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If you know anything about JavaScript, you probably realize how influential the invention of Node.js was. Developers finally got the tool that no longer needed a browser for JS code to be executed. The range of their possibilities extended dramatically. Initially, after the creation of Node.js in 2009, it was popular mostly among hackers and indie developers. But nowadays Node.js web development projects are becoming an increasingly common thing, as well as the ones dedicated to mobile development on Node.js. Applications for a wide range of companies, from start-ups to giants like WalMart, Yahoo and LinkedIn are made using this technology.

In a nutshell, Node.js development technology is a software platform that is used to build network applications, particularly server-side. So what is so special about that? Well, the beauty of Node.js is that it uses JavaScript as its scripting language and houses a built-in HTTP server library, allowing a web server to be run without the need for external software, such as Apache, and offering developers more control over how the server functions. Add in to the equation the fact that developers are now able to create an entire web application in JavaScript, on both server- and client-side, and you can see why the developing community is smitten.

In the hands of the professionals, among which we would obviously include ourselves, Node.js application development has a lot to offer your company when it comes to building web applications:

  • It’s scalable
    Node.js gives companies a lot of advantage when it comes to scalability. It allows just one server to handle hundreds of times more clients than one running traditional server technologies, making it a highly scalable and attractive solution in today’s web application market.
  • It’s JavaScript
    Since Node.js uses JavaScript as its main language, developers are now able to use JavaScript on both the client- and server-sides, making it easier for them to build entire web applications in one language, write more efficient code and hence get the job done more quickly.
  • It’s real-time
    Today, everyone wants everything yesterday. A button is pressed, a response arrives – and right away thanks, no excuses please. No easy task if millions of people are using the service at the same time, but one which Node.js does lightning-fast and makes look ridiculously easy.
  • It’s growing
    The popularity of Node.js web and mobile development is growing rapidly, meaning there is more support and resources available. Also, developers seem to really love it, and a happy developer is a developer you want to have.
  • It’s more for less
    Quicker development times and less hardware needed mean that you get more value for much less.

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Quality Node.js Developers

Finding high-quality Node.js developers can be a challenge. But, Redwerk offers excellent Node.js development services at a cost-effective rate. Our extensive JavaScript experience and commitment to writing quality code provides you with an unmatched opportunity.

Clear Communication

Clear communication is a priority. When you outsource your project to Redwerk, we’ll set you up with a dedicated Business Analyst who takes great care of you. You’ll experience fast follow-up, excellent English skills and all-around smooth communication. Every project, every time.


You don’t need any extra competition. Redwerk is always willing to sign your Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to keep your project hush hush. Consider us part of your team.

Best Price

Our Node.js services are performed in-house, at Redwerk’s multiple locations in Eastern Europe. Smart geographic location, minimal overhead costs and local talent selection enables us to charge rates that are at least 25% less expensive than other Node.js outsourcing solutions. The opportunity is yours to seize.

Intellectual Property Rights

This point should be obvious. But, it’s an important distinction to make. The software that Redwerk develops for you always belongs to you. You receive full intellectual property rights.

Worldwide Availability

Need to schedule a Skype call, or talk on the phone at a time that’s convenient to you? No problem. Just let us know your preferred timezone, and we’ll accommodate you with our best availability. Location is never an excuse.

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Custom Node.js Application Development Case Study

Redwerk has performed the automated sports events crawling solution from the ground up. Earlier the client used a manual algorithm for searching and collecting sports data, and the main task was to automate it in order to simplify finding tourneys and contacts for users. After evaluating different approaches, our qualified team decided to use Node.js technology and implement a search structure with a fixed set of data sources, of which Facebook was used in a prototype. As a result, the service performs all assigned functions in an elegant and easy to maintain way.

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