Sustainable Tech Development: Walter Zahn on My Bike Valet

Our Redwerk team continues the series of tech talks on sustainable tech development. It happened so that we’ve been lucky to work with one more green startup. In our previous interview, we featured Kooky, Switzerland’s number one intelligent reusable cup system. This time we talk about the multi-billion micromobility market, its challenges, and innovative sustainable

Redwerk’s Effort in Making Recruit Media HireQuest’s Choice

In 2015, Recruit Media reached out to us with an idea of an innovative recruiting platform, and we had brought this idea to life from scratch, completing the entire product development cycle. In October 2021, the project reached a new stage of its evolution — Recruit Media was acquired by HireQuest, a successful staffing franchiser

12 Meaningful Ways to Help People of Ukraine

The world has never been so close to World War III as right now. Ukraine has become the bridgehead where two worlds clash – democracy against dictatorship. This is not only our war; this is the war of the entire democratic world. We are based in Ukraine. We’ve delivered quality software solutions to the entire

Redwerk Official Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Federation declared war on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24th. Millions of Ukrainians in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy, Zaporizhia, and several other cities woke up to the sound of airstrikes. Everything we’ve been building, everything we’ve cherished, everything we aspired to have been put at risk of complete destruction by one ruthless dictator –

Green Tech Development: Torge Barkholtz on Kooky Startup

The green tech market is relatively new; however, it is gaining momentum due to the increasing global awareness about the environmental crisis we live in. It is estimated that by 2030, the green tech and sustainability market will reach about $75 bln. Green tech is quite a broad term, encompassing all technical solutions that help

How Redwerk Drives Positive Environmental Impact: Kooky Project

The pandemic has led to an increase in the use of polystyrene products. Due to the restrictions on dine-ins and hygienic reasons, we all switched to takeouts. And takeout food and beverages don’t leave premises without plastic packaging. That is, paper cups to-go for your morning coffee included. The Problem Did you know that paper

Improper Tools Selection: Workflow Software

Right from the start, let us stray off the main topic just a bit. Before we dive into evaluating how daunting yet necessary it is to select and maintain proper tools for knowledge management, we want to draw a little comparison. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), following even several basic safety rules can prevent hazards when using hand tools:

Ukrainian Holidays in 2022

The holiday season is wrapping up, and it’s time to get back to work feeling rejuvenated and motivated to start another exciting chapter of our lives. As an IT services company, Redwerk knows the importance of keeping our clients well-informed of national holidays. So we decided to share our holiday calendar with the rest of

Top Tech Events in 2022: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events in 2022 The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk Quarter 1: January, February, March Our Redwerk team continues the tradition of reviewing upcoming tech events. There’s something for everyone in this guide – whether you are a tech guru, just thinking about joining the industry, or working in IT as a semi- or non-technical

Project Manager vs Business Analyst: The Difference

As the line in roles gets blurred in the modern workforce, it is difficult to say with certainty what a vacancy entails. Nowadays, job descriptions vary in specific companies: what a project manager performs for one organization may be completely different from a job description at another company. Similarly, business analysts often morph into PMs,