For over seven months, the Ukrainian people have been living and working amidst the war and fighting for their right to exist as a nation and a sovereign, democratic country. During this time, Russia fired over one thousand missiles on Ukraine, killed over 186 children, created nothing but genocide in the city of Mariupol and Kyiv district, and committed thousands of other horrendous crimes against civilians. Despite the casualties and numerous atrocities we’ve been exposed to, we stay strong because the truth is on our side.The whole world has united in support of Ukraine:

  • We’ve received modern military equipment
  • Our neighbors welcome refugees from Ukraine and help with humanitarian aid
  • Market leaders pull out of Russia
  • Hollywood stars speak up and arrange fundraisers for the people of Ukraine
  • Businesses make premium services free for Ukrainian companies, nonprofits, or individual users

Of course, there are many other ways to help Ukraine resist Russian aggression. In this article, we’d like to feature the incredible businesses who were considerate enough to make their services accessible to their Ukrainian consumers. Acts like these play a huge role in keeping our people connected, sheltered, well-informed, employed, educated, and distracted from the nightmares of war. Here we go!

In this article, we’ll cover:

Development & Design

During war, there’s no time for shortlisting development vendors and jumping on a call with each of them to choose the right fit. The resources may be limited, so nonprofits usually rely on themselves and tech-savvy volunteers.

That’s when website building platforms and pre-configured libraries come to the fore. They allow us to build web presence quickly and, as a result, spread awareness, encourage humanitarian aid efforts, recruit volunteers, and collect donations much more efficiently.

No single information campaign goes without design work, so the solidarity expressed by leading graphic design companies was very timely too.


Weblium is a website builder established by David Brown, Template Monster’s co-founder. It offers over 300 ready-to-use templates for small businesses, online stores, restaurants, portfolios, blogging, or event sites, among other use cases.

While Weblium is an American company, most of their team is based in Ukraine. In its official statement on the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Weblium announced that it makes its Pro Plan free for volunteers, nonprofits, refugee support websites, and organizations helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The offer is valid until the end of active war activities on the territory of Ukraine.

Charities and info resources like Palianytsia, YakTy , and Brave to Rebuild have all been created with the help of Weblium.

Expo Application Services

Expo Application Services is an open-source framework and developer platform that allows engineers to build universal React apps. Expo enables software developers to build and deploy iOS, Android, and web apps from the same codebase. The Expo SDK provides a pre-configured set of libraries, which speeds up the development, yet also limits your capabilities in terms of available APIs, push notification services, etc.

EOS added a button in support of Ukraine to their homepage footer, redirecting to the Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund. They also published a blog post both in English and Ukrainian, announcing their decision to grant people residing in Ukraine or developers building an app to support Ukraine access to the EAS services for 1 year.


Netlify is a web developer platform and cloud computing provider, uniting hosting infrastructure and CI/CD pipelines into a single workflow. Netlify is designed to give developers peace of mind and do the automation legwork for them, automatically triggering builds from Git, injecting snippets, optimizing assets, among other useful stuff.

In their post, Netlify made it clear that they wholeheartedly support all the impacted people in Ukraine and offer free services to nonprofits taking care of humanitarian issues. Please contact Netlify directly by filling out this form to communicate on this matter.


Adobe is an American multinational computer software company known primarily for its top-notch photo/video editing and graphic design apps. Our UI/UX designers rely on the Adobe suite daily: the assets we delivered to My Bike Valet, Fanmetrix, Borjomi, and many other businesses were created with the help of Adobe products.

What truly warms our hearts is that the Adobe team stands with the people of Ukraine. Not only did they make an official statement condemning the invasion and halted sales in Russia, but they also lent a hand to all Ukrainian users of their products.

Adobe waives fees for 3 months for users in Ukraine with active paid subscriptions. How awesome is that? To receive free credit days, turn to the company’s support team via a chat. You’ll be asked to provide your email tied to your Adobe account along with your first and last name.


Figma is a web-based graphic design platform built with collaboration in mind. It’s lightweight, fast, and has cutting-edge features for modern UI/UX design, effortless prototyping, and fun, community-driven brainstorming. While we’ve discovered Figma fairly recently, our design team acknowledged it’s a game-changer for all creatives. Among the latest apps we designed with the help of Figma is Current, an award-winning e-government SaaS used by welfare divisions across the USA.

Like other world-known companies and market giants, Figma stopped selling its products in Russia and promised its current consumers from Ukraine continued access to the paid features. To receive the support, contact Figma’s customer care team.

Customer Relations

The primary task of every Ukrainian entrepreneur is to preserve their partnerships to keep their teams employed and thus support the country’s economy. Achieving this goal is easier when you have all the right tools, such as a modern, feature-rich CRM.

While CRM solutions and project management software are mostly marketed in business, they are indispensable in streamlining relief efforts. Replacing silos and unnecessary work with visibility and collaboration tools affects how fast life-saving items get delivered to the affected.

Here are the tech companies that truly believe their software can make a difference. They didn’t hesitate to make it more accessible to those relying on it.


Pipedrive is a CRM system specifically designed for salespeople. The company was founded by two Estonian enthusiasts who had 40 years of combined experience in selling for big corporations. Timo Rein and Utmas Purde saw an opportunity for a product that is designed around activity-based selling and that brings clarity and order through visual pipelines, automation, built-in communication tracking, and customizable reporting.

In response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Pipedrive decided to make its CRM available in Ukrainian and waive all fees for existing users from Ukraine for at least 3 months.


Zapier is a US-based SaaS allowing businesses to connect multiple apps without coding to automate repetitive tasks. For example, you can create a trigger whenever you receive an email with an attachment to add that file to Dropbox or other storage and then alert you via Slack. And this is just the simplest use case. Zapier works with over 3000 popular apps – from BI, accounting, and payment apps to CRM, product management, and communication tools.

We’re happy to see Zapier among the businesses upholding high moral values and taking action in support of Ukraine. Affected Zapier customers from Ukraine and any nonprofits arranging crisis relief efforts for Ukraine can use Zapier for 3 months for free. To receive the credit, please email Zapier’s support team.


Zendesk is a leading provider of SaaS products for customer support, sales, and workplace productivity. Headquartered in the USA, Zendesk employees are distributed across the world. Apart from a typical help desk software, Zendesk provides an array of trailblazing features, such as an AI-powered bot present across channels, integrated call solutions, community forums, and many more.

In their official communication, Zendesk stands for peace and supports the people of Ukraine. Volunteers and nonprofits helping with delivering humanitarian aid, relocation services, or refugee support for Ukrainians can apply for a free subscription via Zendesk’s Tech For Good program.


Clio is a Canadian provider of legal software for solo practitioners, small businesses, and well-established enterprises. Thanks to customizable fields, task lists, and document automation, Clio is suited to different practice areas. Whether you’re working in litigation or practicing intellectual property law, Clio has features for your use case. Besides, the power of Clio can be extended with over 200 apps available for integration.

Clio takes caution in its comments regarding the war in Ukraine, calling it just a “conflict.” While that’s inaccurate, we appreciate the opportunity Clio has given to Ukrainian lawyers and legal firms financially impacted or displaced by the war. Nonprofits that educate Ukrainian refugees and asylum seekers in legal matters can also use Clio for 3 months free of charge. To apply for assistance, please fill out this form. You don’t have to be an existing Clio user to be eligible for this offer.

Project Management

Redwerk employees engaged in humanitarian aid efforts confessed that large international organizations are highly bureaucratic and often slow in response, whereas local Ukrainian nonprofits are way faster.

We believe the right choice of project management tools is what distinguishes agile organizations from those drowning in the administrative routine. Tracking time, brainstorming to improve workflows, monitoring progress, and communicating securely online have become a piece of cake thanks to cutting-edge solutions, such as those below.


Ideanote is a Danish company offering idea management SaaS to boost innovation and growth. The platform empowers teams with handy features to collect ideas across channels and give them one home. It also helps with building a culture of co-creation where employees and customers feel excited to contribute their ideas. Ideanote also provides collaboration and community-building features, such as likes, threaded comments, mentions, and more.

We’ve contacted Ideanote to inquire about its policies for customers from Ukraine, and here is the amount of love we received in response:


Atlassian is a leading provider of project management, issue tracking, and corporate wiki software. As a software development company, Redwerk relies on Jira Software and Confluence day-to-day, and we’ve used this combo almost for as long as we’ve been running the business, that is over 17 years.

We are grateful to Atlassian for spreading awareness about the war in Ukraine and setting an example of a socially responsible company not only with words but with deeds. Atlassian reassured its customers and partners from Ukraine that they could count on payment extensions, relief packages, and free access to paid services.


ProtonMail is a Swiss-based email service with end-to-end encryption for better data security. What’s important is that ProtonMail’s calendar and drive, which may contain even more sensitive data than emails, are also encrypted. Users can also use ProtonMail’s onion site with Tor to achieve better privacy, bypass censorship, and protect themselves against eavesdroppers and man-in-the-middle attacks.

ProtonMail made a couple of tweets in support of Ukraine and offered 1 month of free access to paid subscriptions for Ukrainians unable to renew their plans. They also created a special account for handling requests from affected journalists.


Toggl is an Estonian provider of workplace productivity tools. Toggl Track allows effortless time tracking done in two clicks, an instant overview of billable and non-billable hours, and better visibility of how balanced each teammates’ workloads are. Toggl Plan is designed for stress-free project planning, task management, and delivery, where all the work is neatly organized and visualized. Toggl Hire enables HR experts to automatically create screening tests for developers, marketing, sales, and customer care applicants, shifting focus on evaluating skills rather than doing unnecessary paperwork.

Apart from supporting their teammates in Ukraine and making generous donations to humanitarian organizations, Toggl announced its products are free for existing and new customers in Ukraine, even though it has fremiums. The company hasn’t specified for how long this support is available. We assume each case should be negotiated.


The worldwide adoption of video-communication tools has spiked with the pandemic – businesses and education establishments fully moved online. Here in Ukraine, the reliance on communication software is even higher, given we live amidst the war.

Refugees who fled Ukraine, students studying online, businesses negotiating with foreign partners, and nonprofits appealing to the global community – all these people can stay connected, informed, and continue their work thanks to video-conferencing software.

Here are some of the video communication companies that promptly responded to the war in Ukraine.


Cisco is a leading developer, manufacturer, and seller of networking hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment. Cisco offers a broad range of products and services – from video-conferencing devices and software to cloud computing and cybersecurity services.

In support of Ukraine, Cisco provides their clients from Ukraine with auto-renewals of the software and services they relied on pre-war, whereas new customers are entitled to 1 year of Webex Meetings with free calls to Ukraine. In addition, organizations can inquire about one-year subscription for a cloud security product, such as Duo. Cisco also created a team of volunteers helping protect the networks of critical organizations in Ukraine from malicious actors.


Skype is a video-calling pioneer, and it remains a go-to communication tool for teams and individual users. It’s available as a web, desktop, or mobile app as well as on Alexa and Xbox. With Skype, one can make video, audio, and phone calls, send instant messages, share a screen, and record calls.

Skype added a banner to their homepage informing of free calls into and out of Ukraine. This is a small fraction of what the Microsoft team has already done for Ukraine.


Viber is a Japanese instant messenger commonly used in Ukraine, Russia, Greece, and some other European countries. Viber allows making one-on-one and group audio and video calls, sending instant messengers, and creating group chats with end-to-end encryption enabled by default. Viber also offers such privacy features as self-destructing messages, hiding your status, selected chats, and profile data.

In response to the war in Ukraine, Viber removed ads shown for Ukrainian and Russian users to ensure no one capitalizes on the suffering of innocent people. It remains available in both countries to help combat disinformation campaigns and promote freedom of speech. Additionally, the company made Viber Out calls to 34 countries free for Ukrainian users.

Virtual Private Networks

Now more than ever, Ukrainian journalists and war correspondents need additional protection against the Russian censorship machine targeting and threatening reporters who publicize their horrendous crimes on the territory of Ukraine. While a VPN won’t guarantee absolute anonymity, it’s the first step towards it.

Also, the war is happening not only on the physical front but also in cyberspace. The IT Army of Ukraine responded to Russia’s hacking activities by launching massive DDoS attacks on their government sites. As a result, many Russian sites now block access from Ukraine. VPNs allow us to bypass this geographical restriction and see what they are up to and how far they are ready to go in their propaganda.


TunnelBear is a Canadian VPN service encrypting your Internet connection for better privacy. To mask your physical location, you can choose from 49 countries. TunnelBear is used globally to bypass local content restrictions and censorship, protect oneself from ad trackers, and conceal your browsing history from network owners and Internet providers. The TunnelBear app is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android.

To bolster the spirit of Ukrainian users and keep them protected, TunnelBear grants 100GB of data when using their VPN.


Windscribe is a Canadian VPN service with a mission to “bring back the Internet as it was meant to be,” that is, the Internet with no surveillance and censorship walls. Windscribe encrypts users’ Internet connection and gives them a shared IP address, thus helping them get lost in a crowd. Windscribe recommends using their combo of Windscribe desktop and browser apps for ultimate privacy protection.

Windscribe remains available in Russia as the company believes the people drowning in disinformation campaigns should have the means to connect with the outer world. Ukrainians affected by the war are given 30GB of free monthly data.


FREEDOME VPN is a Finland-based product developed by F-Secure. FREEDOME VPN gives their users the needed protection while working from a public space or traveling. Apart from the standard VPN features, such as traffic encryption and accessing geographically-restricted content, the app shows stats on who’s trying to track you online.

FREEDOME VPN made several tweets in Ukrainian informing about their decision to grant Ukrainians free access to their paid services. The offer is valid for 6 months on 3 devices.


OpenVPN is a VPN service provider built around the eponymous open source project that has become a standard in open source networking. The commercial version of OpenVPN enables building secure, virtualized networks, ensuring safe data transmission and protection against cyber threats. OpenVPN is available as-a-service and as a self-hosted solution.

OpenVPN’s co-founder Francis Dinha, who personally experienced the horrors of war in Iraq, his birthplace, wrote a heart-touching piece in support of Ukraine. The OpenVPN team set up a free Internet connection through OpenVPN Cloud for Ukrainians in need of secure Internet access and gave 1 year of free OpenVPN Cloud to Ukraine-based businesses and nonprofits. Additionally, OpenVPN encourages Ukrainian tech experts who lost jobs because of the war to apply for their open positions.

Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN is a relatively new player in the VPN scene, yet it offers a whole bunch of privacy-shielding features. The company is registered in the USA with a R&D office in Lithuania. Atlas VPN gives users multiple IP addresses that rotate as they browse, which complicates online tracking even further. Another unique feature Atlas VPN offers is split tunneling, which allows browsing local and overseas content at once and dividing traffic into encrypted and regular to increase browsing speed.

Atlas VPN grants Ukraine-based journalists access to Premium VPN subscription for 1 year. VPN services are critical in protecting human activists, investigators, and journalists from online tracking and political prosecution.

B2B Directories

Redwerk founder and CEO initiated the #workwithukraine informational campaign during the first weeks of the war. The aim is to convey one crucial message: Ukrainian IT services vendors need work, not charity; they deliver and live up to their promises despite the obstacles.

We are relieved to see global tech companies hold the same opinion and do their part in supporting the tech sector in Ukraine.


Clutch is an American B2B reviews & ratings platform, featuring leading IT services, marketing, and creative agencies worldwide. Clutch aims to help businesses find the right contractor or long-term partner for their projects.

The tech sector in Ukraine has been booming for the last few years, so it’s only natural that numerous Ukrainian IT companies have used Clutch. To support their consumers, Clutch created a dedicated page featuring Ukraine-based vendors, prompting the global business community to act and opt for Ukrainian service providers.

In our communication with Clutch, we discovered that their consumers from Ukraine could negotiate a free ad placement and promote their content through the Clutch social media and blog. For example, Clutch shared our post on ways to support the Ukrainian economy and individual citizens.


GoodFirms is a US-based portal listing profiles, rankings, and reviews of leading B2B tech companies and business software from around the globe. You can filter results by platforms, programming languages, providers’ countries, and particular services to find a vendor matching your needs.

We’ve been a GoodFirms client for quite some time, so when our Redwerk team turned to them to extend our payment period during the war, we received a lot of understanding and got featured among top software development agencies.


DesignRush is an American company that is both a project marketplace, an agency directory, and a design award platform. It helps businesses find an agency partner for their projects, either through self-service or the DesignRush concierge team. On DesignRush, you can find agencies specializing in managed IT services, SaaS development, SEO, marketing, and accounting, among other niches.

The folks at DesignRush satisfied our appeal to waive subscription fees during wartime and honored our company in a dedicated post promoting Ukrainian vendors.

Language Learning

There are many reasons why people choose to learn a new language. For Ukrainians who have already moved abroad or are only considering it, learning the language of their host country translates into an opportunity to get employed.

Traditional classes with a language instructor are not an option during wartime: they may be expensive, and people need better flexibility while adapting to their new normal. Language learning apps are convenient as they can quickly boost vocabulary and allow users to personalize their learning path.

Here are successful e-learning companies that provide great language-learning opportunities for Ukrainian refugees and Ukrainians staying home.


Busuu is a London-based company providing e-learning SaaS for mastering up to 13 languages from European, Arabic, and Asian language families. Busuu is mobile- and tablet-friendly so that you can access their bite-sized lessons, one-on-one and group chats with natives, and your study progress from wherever it’s convenient for you.

Busuu promptly reacted to the sudden increase of users from Ukraine and granted them access to Busuu Premium for 3 months. If you are eligible for the offer, feel free to fill out this form.


Duolingo is a popular American language-learning platform with over 300 mln users worldwide. If you’re a native English speaker or already know English, you can choose from over 30 language courses. The number of courses adapted to users’ mother tongues varies by country. For example, if you know only German, you can choose from the four courses – English, French, Spanish, and Italian. If you speak only Ukrainian or Polish, the only course available is English.

Duolingo did several things in support of Ukraine. They made Duolingo English Test free for Ukrainian students, Duolingo Plus – free for refugees and their hosts, and created a Ukrainian phrasebook to facilitate communication of Ukrainian refugees with Polish-, English-, German, and Russian-speaking volunteers.


Drops is an Estonian language-learning startup offering a gamified solution for extending one’s vocabulary in over 45 languages. The vocabulary lists are curated by the Drops team, illustrated, and backed with quality audio for effortless memorizing of new words.

Drops added a banner to their homepage in support of Ukraine and granted 1-year premium membership for all Ukrainians. Fill out this form to enjoy the offer.


Babbel is a German-based SaaS providing language learning solutions for over 10 mln users worldwide. Babbel has combined the best tools and techniques to help users become fluent in speaking and comprehending a foreign language. It offers grammar and vocabulary lessons, audio dialogs recorded with natives, classes with teachers, games, videos, and podcasts, simultaneously broadening your outlook on the chosen country’s history, culture, and cuisine.

Babbel is doing a lot for Ukraine. First, Babbel gives Ukrainians 3 months of using Babbel for free; click here to register. Babbel is also adapting their courses to make them useful for Ukrainians who don’t know English or Polish at all. Last but not least, Babbel has prepared helpful resources for Ukrainian refugees coming to Poland, Germany, or England.

Payment Systems

The war split thousands of Ukrainian families – women with children relocated abroad while men stayed in the country to defend it against the aggressor.

Thanks to global payment systems available in Ukraine, these family members can help each other financially and feel safe. Foreigners willing to donate to volunteers they personally know also have a secure and convenient option to do so.


PayPal is a world-known payment system and money transfer service helping over 325 mln users easily make and receive payments across countries. It offers a ton of features for enjoyable shopping, such as cashbacks, paying with rewards, QR codes, or crypto. Sending, receiving, raising, and giving money can all be done with the same app.

PayPal satisfied the appeal of the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine and established additional services for Ukrainians. Until 30 June 2022, Ukrainian PayPal accounts can receive and send money and transfer funds from their digital wallets to credit and debit cards without service fees.


Wise, formerly known as TransferWise, is a London-based fintech company providing money transfers and other services for individual consumers and businesses. Wise enables holding a multi-currency account, which allows paying in local currencies without conversion fees.

Wise waived fees for donations to charities supporting Ukraine, lowered fees for Wise users sending money to their friends and family in Ukraine, and increased money transfer limits up to £100,000.


Revolut is a London-based fintech startup providing international instant payment services. Revolut makes it possible to send and receive money in over 200 currencies, request payments through links, QR codes, Apple or Google Pay, or split bills. With Revolut, you can also earn cashback, organize your bills, and make donations with one tap.

Revolut made money transfers from and to Ukrainian bank accounts free of service fees. They also simplified requirements for setting up a Revolut account for refugees fleeing the war in Ukraine and waived several FX transfer fees.


Telehealth is one more industry that experienced tremendous growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But it is not only a virus outbreak that makes telehealth so valued. Telehealth has one more essential use case – access to healthcare, including mental care, during wartime.

We’d love to see more telehealth and e-health providers joining the cause and making their services free to those in dire need.

Viveo Health

Viveo Health is an Estonian telehealth marketplace bringing together licensed practitioners and patients from around the world. Creating a Viveo account is free of charge both for patients and doctors; however, the company deducts 10% off each payment for a medical consultation.

ViveoCares Foundation (NGO of Viveo Health) has started an initiative to help the Ukrainian people to get free online access to medical healthcare. Donate a consultation today for just $30. Your donation keeps doctors online and provides lifesaving aid for Ukraine!.

Viveo Health

VOS is a Czech well-being app used by over 700K people globally. It is designed by psychologists and mental health experts to help users build a positive self-image and achieve mental peace. The mobile solution allows users to create a personalized well-being plan, track their mood, and practice well-being activities, such as breathing exercises, affirmations, and meditation. VOS also gives an option to chat in real-time with a mental health expert.

VOS created a separate page in Ukrainian to share about their initiative. They made VOS Premium free for the affected Ukrainians, which is highly helpful given the amount of stress our people experience daily.


haloDoctor is a Polish telehealth portal allowing booking e-visits for users speaking Polish or English. The choice of doctors giving consultations in English is limited to general practitioners, physiotherapists, dermatologists, and psychiatrists, whereas appointments in Polish comprise more specializations, such as cardiology, pediatrics, gynecology, neurology, and several more.

haloDoctor added a banner in Ukrainian encouraging all Ukrainians in need of medical or psychological assistance to book free e-consultations via their platform.


The war has put many constraints on our lives; at the same time, it urged Ukrainians who lost jobs, fresh graduates, and students not to postpone their education and master a new skill right now.

Besides, studying is an effective cure for disturbing thoughts. Why sit in fear and worry if you can tap into the world of new opportunities?

It touches our heart that world-known edtech companies care about Ukrainian talents and lend them a helping hand by opening access to top-tier educational programs.


Coursera is a world-known e-learning platform cooperating with top universities and educational institutions around the world. It helps millions of people get access to quality education and change their careers for the better. Coursera offers both free and paid courses as well as an opportunity to apply for a scholarship.

Coursera stopped doing business with Russia and supported the initiative of the Ukrainian Ministry of Education to make more than 5200 courses and over 2200 projects available for Ukrainian higher institutions and their students. To enroll your higher education establishment in Coursera for Campus, follow this link.

Individual learners can also apply for financial aid, whereas nonprofits can sign up for the Coursera for Refugees program.


edX is one of the biggest online course providers established by scientists from MIT and Harvard. It offers courses, programs & degrees in a range of subjects – from architecture, electronics, and medicine to physics, finance, and humanities. edX also provides business solutions to upskill employees and equip teams with pioneering knowledge.

In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, edX removed all courses by Russian institutions and granted Ukrainian higher education schools and their students access to edX Online Campus.


Kahoot is a game-based learning platform for kids and adults and it’s headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Kahoot can be used both in-person and virtually, and it allows us to create media-rich quizzes in a matter of minutes. The platform also offers millions of free, readily available games and a mobile app to study on the go, compete with friends, participate in live games, and create your own ones, among other features.

Kahoot announced that it gives Ukrainian K-12 and higher education schools a 1-year subscription to Kahoot! EDU solutions. In addition, they started translating their materials into Ukrainian to ensure we can benefit from their platform to the fullest. To apply for the subscription, please follow this link.


Udemy is a popular American edtech marketplace built for students, adult professionals, and passionate instructors worldwide. It offers over 185K courses in design, information technology, marketing, photography, business, music, and personal development. The platform contains both free and paid courses in 75 languages.

In its official statement, Udemy promised to make technical, business, language, and other relevant courses free for Ukrainian education establishments and students.


E-commerce companies have enormous power when it comes to supporting Ukraine. First, many platforms sell items that match those in the list of humanitarian, military, or medical aid supplies. So their goods can be immediately delivered to aid collection centers or warehouses.

Second, they have large consumer bases that can also be engaged in donating humanitarian aid wares. Lastly, they can cancel delivery fees for items purchased as humanitarian aid.

Let’s get inspired by other examples of relief initiatives from market leaders.


Shopify is a Canadian e-commerce CMS built for online stores and point-of-sale systems. Shopify offers over 70 professionally designed, customizable themes along with mobile-friendly features. It integrates with over 100 trusted payment systems, supports SEO, and provides built-in analytics for instant visibility of sales, traffic, and referrals.

Shopify publicly condemned the ongoing war against Ukraine and canceled subscription fees for their Ukrainian merchants and partners.


Wish is a popular American marketplace that has united millions of buyers and sellers across the world. On Wish, you can find anything from clothing, beauty, and cosmetics to car electronics, outdoor gear, and books. Wish is known for low prices, global shipping, and daily bargains – that explains over 500 mln installs on Google Play alone.

Wish has donated over 65K supplies to Ukrainian refugees and waived fees for Ukraine-based merchants for the next six months – an example to be followed by other e-commerce platforms.


eBay is an American e-commerce giant that makes possible business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer sales. Founded in 1995, it has grown massively, connecting over 190 markets worldwide. Clothing, accessories, music instruments, industrial equipment, collectibles, health products – there’s hardly an item you won’t find on eBay.

eBay stands with Ukraine by waiving seller fees and account penalties as well as matching their employee and consumer donations to vetted nonprofits like the American Red Cross, Nova Ukraine, and Save the Children.

Wrapping Up

The entire world has witnessed the bravery and unshakable spirit of the Ukrainian people. Ukrainians fight for what is rightfully ours – our land, our history, and our democratic future. We are immensely grateful to all startups, scaleups, and market leaders who show solidarity with Ukraine and support us with kind words and timely deeds. You are incredible and an inspiration for others to follow suit.

Redwerk is a Ukrainian company, and we are fighting on the economic front. As a software development agency, we believe the tech sector in Ukraine is its pillar of strength, powering other sectors of the Ukrainian economy.

One employed engineer can keep his entire family well-fed, donate to support the army and humanitarian aid efforts, and buy from local sellers and service providers, thus positively impacting the lives of many other families. Imagine how much more good we can do as a team. And there are thousands of such teams across Ukraine. So if you’re thinking about engaging an IT services provider in your business, consider Ukraine – we keep helping our overseas partners deliver new features, redesign their platforms, and prepare for a mission-critical demo day.

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