How Redwerk Contributes to Open Source Projects: Freenet Example

Open source projects have always been a major topic for discussion among IT professionals worldwide. Over the decades, open source software grew from free apps coded by passionate enthusiasts to globally adopted enterprise solutions and a rapidly developing multi-billion industry. Nowadays, you can hardly find a business that doesn’t use open source products in its
Open Source Mobile App Development Software

Best Open Source Mobile App Development Software

The usage of smartphones has increased the need to develop mobile applications. As well as a growing competition on the market of mobile application development has given rise to a variety of frameworks for building apps faster and better. Whether it is for personal use or business purpose, contracting a development company requires big money,

Freedom in WWW: How to Stay free

Although the Internet is considered a bastion of freedom and anonymity, in reality, it’s hardly that way. Starting from the government that wants to know everything about you or restrict your access to information to companies like Facebook and Google that follow your online behavior to boost their own commercial success, you are always “on

How IT Helps to Cope With Corruption in Government Sector

The 21st century is known for the expedited penetration of information technology in all areas of life, and now it is facing exponential growth in all directions including the government sector. Many government institutions all over the world have already realized that information technology products help increase the efficiency of their work and the quality