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It’s fair enough to say that Windows is one of the most popular operating systems in the world and Windows app development is demanded everywhere. We are excited that more and more businesses are unveiling Windows OS devices to create amazing products for this operating system for internal usage or commercial purposes. Maybe you are one of them?

Redwerk Windows apps developers are true experts in creating apps for different platforms from Microsoft OS family: desktop or server-side. Whether you need professionals to create software for Windows XP, Windows 7, 8, 10, older versions of this operating system or even Windows Server, then you’ve found the right guys. We can help you to bring your ideas to life, no matter how sophisticated they seem to be.

As an experienced Microsoft software development company Redwerk has strong skills in many Windows technologies like .NET, C++, C# etc. We can build Windows desktop and server applications from scratch, whether it is Windows driver development, Windows 7, 8, 10 app development or earlier. We can create new features for existing apps and do modernization, migration or product upgrade to newer OS versions.

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Our Microsoft Windows Outsourcing Services

Windows Desktop Software Development

We have extensive experience in Microsoft software development for desktop in a bunch of industry domains using the latest technologies and tools. We can do product porting/re-engineering from other platforms to Windows and other amazing things to bring new value to the platform.

Microsoft Office Plugins Development

We can add completely new experience to using Microsoft Office applications like Word, Excel and others by creating specialized add-ons and plugins for them.

Windows Server Software Development

Interested in server-side software for Windows Server? At Redwerk we have experts in Microsoft Windows Server software and they’ll gladly help you with any challenges you may face.

Windows 8 Metro Applications Development

These apps are in great demand and our Windows developers are delighted to help early adopters of this newest technology to explore and create cutting-edge software for touch-enabled devices. If you need Windows 8 development services – feel free to contact us!

Why Us

Windows App Developers

If you’re looking for a Windows software development service you can trust, look no further than Redwerk. With our combination of expertise and experience in the field of Windows app development, we can produce the exact solution you need, exactly the way you want it.

Management and Communication

When you partner with Redwerk for your Windows software development needs, you get a team of top-tier developers dedicated to your specific project and communication customized for your convenience. We’re also fluent in English and provide free business analysis services.

Legal Protection

We work under NDA to restrict third-party access to your confidential information. We also operate under mutual confidentiality and non-competition agreements to ensure that both parties’ data remains secure.

Budget Friendly

Redwerk offers the cutting edge in Windows application development and other Microsoft outsourcing services, including Azure development, at discount rates compared to other outsourcing locations – you can save 25% or more on your outsourcing costs.

Your Software, Your Property

At Redwerk, we take responsibility for your software needs, not ownership of them. We make absolutely no patent or copyright claim to any software product produced by us on behalf of our clients.

Working Hours & Time Zones

Redwerk works with clients all over the world. Depending on your time zone, we can keep pace with your business by adjusting our schedule to overlap your working hours.

Selected Cases

Windows Development Projects we have done.

United States
Platform for local TV channels in the United States
Microsoft Word plugin for CMS product
Windows system service to log CPUdiskhardware and network usage

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