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The cost of developing Web 2.0 and SaaS solutions can be hefty for IT start-ups and product vendors in terms of pulling resources away from the business side of the company. For several time, cost and resource-saving reasons, more and more businesses find it beneficial to outsource product development whether it’s just parts of it or the entire development process from A to Z. Having built and deployed more complex systems than our development team can count, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to develop and launch powerful, ever-changing software solutions.

Getting started with product development outsourcing

Thinking of starting outsourcing product development? Perhaps out of all the development stages, the concept phase has the widest parameters. Redwerk’s developers have moved quickly into development based on a vague idea scribbled on a napkin. We’ve also brought to life multiple pages of highly specific end user objectives. Either way, our team leans toward quick prototyping, saving you time and money. However, the project’s concept must have a basic foundation on which to build: function requirements, budget and a timeline for milestones and final execution.

Functionality is key. Though it can change throughout the offshore software product development life cycle and well beyond initial deployment, the basics and a map for future evolution must be established as a guideline early on. If you don’t have a clear blueprint to follow, our development experts can help you outline design preferences, wants versus needs, and the requirements for the user interface.

Engagement model

Staying on budget right from the start is important to companies of all sizes, especially start-ups and innovative product development and in this economy. Having flexible project models ranging from fixed quote to dedicated teams help you keep costs under control. Dragging out a SaaS or Web 2.0 project or a mobile app isn’t acceptable in a fast paced environment. From the beginning, your deadlines must be met by doing things the right way the first time, avoiding expensive delays later and ensuring your solution remains a contender in a competitive market.

Dedicated Team

Lower Hourly Rate

  • Pay as you go
  • Unlimited prototyping
  • Tasks picked up immediately
  • Permanent resource availability
  • Long-term contract
  • Swift communication
  • Business analysis included
  • Quality pledge

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Deployment, Maintenance and Support

Once development is done, if needed, we can help you pick a hosting provider and deploy the solution live. You may choose to sign an SLA with us and get a support team with us who will address requests of your customers on a daily basis.

  • When it comes to outsourcing product development, Redwerk is a skilled IT service provider specializing in complex software solutions, QA and support. Their team is highly skilled, on-time and usually on-budget. They have a cost-effective deployment model and serve the technical and business needs of LinkTiger. I have recommended their services to many business colleagues and they have thanked me for that.
    Steve Moskowski Linktiger partner

    Steve Moskowski, Owner at Linktiger.com

  • Redwerk provided expert knowledge and delivered a solid first generation Web-application that serves a mission critical database for our company. We have worked on subsequent projects to enhance this application and design other Web-based tools.
    Brendan Addis Utility Revenue Services partner

    Brendan Addis, Principal and Co-Founder at Utility Revenue Services LLC

  • Absolutely worth any time and money. I have been working on an Android app for my start-up CleanAgents.com and Redwerk was able to deliver quickly a reliable solution with all testing and expected value. Would recommend for projects of any size and level of difficulty.
    Sergiej Rewiakin CleanAgents partner

    Sergiej Rewiakin, Co-Founder at CleanAgents.com

Why Us

Deadline Guarantee

We’ve never met a deadline we didn’t meet. You won’t hear any sob stories from us as to why your outsourced product development project wasn’t finished on time.

Perfect Process

Since the moment our company was founded back in 2005 we stepped on every rake in the garden. As a result, we now have a solid bulletproof software development process that guarantees quality and timely results for our clients.

Maximum Agility

In the fast changing business world, it’s very important to always be ahead of the competition. We can scope out and quickly deliver an MVP (minimum viable prototype) for your idea and, once everything is fine, a full-scale product.

Business Analysis

We know exactly how to deal with non-technical customers. We have a bunch of startups on our portfolio that never had a single technical person on their team, with all the software development done exclusively by us. We make sure we understand your business.

Intellectual Property Rights

Some customers think that outsourced product development is risky in terms of intellectual property rights. All rights on the software developed by our developers belong to the client 100%.

Legal Protection

Non-disclosure Agreement to restrict access to confidential information to third parties. Confidentiality and Non-competition for each party to agree to threat the other party’s information as strictly confidential.

Our Work

Products we have developed from the ground up.

Our Customers

Happy customers who used our outsourced software product development service.

PageFreezer outsourced product development to Redwerk's programmers
Linktiger outsourced development of software product to Redwerk's programmers
DigitAIR outsourced development of software products to Redwerk's specialists
SystemDataRecorder: an example of efficient software product development  outsourcing

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