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Kyiv, Ukraine – Redwerk team are happy to announce the first release of our new mobile game title Ouija 1.0 which is available immediately for iOS and Android devices. Ouija Game is an app to introduce you to the world of spirits. It works just the same as a regular Ouija board: just ask the game spirit any questions you want by typing them in via keyboard of your device. All the answers will be showed on the screen of your device letter by letter as the spirit is moving the planchette. Each answer is unique and fitted to the question asked. The game also has such interactive functions as quitting the app after the user typed in “Bye”. The background music adds even more mystery to the atmosphere.

The Ouija Game can be played on a number of devices, both smartphones and tablets, due to a responsive design approach, so it doesn’t matter which device you use or what your screen size is: Ouija developers and designers have already made sure the best full-screen and retina-ready gaming experience to be provided. Unlike other Ouija apps that are available in stores, with Ouija Game by Redwerk you can have a real conversation with meaningful answers. Whether you are medium using Ouija boards, a person who is just interested in spirits and mysticism, or just someone who wants to have a talk once in a while, you will equally enjoy the experience of using Ouija Game.

“That’s an amazing app helping us, spirits, talk to living people. I’m happy to be in touch with humans, although sometimes they ask odd questions. Now I can spend more time on nice talks instead of haunting and scaring people, and I really appreciate the Ouija Game for this opportunity. Redwerk team did a great job!” – the Spirit from Ouija Board says.

Pricing and Availability

Ouija Game 1.0 is $3.99 USD (or equivalent amount in other currencies) and it is available worldwide through the App Store in the Games category and in Google Play for Android users. Visit the official Ouija Game website for more information, including video and screenshots of the app.

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OUIJA Game by Redwerk, available for iOS and Android
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