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Both aspiring startups and established companies come to us when there’s a need for a strong software. Redwerk is a one-stop shop for web, mobile and desktop application development, which means we can lead your project from the idea to release without any intermediaries. We turn even a pen-paper level concept into a decent software product.

The cost of developing Web 2.0 and SaaS solutions can be hefty for IT start-ups and product vendors in terms of pulling resources away from the business side of the company. For several time, cost and resource-saving reasons, more and more businesses find it beneficial to outsource product development whether it’s just parts of it or the entire development process from A to Z. Having built and deployed more complex systems than our development team can count, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to develop and launch powerful, ever-changing software solutions.

Offshore software product development - Planning by Redwerk


A concept alone is never sufficient to evaluate the full scale of the project. We will analyze your project bit by bit, precisely estimating the resources needed for each individual part. All processes are completely transparent, so already at this stage, you’ll be able to see the shape of the end-product and how much time & money and what technologies the implementation would require.

Offshore software product development - Design by Redwerk company


This stage defines the look and the feel of your future software masterpiece. This part involves choosing the color palette and fonts, developing wireframes and the map of your application, interactive objects and interactions themselves, seasoning it all with smooth and beautiful animations.

Software product development by IT outsourcing company Redwerk


After all estimates are approved, you can decide whether your product needs an MVP(minimum viable prototype) as a demo first. But we can skip this part and move right to the full-scale project development with all the turning parts, design and functions that you require. During the project, you can observe every aspect of the development process, and our managers are always available if you need to consult.

Outsourced software product development - Testing by Redwerk company


To ensure the quality of the final product, we conduct a series of automatic and manual tests from Unit Testing to System and Acceptance Testing. Your software is going to be smooth, stable and well-received upon release.

Offshore software product development - Release / Redwerk company


After being analyzed, coded, designed and tested at Redwerk, your product is 100% ready to be released. Once development is done, if needed, we can help you pick a hosting provider and deploy the solution live. You get a fully-operational software product. The development is finished. Congratulations!

Offshore software product development - Support by Redwerk company


Even though we kill all the bugs prior to the release date and provide our clients with exhaustive, quality documentation for each project that we deliver, some additional support is never redundant. You may choose to sign an SLA with us and get a support team with us who will address requests of your customers on a daily basis.

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  • When it comes to outsourcing product development, Redwerk is a skilled IT service provider specializing in complex software solutions, QA and support. Their team is highly skilled, on-time and usually on-budget. They have a cost-effective deployment model and serve the technical and business needs of LinkTiger. I have recommended their services to many business colleagues and they have thanked me for that.
    Steve Moskowski Linktiger partner

    Steve Moskowski, Owner at

  • Redwerk provided expert knowledge and delivered a solid first generation Web-application that serves a mission critical database for our company. We have worked on subsequent projects to enhance this application and design other Web-based tools.
    Brendan Addis Utility Revenue Services partner

    Brendan Addis, Principal and Co-Founder at Utility Revenue Services LLC

  • Absolutely worth any time and money. I have been working on an Android app for my start-up and Redwerk was able to deliver quickly a reliable solution with all testing and expected value. Would recommend for projects of any size and level of difficulty.
    Sergiej Rewiakin CleanAgents partner

    Sergiej Rewiakin, Co-Founder at

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Why Us

Easy Software Development

Outsource your company’s software project to Redwerk (no matter how simple or complicated), and you’ll reap the benefits. We’ll help you save money and time, while preventing frustration. But most importantly, we’ll bring your product’s vision to life, and provide your company with a high-quality piece of software.

Quality Guarantee

We put tremendous effort into building software that users want to adopt. Whether your company needs a SaaS, web app, mobile app, or any other piece of software, you can rest assured knowing that Redwerk guarantees the quality of your build.

Quick Deadlines

While it takes some time to build a quality software solution, we’ll make the development process feel quick and painless. In fact, we can schedule a series of milestones for your development project which won’t be missed.

Intellectual Property Rights

We provide you with 100% ownership of the software that we build for you. No exceptions!

Legal Protection

Need us to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)? No problem. We’re a professional offshore software product development company, and we’ll make sure to protect your project’s privacy.

Strong Communication

You’ll find it easy to chat with our team in English. Plus, we’ll work hard to regularly communicate with you during a window of time that’s most convenient to you.

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Selected Cases

Software products we have developed from the ground up.

URS workflow automation by Redwerk: an example of efficient outsourced product development
United States
Web application for automation of workflows related to audit and statistics
Advanced ERP system by Redwerk: an example of efficient offshore software product development
Advanced web-based ERP system for IT company
A user-friendly application for the iPad developed by Redwerk: an example of efficient software product development outsourcing
iPad app that allows visitors in a public place to create and share a review

Our Customers

Happy customers who used our offshore software product development service.

PageFreezer outsourced product development to Redwerk's programmers
Linktiger outsourced development of software product to Redwerk's programmers
DigitAIR outsourced development of software products to Redwerk's specialists
SystemDataRecorder: an example of efficient software product development  outsourcing


complex distributed systems developed from scratch


users' issues addressed by our support service


faster time to market due to our agile process


startup companies trusted us with their whole technology