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Since 2005

Redwerk has been developing frontend, backend, desktop and mobile solutions using JavaScript programming

Our Competencies in JavaScript Development

Redwerk is a leader in modern JavaScript software development and applications supported by the latest technologies and frameworks. With the right JavaScript development team in place, your company has access to the most creative thinkers in JavaScript web development as well as other front-end technologies as Angular and HTML5 application development. To render your vision we have one of the leading JS libraries React JS or simply React laid in store, as well as React Native framework for developing cross-platform applications. We also capable of delivering cost-effective solutions for your web, server and mobile applications using Angular web development.

JavaScript Web Development

JS is a frequently used language in web programming. JavaScript web development aims to add interactive elements to your site and expand its functions. Such features are created with the help of JavaScript web programming: carousels, image galleries, changing pictures or responses to button pressing. Even more complicated elements like games, animated 2D and 3D graphics, full-scale apps can be implemented using JS, and Redwerk’s confident JavaScript knowledge makes it easy for us to apply them.

JavaScript App Development

JavaScript is multifunctional and applied for creating mobile applications. JavaScript app development often involves such frameworks as PhoneGap and Sencha Touch, which are gaining popularity by reducing the development effort. JavaScript application development allows to build cross-platform HTML5 + JavaScript apps, and developers can embed functionality created by third party into their applications, such as Twitter or Facebook API.

Server-Side Applications

JavaScript is also used in Node.js development as a scripting language to develop robust and powerful network applications, mostly server-side ones. This allows to make your server application much more scalable. At the same time, it’s JavaScript application development and now it is possible to use it not just for a client side of the app, but also for a server side.

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Why Us

Skilled JavaScript Developers

If you are looking for a company for your JavaScript project development, we will provide you with our professional services. With the proven experience of our JS developers, we can meet your deadlines and specific business needs.

Management and Communication

When you hire a team of dedicated JS developers with Redwerk, the communication is built the way that is convenient for you. There is a business analyst taking care of each account speaking excellent English.

Legal Protection

We start every relationship by signing a non-disclosure agreement. We ensure full confidentiality and non-competition from the very beginning and treat the other party’s information as strictly confidential.

Cost Advantage

Delegating services to companies in Ukraine costs at least 25% less than some other popular locations. Ukraine is a great country to find a qualified development team at a reasonable price.

Intellectual Property Rights

100% of all intellectual property rights on the product developed belong to the client.

Differences In Time Zones & Working Hours

We always adjust our working schedule to remove barriers in project communication and cooperation with our clients in general due to time differences and specific timezones.

Selected Cases

Over 30 JavaScript software development projects done in 10 countries.

Automated service management routine with a custom ERP having a multi-layered architecture
Developed mobile advertising system inspired by Google’s AdMob and used on popular Romanian media like

Our Customers

Companies that used our JavaScript software development services.

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  • Redwerk is a strong development organisation. I worked with their developers and PMs at Worldnow and Justin Alexander, Inc. on a variety of projects from video architecture and encoding to basic HTML and can say that both teams were pleased with their work. Redwerk communicates clearly and they do a nice job at managing expectations, which is important because they are an overseas shop. I will work with them again.

    Max Chanoch, Director of IT at Justin Alexander

  • I highly recommend Redwerk. It has been a pleasure working with Konstantin and his team. The profound knowledge in product design and the all-around support provided by the team has led to a successful product and a great collaboration.

    I-nan Chen, Creative Consultant at GEMS Americas

  • I knew that Redwerk had the skill set to get the project delivered on time, on task and on budget. Even when the project scope needed to shift, they made sure to deliver exactly what I needed. I definitely recommend them for any of your development needs.

    Michael Glykis, Director of Technology at Universal Music Group

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