MobX vs. Redux

MobX vs. Redux: Choosing The Right State Management Solution

When working with popular frameworks like React or Vue, we must organize convenient storage and manage the application state. For example, React allows one to manage the state of components out of the box using this.setState and this.state. Yet, with application growth comes the need for communication between components that often results in insufficient functionality.

Animations in Android Image Loaders: Comparison of Picasso, Glide, and Fresco

A modern Android application is hard to imagine without image loaders. They take over the rough work of loading asynchronously, processing errors, displaying placeholders, caching, and transforming pictures. Process automatization exempts the developer from the need to “reinvent the wheel”, giving an opportunity to focus on writing business logic instead of boilerplate code. As of
ASP.NET Core Pros and Cons

ASP.NET Core Advantages and Disadvantages

In continuation of the article where we discussed what is more appropriate for Docker containers: .NET Core or .NET Framework, let’s take a closer look at ASP.NET Core advantages and disadvantages. Being a .NET development company, we have an understanding that .NET Core and ASP.NET Core are two independent technologies that are alike and different
communication between microservices

Azure Service Bus in .NET Core: Communication between microservices

The topic of microservices architecture has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. The reason behind it lies in numerous advantages that the modular architectural style brings to the table, especially when it comes to designing complex applications. The microservices architecture is a good fit for apps that need to process transactions quickly
Asynchronous programming in Flutter

Asynchronous programming in Flutter

Building modern mobile apps is impossible without asynchronous code. Most of the tasks that an application has to perform, to one degree or another, require a long wait for the result of the operation: network queries, working with databases, reading user input. An asynchronous approach (executing a process without blocking it) allows more rational use

Software Development Technologies in Demand in Sweden

Sweden is the fifth largest, but second least populated country in Europe, with two-thirds of its territory covered with forests. It is home to the world-known companies, such as Spotify, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo, Electrolux, and the list goes on. Swedish economic miracle Sweden made an unbelievable journey from the agricultural economy towards digital society in
Android image loaders

Glide vs Picasso vs Fresco: Android Image Loaders Review

It is almost impossible to find a commercial Android application that does not use images in its interface. Downloading a picture into the corresponding View, despite the seeming simplicity of the operation, can cause big trouble for the developer. For example, what if the image is stored on the server? To display it on the
Monolithic vs Microservices Architechture - Redwerk

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture for .NET

This article is an introduction to developing microservices-based applications and managing them. It describes architectural design and implementation approaches using .NET Core and Docker containers. This article was written for .NET developers and solution architects who are trying to make a decision about their application architecture and are not familiar with the microservices-based architecture. In
.NET logging frameworks

Structured logging in third-party .NET logging frameworks

Logging is an essential and valuable part of software development. It becomes like a ‘must-have’ thing in any library or application. Logging can help to find problems and issues on any step of software development, but especially in cases when you can’t use debugging in the usual way. For example, when you deploy your application
Azure Cache for Redis

Azure Cache for Redis: Beginner’s Guide

Applications and web services nowadays are the core of any business, so even small firms have their own sites or mobile apps. The latency that users experience to get some data profoundly impacts their impression of using your solution, especially if the aim of the site is selling some goods. Moreover, a lengthy page load