The Relevance of E-Governance in 2023

The AI-driven tidal wave of digital innovations is coursing through all aspects of human endeavor. Every industry now relies on automated processes to handle all aspects of its operations, and governance is not exempt. Over the past decade, digitization has become prominent as more e-governance platforms come to the fore. Visa processing, e-passports, online voting,
Software development specification

Specification In Software Development And Project Estimation

  It’s important for your software development team to have as much information as possible about your future product in order to provide accurate estimates. Sometimes a feature that seems minor and insignificant can have a huge impact on your budget and timeline. That’s why a detailed specification for any custom software development project means

TechTalk with Sinead Ryan from Evolv

See how we helped Evolv improve their frontend and product performance. Learn more about how AI can enhance your customer experience in real time.
Top Tech Events in 202Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events in 2022: Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

Learn about upcoming events for software developers, solution architects, product owners, CTOs, and tech enthusiasts! Free and paid options included.

Sustainable Tech Development: Walter Zahn on My Bike Valet

Our Redwerk team continues the series of tech talks on sustainable tech development. It happened so that we’ve been lucky to work with one more green startup. In our previous interview, we featured Kooky, Switzerland’s number one intelligent reusable cup system. This time we talk about the multi-billion micromobility market, its challenges, and innovative sustainable

Redwerk’s Effort in Making Recruit Media HireQuest’s Choice

In 2015, Recruit Media reached out to us with an idea of an innovative recruiting platform, and we had brought this idea to life from scratch, completing the entire product development cycle. In October 2021, the project reached a new stage of its evolution — Recruit Media was acquired by HireQuest, a successful staffing franchiser

Green Tech Development: Torge Barkholtz on Kooky Startup

The green tech market is relatively new; however, it is gaining momentum due to the increasing global awareness about the environmental crisis we live in. It is estimated that by 2030, the green tech and sustainability market will reach about $75 bln. Green tech is quite a broad term, encompassing all technical solutions that help

How Redwerk Drives Positive Environmental Impact: Kooky Project

The pandemic has led to an increase in the use of polystyrene products. Due to the restrictions on dine-ins and hygienic reasons, we all switched to takeouts. And takeout food and beverages don’t leave premises without plastic packaging. That is, paper cups to-go for your morning coffee included. The Problem Did you know that paper

Top Tech Events in 2022: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events in 2022 The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk Quarter 1: January, February, March Our Redwerk team continues the tradition of reviewing upcoming tech events. There’s something for everyone in this guide – whether you are a tech guru, just thinking about joining the industry, or working in IT as a semi- or non-technical

How to Build a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

An MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is a product equipped only with basic features that should be enough to meet the needs of early adopters and attract their attention. For instance, it can be a tool with a single function. Building an MVP is crucial for tech startups, and here is why. Building an MVP allows