Do You Even Hustle?

Web Summit with its dazzling 70 000 in 2018 is still growing and attracting more and more brightest startups, exclusive brands and tech giants to its spacious halls. And for the third year in a row Redwerk team is returning to this massive tech gathering.

If last year it was all about AI, this time the perspective shifted to sustainability and future of the tech industry. There was still enough speeches about artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and VR updates, but sustainability was winning its part.

Besides that a lot of time was given to the importance of storytelling for brands and work-life balance problem named jokingly as “hustle porn”. This term derides those entrepreneurs who turned their business into showing off how hardworking they are and how many hours they spend doing business related stuff instead of focusing on productivity and efficiency.

Web Summit also continued its experiments with the best way to make everyone happy with the opening ceremony, with FCFS approach back. Somehow Redwerk team managed to get inside again and it was completely worth it. This year the grand opening saw Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, Lisa Jackson, Apple’s sustainability leader, Darren Aronofsky (the director of The Fontain, Black Swan, Mother!), and a handful of “fancy politicians” – Antonio Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Costa, the Prime Minister of Portugal and the Mayor of Lisbon Fernando Medina.

And after closing words from Paddy Cosgrave the arena drowned in drum music and waves of glitter.

60 Meetings Survival Race

Attending the event since 2016 we shifted from trying to crack the code of Web Summit to skillfully teleporting around its halls to catch up all the meetings and speeches we wanted to attend. We also added one more team member to cover all possible opportunities.

We mentioned it multiple times and but it never gets old – timely preparations is a key to success at big conferences. Though even our trained and skilled team wasn’t ready for 60+ Meetings in 4 days.

Yesterday our #team had a great reception at the new office of Mobrand. This #company is currently developing products to improve #app monetization – so we had plenty of things to discuss and to learn as well. Thanks a lot for such a welcoming atmosphere and knowledge sharing! ⠀ Starting long before the beginning of the #summit, Redwerkers have already met several company representatives (ScanQuo and Intellify). Gathering with numerous people in one place and discussing common topics lead to broader communication and a possibility to establish further relationships. That’s the first time they used such a lifehack not to rush from one meeting to another, hence enriching their #network as much as possible. ⠀ But the main intrigue of the evening was an opening #ceremony at Altice Arena – a huge place with 20,000 seats. In fact, all places were taken and there were even those who didn’t manage to go inside. Apart from the high-tech equipment and #attendees from all over the world, @websummit managed to impress people with amazing speakers. One of them was Sir Timothy John Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web. That’s the man we owe #HTTP to. There were also some Portugal’s #politicians underlining that their country is the best area to launch a #startup in and talking about “weaponizing the #AI” – so the speeches were for all tastes, you know. After that all attendees proceeded to Night Summit – because the #party never ends on speeches!? ⠀ Anyway, #WebSummit2018 has officially begun – and we’re waiting for updates from our #redwerkteam to tell everything in our posts.

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Telling about every single person we met will possibly turn our blog into Yellow Pages, that’s why below you wind the most interesting highlights about companies we got acquainted with.

  • – Blockchain AI/data science/data learning/data driven consulting and development studio.
  • Missionware – a software and system engineering company building enterprise operational systems in the fields of Real-Time Business Intelligence, Smart Factories/ Infrastructures, Intelligent Monitoring, Incident Management and Physical Security. Creators of ODOS, enterprise reactive platform.
  • Binfluencer – Identification and management of influencers redirect traffic to your business and increase performance and optimize RIO
  • FinanceBox – Digitalized Finance and Management Budget Monitor
  • X-Cite – Automate every process, make it data-driven with the help of AI, IoT and the newest communication networks.
  • Classerium – Platform for online learning of music and photography
  • holo|one – Augmented Reality start-up developing one of the world’s first AR-platforms with standardized applications.
  • Medfiles – A unique outsourcing company with a mutually profitable range of services to clients in health care and related industries.
  • SITVARIUS – BI consulting and solution providers
  • Password Crypt – Online tool to take back control of your private and shared passwords.
  • Work Around the World – Gratuitous provider of jobs, internships & career opportunities around the globe.
  • AR Market – Marketplace of augmented reality to boost marketing, sales and productivity.
  • Muutech – Customized Zabbix monitoring system as the main tool, to collect and visualize data
  • Casefier – A software that assists you while going through Benefits Management methodology
  • ekar – The Middle East’s First and Largest Carshare Operator.
  • Coinify – Platform that connects traditional and new virtual currencies payments
  • Den Hartogh Logistics – A bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and dry bulk food industry worldwide
  • atap2chat – Technology to make audio and video calls through your web browser
  • Bitmovin – Innovative and powerful solutions for video workflows
  • Botfuel – A fueled by conversational AI bot platform designed for testability, scalability, connectivity and data privacy.
  • Exo – Tailor your investments with AI risk management technology
  • RAY – All-in-one management and communication platform
  • – The human-assisted AI to build software without ever talking to a developer.
  • Last2Ticket – Provider of digitized solutions to reduce manual work during conferences, meetup, meetings preps.
  • Triptwin – The mobile application for personalized hotel booking.
  • HORUDO Tracker – Alpha startup of the most advanced portfolio app for iOS & Android
  • Enterprise Georgia – The first government institution to facilitate export and private sector development through a variety of financial and technical support mechanisms.
  • Mobrand – App Monetization to improve fill rates and increase revenue for publishers
  • JTJS – Consultoria e Serviços, Unipessoal Lda
  • Intellify – BI & Analytics services to boost your business.
  • Scanquo – Pioneers in digital technology into the Facilities Management Sector
  • Kwaita – all-in-one marketing solution for gastronomers and restaurateurs
  • Eurotours – Travel partners with outside-the-box thinking and innovative products
  • Data H – Automates data and develops AI
  • Startup Safari Paris – An event that brings startups, companies, VCs and accelerators together in one place to boost innovations by networking.
  • Tomsfive – Innovative eRecruiting and eSourcing Platform
  • Introhive – artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and data automation to improve team productivity, build deeper relationships with customers, and increase data accuracy of information in CRM
  • Revealer – Startup APP for photographers to present and sell their pieces of art
  • Mentorit – Data-driven mentoring platform creators
  • Photomyne – Photo Scanner app to preserve your memories
  • NEXIO – Platform for agile, fast and easy B2B collaboration.
  • Netinvoice – Platform to contribute to the balance of Portuguese companies’ cash flow.
  • Somnium World – A VR world, with its own regime, economy, and currency, created by a team of enthusiasts.
  • MonitorizeMe – Monitoring platform for social networks to meet customers and detect opportunities.
  • Brisa – Technological know-how, efficient management of road concessions, development and marketing of innovative mobility solutions.
  • Centrip – A brand-new technology approach to personal safety.
  • Sainsbury’s – a company that goes beyond well-known methods
  • Hireflows – Machine learning and data analysis based tool for HR processes
  • Hypi NET – Online community, the best business app store to enhance your business.
  • Peafowl Solar Power – Customized solar and photovoltaic cells to power devices for internet of things (IoTs), sensors, smart wearables, smart glass, etc.
  • FLOW – The new twist in the executive recruitment market to prevent the financial risk of wrong-hiring by the company and the candidate’s correct career decision making.
  • FanFund – Social platform for on-demand live performances.
  • Neo – Your personal business AI-assistant that encompass all your tools.
  • OmniBot – The Europe’s first Voice and Conversational AI platform based on advanced technology that features enterprises with conversational chat and voice assistants.
  • Beepay – A new and easy way of online shopping that saves time, space, investment and workforce.
  • CompanyCast – An efficient way to showcase your business via live and on-demand event streaming

The Night is Still Young

Packed schedule and swollen feet couldn’t stop us from attending the best part of Web Summit culture. From Portuguese Pavilion To LX Factory, Night Summit did a great job in creating additional spaces and opportunities for networking.

The whole city seems to adjust to those 70 000 attendants and everywhere square, viewpoint or a bar was buzzing with startupers, entrepreneurs, investors and all kinds of geeks possible.

See You Next Year

Since we know that Web Summit will stay in Lisbon for another 10 years, we are safe to call it a traditional autumn getaway for Redwerk team. We are sure that Web Summit can successfully maintain its magical atmosphere and just hope that beautiful Lisbon will be able to host the growing number of attendees.

Third year in a row, a traditional photo next to the big #WebSummit sign on the #Lisbon exhibition center ground. Besides me and #Redwerk’s CMO Alina, we brought Valentina our sales manager to the conference, but at the time of taking the picture she was already in the meetings – great performance! . Four days in a row there were alpha, beta, growth, coffee and pastel de nata pastry, port wine, moscatel, #nightsummit and #networking, lots of interesting new acquaintances both from #Ukraine and all around the world. . While @RedwerkIT is very likely to carry on the @WebSummit tradition in the following 10 years, I always try to spend more time in Lisbon every November after the conference. This year I got myself an additional week to explore this fun city.

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