Top tools Project Managers use for remote work in 2020: Redwerk edition

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken the entire world, making businesses look for ways to transfer all their operations online without decreasing their employee productivity and profit margins. Those companies who didn’t have a remote work policy already in place were among the least prepared for such a turn of events. Many of them are still

Top Tech Events in 2020: Quarter 3 Ultimate Guide

Autumn now takes its turn, and while you didn’t roll up into a comfy blanky, we’re offering you a list of upcoming tech events that will help you find inspiration in the latest reports from the world’s most famous IT specialists, while you all try to catch the last sunny days in different parts of

Glide vs Picasso vs Fresco: Android Image Loaders Review

It is almost impossible to find a commercial Android application that does not use images in its interface. Downloading a picture into the corresponding View, despite the seeming simplicity of the operation, can cause big trouble for the developer. For example, what if the image is stored on the server? To display it on the

SQLite vs Realm vs ObjectBox: Complex data queries in Android databases

Development of a complex application is impossible without the use of databases that provide powerful functionality for storing, sorting and retrieving information. Their application in Android development has its own specifics caused by the features of mobile devices: less hardware resources, battery saving, mobile application architecture. Therefore, the use of databases in Android development is

Let the Music Play – Events and Live Streams to Enjoy During Quarantine

While everyone is talking about the economic crisis and the changes the pandemic is bringing to the IT sector and the labor market, we seem to forget about another commodity COVID-19 is making us risk – the night out. Enjoying a club party with friends is an excellent way to cheer yourself up and unwind

Redwerkers’ after work fun: quarantine edition

The coronavirus pandemic and the massive lockdown will once become just a part of world history, but at the moment, we need to learn how to balance work and leisure in a new way. People all over the world have switched to remote work, which poses a number of challenges. Forced staying at home can

Stay in Shape During Quarantine: Top Tips from Redwerk Team

Nowadays, tech companies all over the world struggle with maintaining their businesses and ensuring conducive work environment for their remote employees. Regular physical exercise is what helps your team stay productive and engaged even during quarantine. Although subsidized gym membership is no longer an option, there are plenty of workout programs that do not require

Monolithic vs Microservices Architecture for .NET

This article is an introduction to developing microservices-based applications and managing them. It describes architectural design and implementation approaches using .NET Core and Docker containers. This article was written for .NET developers and solution architects who are trying to make a decision about their application architecture and are not familiar with the microservices-based architecture. In

Best .NET CMS platforms

What is CMS? In today’s world, the presence of a website is a must for almost every business. When you make a decision to create it, one of the early-stage questions will be whether to use an off-the-shelf Content Management System or create a website from scratch. While the last one is clear, there can

Structured logging in third-party .NET logging frameworks

Logging is an essential and valuable part of software development. It becomes like a ‘must-have’ thing in any library or application. Logging can help to find problems and issues on any step of software development, but especially in cases when you can’t use debugging in the usual way. For example, when you deploy your application