How to Build E-Learning Solutions for Kids? Deborah B. Sorgi, AWE Learning

The online education market continues to grow, and it’s predicted to reach about $239 bln by 2027. At the same time, it is dominated by e-learning solutions for students and adults. However, kids and pre-teens should also be able to learn remotely and hone their digital literacy skills, and AWE Learning is one such company that makes it possible. In this tech talk, we’ll talk about AWE Learning, its culture and hiring practices, a new solution they built with the help of Redwerk, and their stance on the latest tech trends. Let’s go!

TechTalk with Lars Olafsson about the Biggest Challenge

We continue the series of tech talks with our clients - successful business owners and C-level executives from the world over. This time we’ll talk about Orderstep, a Danish startup reimagining the sales and customer relationship management industry.

TechTalk with Sinead Ryan from Evolv

See how we helped Evolv improve their frontend and product performance. Learn more about how AI can enhance your customer experience in real time.

Sustainable Tech Development: Walter Zahn on My Bike Valet

Our Redwerk team continues the series of tech talks on sustainable tech development. It happened so that we’ve been lucky to work with one more green startup. In our previous interview, we featured Kooky, Switzerland’s number one intelligent reusable cup system. This time we talk about the multi-billion micromobility market, its challenges, and innovative sustainable

Green Tech Development: Torge Barkholtz on Kooky Startup

The green tech market is relatively new; however, it is gaining momentum due to the increasing global awareness about the environmental crisis we live in. It is estimated that by 2030, the green tech and sustainability market will reach about $75 bln. Green tech is quite a broad term, encompassing all technical solutions that help