Redwerk Contribution to Ukraine Becoming EU Candidate

Ukraine has recently been granted EU candidate status, and it’s a huge step forward on our turbulent path of European integration. A truly historic moment and a clear message to the Kremlin that Ukraine is a free, democratic state stepping into the future and leaving imperialistic Russia behind.Why is this important for Redwerk? First, we’re

Redwerk’s Effort in Making Recruit Media HireQuest’s Choice

In 2015, Recruit Media reached out to us with an idea of an innovative recruiting platform, and we had brought this idea to life from scratch, completing the entire product development cycle. In October 2021, the project reached a new stage of its evolution — Recruit Media was acquired by HireQuest, a successful staffing franchiser

How Redwerk Drives Positive Environmental Impact: Kooky Project

The pandemic has led to an increase in the use of polystyrene products. Due to the restrictions on dine-ins and hygienic reasons, we all switched to takeouts. And takeout food and beverages don’t leave premises without plastic packaging. That is, paper cups to-go for your morning coffee included. The Problem Did you know that paper

Redwerk’s Effort in Making Mass Movement J.B. Hunt’s Choice

Around three years ago, one multifaceted company made a timely solution to invest in bespoke software, and Redwerk took care of its development kick-off. That company was Mass Movement, and today, the business has reached new heights. We highly value our long-standing partnership with Mass Movement and proudly announce our client’s big step forward –

CleanAgents: One Of Our Clients Gets Acquired By

You might be familiar with one of our featured projects and clients – CleanAgents, the technology startup from Berlin. Just recently, it was purchased by The Rocket Startup Helpling – a German-based global online marketplace for household services. Helpling is an absolute leader in its segment in Germany and one of the leaders in a