like, and PageFreezer. Great clients and something even more special happened.

There was an ambitious e-government project called YouTown. Its main idea was to create a comfortable way for citizens to interact with their local governments. It won a prestigious award - Champions of Change from the White House.

LinkTiger, a broken links checking tool built from the ground up by Redwerk, also received an award this year. It was recognized as Best Web Tool by

Team size
Projects complete
First Awards
New clients

Constant Growing

By the beginning of 2013, we had alread established a successful workflow for several dedicated teams in a single company, so completing multiple projects at once became a familiar thing for us. The project that stood out that year was 9yahds' Disaster Recovery Software Solution, too big of an application to be described in a few words, as it contained 8 distinct projects in itself.
Team size
Big clients
Complete teams
New in stack
New in stack
New clients

10 Years Anniversary

Ten years in software development is a benchmark for success. Many things have changed since 2005 - technologies, workflows, approaches. But the thing that will never change is our genuine commitment to the work we do.

It might be hard to start; however, after ten years of challenging projects, creative solutions, and grateful clients, we dive into each new project with a twofold enthusiasm and dedication.

Although working with machines and coding seemed like a piece of cake, interacting with clients and teammates - that is a whole different story. Reckless judgement, non-constructive criticism, or professional error can shatter the business environment in the team and provoke a conflict.

We know that our efforts bring tangible results and positively change people’s lives. At that time, our team consisted of around 40 ICT experts, yet we needed to expand quickly to cover all the incoming software development requests. We realized that we need a wise, cold-minded HR manager who would step up the hiring process and attract the best engineering talent to our company.

We launched a new independent software testing company - QAwerk - to provide manual and automated testing of web, mobile, desktop software, SaaS products, and games.

Tech events attended: AppsWorld in London, Slush in Helsinki, Bits & Pretzels in Munich, Software Engineering Conference in Kyiv, Startup Weekend in Berlin.
Team size
New QA company
New clients

Discovering New Horizons

Not only the team was growing, the number of projects, either. It thus became necessary to hire a PM that would take charge of our team. Furthermore, that was the year when we organized an internal Go-green initiative and have started holding monthly Meetups, where developers keep on sharing their knowledge about the most recent technologies.

Our first multiplayer game was released on the occasion of the US presidential elections that year. And after we've finished EUGI - a project for the European Parliament - without an opportunity to deploy the entire system for debugging in-office, we are 100% ready for the new challenges!

Tech events attended: Web Summit in Lisbon, CES Show in Las Vegas.
Team size
Managed team
First PM
New clients


Since our team was growing - still is - we felt the need to extend our staff with some management positions, hence, the marketing department was established to promote our mature enough company on the raging IT market.

Our technology pool also expanded even further. We released a spam-blocking app called Spamhound, added Australia to the client geography and visited Tech Open Air in Berlin, not as guest, but as an exhibitor this time!

As more and more people started visiting our Dev Meetups, we decided to make even more good use of it. So we ran a few charity initiatives through our Meetups, and there would be more.

Tech events attended: Web Summit in Lisbon, Tech Open Air in Berlin.
Team size
New department
Easter charity event
New clients

Moving Forward

Redwerk’s team of designers, developers, and QA engineers created SpamHound, an SMS spam filtering mobile application. We developed iOS functionality and design and then moved further to the Android version.

Having immense expertise in open source software development, we were hired by a client sponsoring Freenet - open-source software for anonymity, freedom of speech, and censorship resistance on the web. It is a decentralized, scalable P2P network that enables anonymous file sharing, browsing, and creating websites accessible only through Freenet and censorship-free chatting on forums. We are proud of the contributions we’ve made to Freenet so far, such as polished UI, enhanced security, code refactoring, among other improvements.

At Web Summit, we participated in more than 60 meetings in 4 days, which allowed us to gather an enormous volume of important information and gain new inspiring insights from leading tech companies.

We launched the code review as a service. By the end of the year, we had good results: improved 4 processes, found 8 cases of copy-and-paste programming in one project, and detected 23 security vulnerabilities in 5 projects.

Tech events attended: Web Summit in Lisbon, Collision in New Orleans.
Team size
Alpha Startup
Dev Meetups held
Facebook followers
GDPR ready
Products & projects launched
New clients

Breaking Productivity Records

2019 was a year of travel and awards. The Redwerk team visited Collision in Toronto, where we checked the newest tech cradle and presented our spam-blocking pet project SpamHound.

We were hired by an open source sponsor to develop an anonymous motivational system for saving and publishing files. Since this is a brand new project, we work as an open source core development team. The main goal of the project is to store and distribute files anonymously and securely. This blockchain project offers a new approach to storing socially significant content, and we are sure it will gain popularity and broad adoption upon release.

As we continued increasing our brand recognition and contributing to the IT community, we held 12 Dev Meetups on topics such as Testing Applications on Laravel, Pros of Developer Mode on Android for QA engineers, Parallel Programming in Node.js, among other trending tech issues. Apart from Redwerk’s experts, we invited professionals from other companies to join our cause.

Tech events attended: Collision in Toronto, Estonia E-Residency Meetup in Kyiv, Small Business Expo in New York, Krupa Interface Design Conference in Kyiv.
Team size
Top Mobile App Dev in Ukraine
New projects
QA Automation as a new service
Dev Meetups held
#3 Product by Product Hunt
App of the Day by Design Nominees
Digital Job Fair
New clients

Per Aspera Ad Astra!

Looking back at over 15 years of Redwerk's history, it was a fantastic journey full of challenges and victories. But we do not stop. We continue to inspire change. This year our team has grown to 70 highly-skilled IT professionals, which makes us genuinely thrilled. We are also delighted that 45% of our staff are tech-savvy women who bring diversity and new vision to our team.

Providing impeccable software quality, consistent delivery, and timely communication, we have earned Microsoft Silver Partnership. Our employees have passed the required exams and skills tests, as well as fulfilled the efficiency requirements.

The coronavirus pandemic made us all stop in the daily rush and look at things differently. But our team started to work even more efficiently: 17 new projects, 4 tech events attended, and 10 new employees!

Our founder Konstantin Klyagin was accepted into Forbes Technology Council, an invitation-only community for world-class CIOs, CTOs, and technology executives.

Tech events attended: GFiT online, TechCrunch Disrupt online, Bits & Pretzels Founders Festival online, London Tech Week online.
Team size
Microsoft Silver Partner
Dev Meetups (offline + online)
Digital Job Fair
New projects
New in stack
New service
COVID-19 help
Forbes Tech Council Member
Android Bug Hunter released
Golden Heart of Ukraine
Top RoR Dev Agency
New clients


2021 brought a steady influx of new projects, incredible online and offline events, new awards recognizing our software development and testing expertise, and a debut of our content on TechCrunch.

As for our partnerships, we started working with HireQuest, North America’s staffing giant. We love celebrating our wins, so we threw an impromptu lobster party in our office in Zaporizhia.

We developed custom, enterprise-grade inventory management and resource planning solutions for Mass Movement, a US-based fitness equipment provider and assembler, which was soon acquired by J.B. Hunt, an international transportation and logistics company.

KillerBee was another successfully delivered project developed from the ground up. We helped KB&G, a leading New Zealand consultancy for construction material producers, build a smart pricing solution, increasing quote generation by 90%.

We arranged a QA brunch in our new loft-styled office in Kyiv, which attracted 200 offline and online participants. We planned our first summer corporate party abroad and flew to Side, Turkey, for sightseeing, sunny beaches, and ultimate fun.

Tech events attended: ContainerDays in Hamburg, AgileTD Open Air in Cologne, Agile Testing Days in Chicago, TestCon in Vinius , The National Software Testing Conference in London.
Team size
New projects
Annual traffic
Testing team of the year
Pentesting service
Featured in major media
First corp party abroad
Charities supported
Top custom software development agency
Dev meetups
First lobster party
Top web development company
New clients

Showing resilience

On February 24th, 2022, Russia started a full-scale invasion of Ukraine. During the first days of the war, our teammates were relocating to safe areas within Ukraine and abroad, such as Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Portugal, the UK, Canada, Germany, Switzerland, and Sri Lanka.

On the fourth day after the invasion, 40% of teammates showed up for work, and in two months, we fully restored our pre-war capacity. When everyone was laying off employees, we were hiring and strengthening our team with new tech talents and achieved a record-high team size.

Two of our teammates joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine to fight against the invaders, whereas the rest of the team actively volunteered and donated to numerous nonprofits. Redwerk alone donated about $200,000 to support our defenders and crisis relief efforts.

The years of building trustful client relations paid off: we’ve preserved all our contracts and even managed to forge 8 new partnerships. Despite blackouts and frequent air raid alerts, Ukrainians, including our teammates, showed unequivocal resilience by continuing to deliver services, buying services to support our economy, and living normal lives.

Our Redwerk team got featured by reputable global media like VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, Solution Suggest, ComputerWeekly, IdeaMensch, Website Planet, and Forbes.

Tech events attended: The Next Web in Amsterdam, Blockchain Expo in London, Web Summit in Lisbon.
Team size
New projects
Donated to Ukraine's Armed Forces
Team buildings
Countries hosted our teammates
Annual social media reach
Mentions in Forbes
Fundraisers supported
Client site visit
MyJiraBot released
#workwithukraine campaign
Featured in major media
New clients

Keep on fighting

We wish the war was over, but it’s not, and we Ukrainians keep on fighting to live in a free and democratic country.

Our Redwerk team stays strong, helping existing and new clients build quality, well-tested software. We also focused on developing our own products: we made Android Bug Hunter truly feature-rich, released an alpha version of Tingl, our revolutionary web3 messenger, and released one more Telegram bot – MyRepoBot, making it easy to receive Bitbucket notifications.

Our business endurance and zest for keeping Ukraine’s economy alive raise the interest of international media. Redwerk got featured by The Press , a leading news outlet in New Zealand, and BBC, the world’s largest broadcaster.

The projects we contribute to receive prestigious awards. We became Vega Awards Gold Winner entering the competition with the Kooky project, #1 digital cup system in Switzerland.

Living amidst a full-scale war requires special attention to employee well-being. We’ve allocated monthly wellness stipends to encourage our teammates to care about their physical and mental health.

Tech events attended: Paris Blockchain Week , World Economic Forum in Davos, Barcelona Bridal Fashion Week , Code Europe in Warsaw.
Team size
Mentions in Forbes
Featured in major media
Tingl alpha version released
Bug Hunter v.2.0 released
MyRepoBot released
Vega Awards Gold Winner
Employee wellness stipends
Featured in major media
New clients

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We have worked with Redwerk for the past years. We are very happy with our value and payback equation. They provide great technical knowledge for what they bring to the table. Our efforts overseas/offshore has been very difficult, Redwerk's team have finally proven successful with our offshore strategy to complement our core development team state side.
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Joe Sticca
I hired Redwerk after numerous consulting engagements had hampered some project timelines. Since that initial project, which was a success, Redwerk's team has engaged in many other products for me. I consider Redwerk a trusted partner for ongoing consulting work.
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Matt Ferrari
Redwerk is a highly service oriented business partner, willing to assist on all levels of the partnership. Communication is quick and to the point. Their management themselves have in depth knowledge of technology, which helps to speed things up.
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Mike van Dijk

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Forget about broken deadlines

Meeting client’s deadline is one of the core essentials here at Redwerk. Therefore, having entrusted us with your issue, be sure to get your software development project ready on time and at the highest level.

We strive for perfection

With Redwerk being founded in 2005, we’ve practiced enough to guarantee you a tried and proven, working like a charm software development process.

Perfect combination of quality and speed

We do realize that to stay on top in today’s realities, one needs to not only deliver a high-quality product but act fast and be flexible as well. Our experts can provide you with crude estimate and minimum viable prototype at initial stages, turning it into a full-scale product after your approval.

We understand your needs

Feeling uncomfortable ‘cause you’re not too good with all that tech stuff? Don’t worry. Our managers have a vast experience in dealing with projects that have no technical personnel at all. Redwerk will take on the full cycle of software development for you, if needed.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights on the software developed by our developers belong to the client 100%.

Legal Protection

Confidentiality is an essential element when dealing with clients’ projects and data. Signing the agreements of non-disclosure of information and non-competition guarantees the inaccessibility of sensitive data by the third parties and allows both sides to keep safe.

Our Work

See how Redwerk dedicated teams contribute to our clients digital transformation and business growth.

Recruit Media

Recruit Media

United States
Developed from the ground up patent-pending recruitment SaaS acquired by HireQuest


New Zealand
Translated decades-long expertise in construction materials into #1 automated smart pricing solution worldwide


United States
Developed 100% ADA compliant e-government SaaS used by welfare divisions across the USA
AWE Learning

AWE Learning

United States
Built e-learning SaaS for kids used by 50% of all US public libraries

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