How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product equipped only with basic features that should be enough to meet the needs of early adopters and attract their attention. For instance, it can be a tool with a single function. Building an MVP is crucial for tech startups, and here is why. Building an MVP allows

How to Build a Food Delivery App: Top Features Included

The busy times we live in set new business rules and trends, and what once was a lucrative venture may now bring zero profits. Therefore, it is not surprising that even firmly-established dine-in restaurants lose their market share to small enterprises offering fast and convenient online food delivery. The niche of online food delivery is

How to Increase e-commerce Sales or “Geeked” Fashion: a story based on real events

The effective fashion business is a precisely calculated place to open a store multiplied by active cooperation with bloggers and the personal brand of the founder. However, nowadays, this trio must respond to the rapidly evolving digital world. So if you want to know the ways to increase sales, find the answer on how to

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack for Your Project

Software development is a complicated matter. Each project is primarily the concept and the people that bring this concept to life. Deadlines, resources, and of course, technologies, are usually defined afterwards. But it doesn’t imply that the choice of technologies is of the least concern. Today we aren’t going to dissect such project aspects like
Mobile Application Development

How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

Mobile applications have already overtaken desktop and web apps, so nowadays businesses are becoming more interested in building their own mobile apps as the primary way to interact with customers. Having a mobile app in addition to a web presence any business can improve its accessibility and enhance customer engagement. According to statistics, people spent
How Businesses Can Apply Computer Vision

How Businesses Can Apply Computer Vision

Computer vision is now one of the most rapidly developing digital processing approaches in the world. It uses different methods to solve thousands of specific tasks related to pattern recognition, image analysis, and image processing. With this technology, machines can find, track, classify and identify objects. Besides, along with finding regularities and patterns, it also

How to Crawl a Protected Website: In-Depth Look

Web crawlers are programs for mass downloading and processing of Internet content. They are also often called “spiders,” “robots,” or even just “bots.” At its core, a crawler does the same things as any ordinary web browser: it sends HTTP requests to servers and retrieves content from their responses. But what happens after that is