IT business in 2022: COVID, foreign clients – Anuja Herath

We at Redwerk are not only passionate about technology and the latest trends, but also about traveling the world and meeting outstanding tech leaders. Join us as we explore the behind the scenes of successful IT agencies like Redwerk.

How to Build E-Learning Solutions for Kids? Deborah B. Sorgi, AWE Learning

The online education market continues to grow, and it’s predicted to reach about $239 bln by 2027. At the same time, it is dominated by e-learning solutions for students and adults. However, kids and pre-teens should also be able to learn remotely and hone their digital literacy skills, and AWE Learning is one such company that makes it possible. In this tech talk, we’ll talk about AWE Learning, its culture and hiring practices, a new solution they built with the help of Redwerk, and their stance on the latest tech trends. Let’s go!

CMS vs Custom Development for E-Commerce

Global e-commerce sales continue growing and are predicted to hit 8 trillion dollars by 2026. So if you haven’t built your online presence yet, it’s about time you do. And this is where the dilemma arises. Should you opt for an off-the-shelf CMS or invest in custom development? In this article, we’ll identify essential criteria for comparing these two options, making it easier to decide what fits your budget, immediate and long-term needs. Let’s go!

IT Traveler with Thisaru Mahadurage from Purple Software

Have you ever wondered how agencies that provide business IT services run their operations and attract talent? We have, and that’s why we travel the world and interview agencies like Redwerk offering business IT solutions for foreign or domestic clients.

Technology Trends and Cultural Differences: IT Traveler with Jonathan Chang, Silverpond CEO from Melbourne

We continue our newly launched IT series with CEOs, founders, and CTOs of software development and testing agencies from across the globe. This time, we’ll talk about Silverpond, a digital agency based in Melbourne that specializes in developing AI systems.

Conversation about Business. Sam Kamani, CEO at ProductDone

Are you ready for another IT series with CEOs, founders, and CTOs of software development and testing agencies? This time we’ll talk about ProductDone, a software development company that specializes in Rapid MVP development.

IT Traveler with Pedro Gutierrez, Bananacode (Avify)

Here’s another series of our tech talks with entrepreneurs and C-level executives from all over the world. In this interview we’ll talk about Bananacode, a digital firm based in San Jose that specializes in SaaS B2B platforms.

Top Tech events in 2023: Quarter 2 Ultimate Guide

Are you searching for ways to get the most out of your code? Would you like to improve the security of your applications? Do you want to discover cutting-edge tools that can immediately be put to use? If the answer is “yes” – seize the opportunity and register to one of the upcoming tech events to gain valuable knowledge and experience. There is no better way to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and emerging technologies than listening to top-notch experts in the tech industry. We’ve carefully picked some of the world’s most impactful tech conferences to help you boost your skills, build relationships, and advance your career. Let’s get started!

TechTalk with Lars Olafsson about the Biggest Challenge

We continue the series of tech talks with our clients - successful business owners and C-level executives from the world over. This time we’ll talk about Orderstep, a Danish startup reimagining the sales and customer relationship management industry.

From Freelancer to CTO. Conversation with Adam Fenton, Nolte Co-Founder and CTO

We continue our series of tech talks with entrepreneurs and C-level decision makers running software development agencies in different parts of the world. In this interview we’ll talk about Nolte, a digital product development company in Mexico that specializes in building and maintaining web apps, mobile solutions, and business tools.