Our technology expertise

means advanced knowledge, talent and years of experience

For the past 10 years Redwerk has been providing software development services to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thus, we have a wide range of specialists experienced in different technologies. Over time, we demonstrated capability to develop applications with the best quality, because:

  • We use a wide variety of programming languages.
  • We develop apps for all kind of operating systems and platforms.
  • We use various up to date DBMSs including NoSQL ones.
  • We’re always trying to adhere to the latest development methodologies and technology trends.

Moreover, being a one-stop shop for software development, we’ve been using not just one but several sets of technologies for a single project developing interactive frontends, powerful backends and functional mobile apps under one single R&D roof. During the years of continuous productive work in a software development field, we’ve developed dozens of various projects: iOS, Android applications, desktop software for Windows and Mac, powerful SaaS systems and many others. We have a number of featured case studies where we describe all the details of some extremely interesting projects we’ve made.

Also you might be interested in our business models. Mostly we work using two typical outsourcing engagement models: Fixed Quote and Dedicated Team. Which one is a good fit for your project? Our consultants will be happy to give you a hand in choosing the right model as well as the right technology stack.

In our work we never stuck with “favorite” or “convenient” technologies like some companies do as we know that each project is unique, that’s why we use a custom business analysis approach for any project we estimate to select the best way of implementing the needed solution.

If you are not sure which technologies would be the best fit for your project, you can rely on us in this respect. Our technology expertise is always expanding as we never miss any cool new tool and always stay current with latest technologies and trends. You can rest assured that if you entrust your project to us you will have the most up-to-date set of technologies implemented in your fast, flexible and powerful application.

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Our software solutions expertise

SaaS development

Businesses are clamoring for Software as a Service because it drastically cuts costs, boosts productivity and eliminates the need for major IT investments. As a SaaS provider, it’s critical you choose a partner who can take it from step one and has experience with the entire development cycle.

PaaS development

Thinking platform from the very beginning is an important strategic decision. Exposing an API and allowing third-party developers access to it is crucial to succeed in the market.

Mobile apps development

A smartphone or a tablet app is a must-have for any modern business nowadays. But real app success happens when an app puts new functionality or service in users’ hands in a way they’ve never seen before.

Web applications development

There is virtually no modern software product that wouldn’t have some kind of web front-end to give access to its functionality. Redwerk knows the web in and out, from front-end technologies down to little aspects of web server software behavior.

Desktop Software development

In the era of online services, software applications that users run locally still exist due to security, connectivity or performance reasons. We know exactly when it makes sense to create a desktop application and have experience of development on all popular operating systems.

Server-side software development

Operation system agents and background processes is where stability and survivability under high-load is key. We know how to create and thoroughly test them before they go live and it hits the fan.

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Our business analysts

will dissect your project and suggest the best technologies, approaches and solutions

Why Us

Make both ends meet

You aren’t tech-savvy, are you? No worries, we know how to deal with it. Our business analysts make sure we understand your wants and needs and translate them into specs for developers.

Agile process

The world is changing fast, and your ideas change and grow over time too. We consider all your requests and feedback to keep up with the pace and deliver the best possible result.

Thinking outside the box

At Redwerk, we embrace ideas and solutions beyond the average comfort zone. Our experts will find the most innovative way to solve your problem and help your company and clients grow.


R&D centers


software development professionals


years combined experience


less expensive than some other IT outsourcing locations