The Relevance of E-Governance in 2023

The AI-driven tidal wave of digital innovations is coursing through all aspects of human endeavor. Every industry now relies on automated processes to handle all aspects of its operations, and governance is not exempt. Over the past decade, digitization has become prominent as more e-governance platforms come to the fore. Visa processing, e-passports, online voting,

Redwerk + Microsoft: How We Implement the Time-Proven Standards

If we look back at 2020, one thing is certain: the year is one for the history books. Yet it also goes down in Redwerk history, albeit for brighter reasons. The year marked a significant milestone for Redwerk: our company obtained a long-deserved partnership with Microsoft. Entering a new decade, Redwerk professionals are fully equipped
E-Commerce Trends

E-Commerce Trends in 2021

Staying competitive has always been a motivating factor for every company hoping to remain viable for a long time. As a retailer, large business, or startup, you need to monitor changing consumer habits and online shopping trends. And these changes don’t get more significant than the COVID-19 pandemic. The lockdown’s unprecedented nature has caused a

Work-Life Balance Examples: Best Initiatives to Become Top Employer

Work-life balance is one of those topics that have been discussed countless times, but still no one can agree on what it is and how to attain this miraculous equilibrium. Some view work-life balance as an opportunity to work no more than 8 hours a day and still have time to hit the gym, run

Why Do We Need More Women in Tech: Redwerk’s Employees and Customers Experience

Vibrant, innovative, and inspiring change – these are the epithets commonly applied to the IT industry. Over the recent years, the tech sector has been booming, and this rapid development is projected to grow in the future. However, no matter how progressive, empowering, and exciting the tech sector may seem, there is still a fly

Hiring talent in a competitive job market: how to make it work

The hiring process is the key to forming a productive work team. At Redwerk, we tried different models of attracting the best talent and learned what it means to hire smart. In this article, we want to share our hiring practices and discuss why they work well for us as a software development company. Who

Let the Music Play – Events and Live Streams to Enjoy During Quarantine

While everyone is talking about the economic crisis and the changes the pandemic is bringing to the IT sector and the labor market, we seem to forget about another commodity COVID-19 is making us risk – the night out. Enjoying a club party with friends is an excellent way to cheer yourself up and unwind

Redwerkers’ after work fun: quarantine edition

The coronavirus pandemic and the massive lockdown will once become just a part of world history, but at the moment, we need to learn how to balance work and leisure in a new way. People all over the world have switched to remote work, which poses a number of challenges. Forced staying at home can

Stay in Shape During Quarantine: Top Tips from Redwerk Team

Nowadays, tech companies all over the world struggle with maintaining their businesses and ensuring conducive work environment for their remote employees. Regular physical exercise is what helps your team stay productive and engaged even during quarantine. Although subsidized gym membership is no longer an option, there are plenty of workout programs that do not require

Coronavirus: how we help those in need at Redwerk

At Redwerk, we always help people in need. That’s why we don’t want to stand aside in the current situation when older people are at a high risk zone of dying from COVID-19. Coronavirus is a disease that has become a real challenge for the whole world. All countries that have faced the virus have