Improper Tools Selection: Workflow Software

Right from the start, let us stray off the main topic just a bit. Before we dive into evaluating how daunting yet necessary it is to select and maintain proper tools for knowledge management, we want to draw a little comparison. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), following even several basic safety rules can prevent hazards when using hand tools:
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Best Free No-Code Mobile App Development Platforms

Sometimes there is a need for an app and no budget for custom development in a mobile app development company. Many small businesses and individual experts still need apps to promote their services. If the purpose is not to create an enterprise but simply introduce a new idea on the local market, free no-code mobile

Top tools Project Managers use for remote work in 2024: Redwerk edition

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire world, making businesses look for ways to transfer all their operations online without decreasing their employee productivity and profit margins. Those companies who didn’t have a remote work policy already in place were among the least prepared for such a turn of events. Many of them are still

NDepend – .Net Code Review Tool

What Is Code Analysis? Probably everyone who is involved in software development understands how important code quality is. It affects how easy it is to maintain the code, understand it add new features, and of course, code quality has a significant impact on software quality. Since almost every developer has his own opinion on what

Top Mobile App Building Platforms and Tools

Let’s be honest, mobile applications became an integral part of our life. Whether it be a mobile version of catalogs and sites, business gliders, social networks, educational applications or utilities, we spend hours looking at the phone’s screen. Many services, like on-demand food delivery apps, require a sophisticated approach to development, but some, such as