Empowering Teammates During War: Redwerkers Decide How to Support Ukraine

Ukraine has been fighting against Russian invaders for over half a year already. Many things have changed since the very beginning of the war. While some Ukrainian businesses collapsed, others recovered within a month or two or even expanded their reach by working at the maximum capacity and seizing every single opportunity.

War Impact on IT Job Market in Ukraine and EU

Russia’s continued terrorism against Ukraine has drastically impacted the lives of millions of Ukrainians across industries. The IT sector has always been the most resilient, yet it has also undergone some transformations over these two excruciating months. Many talented Ukrainians lost jobs; some abandoned their high-profile positions to become volunteers or join the military, whereas

How Global Tech Companies Support Ukrainians During War

For over seven months, the Ukrainian people have been living and working amidst the war and fighting for their right to exist as a nation and a sovereign, democratic country. During this time, Russia fired over one thousand missiles on Ukraine, killed over 186 children, created nothing but genocide in the city of Mariupol and

Best Encrypted Messengers Comparison

The world is getting more digital, and instant messaging apps have become an inherent part of our daily lives. We want to stay in touch with friends, respond to work matters, exchange files, and share our stories in the moment, no matter where we are. While the great convenience of messengers is undeniable, more and

Redwerk Contribution to Ukraine Becoming EU Candidate

Ukraine has recently been granted EU candidate status, and it’s a huge step forward on our turbulent path of European integration. A truly historic moment and a clear message to the Kremlin that Ukraine is a free, democratic state stepping into the future and leaving imperialistic Russia behind.Why is this important for Redwerk? First, we’re
ways to help people of Ukraine

12 Meaningful Ways to Help People of Ukraine

The world has never been so close to World War III as right now. Ukraine has become the bridgehead where two worlds clash – democracy against dictatorship. This is not only our war; this is the war of the entire democratic world. We are based in Ukraine. We’ve delivered quality software solutions to the entire

Redwerk Official Statement on Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The Russian Federation declared war on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24th. Millions of Ukrainians in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy, Zaporizhia, and several other cities woke up to the sound of airstrikes. Everything we’ve been building, everything we’ve cherished, everything we aspired to have been put at risk of complete destruction by one ruthless dictator –

Ukrainian Holidays in 2022

The holiday season is wrapping up, and it’s time to get back to work feeling rejuvenated and motivated to start another exciting chapter of our lives. As an IT services company, Redwerk knows the importance of keeping our clients well-informed of national holidays. So we decided to share our holiday calendar with the rest of

Zaporizhia Tech Ecosystem 2021

Ukraine has been recognized as a rapidly developing IT hub for several years now. It has earned numerous awards as the best outsourcing destination in Eastern Europe and maintains a leader in this domain. The turbulent 2020 has surpassed any other year by the number of exported IT services – a staggering $5 billion, which

IT Corporate Culture Around the World vs Ukraine

Corporate culture of an organization is part of its intangible assets and an effective competitive advantage. Its formation, maintenance, and development are one of the strategic goals of the companies that want to be successful. For those interested in how Ukrainian corporate culture in IT companies has evolved, and how it differs from other countries,