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Mendix Platform provides simple tools to build mobile and web applications

Creating an app in short terms

using Mendix platform is what we can offer you

Interesting fact, the year of foundation of the Mendix platform coincided with the year of Redwerk’s creation in 2005. During this time, the platform has proven itself as a great provider of aPaaS services. It allows to quickly implement the entire development cycle of mobile and web applications, manage them and deploy powerful business solutions. With Mendix, you can perform fast and flexible modular development without a code, and also complement the developed solutions with a code written in Java, Scala, and Javascript.

Visual Application Development

Mendix developers can also create customizable applications for different industries and quickly implement innovations in their projects using the platform. Mendix technology applies a multi-level approach to develop functional cross-platform applications running on multiple devices. Creating a data structure and business logic in a visual modeling environment can significantly reduce costs for customers, and simplify and accelerate the development process for developers.

Mendix Cloud

The Mendix development environment is available as the Mendix Cloud cloud service or can be downloaded to a developer’s computer. The Mendix Cloud allows you not to worry about technical problems, as it is fully automated. As for backups, the platform automatically creates them and allows you to store them for one year, and copies created manually can be stored for up to two weeks.

One of the first steps in creating an app on Mendix is choosing a design, customizing a user interface, selecting its structure and adding pages. If your project requires a unique design, Redwerk UI/UX professionals will always help you find the best solution for your project.
The Mendix platform offers a number of tools, functions, and options to simplify each stage of app creation and every step of its life cycle. Using it for your projects you can be sure of the quality of the developed app, and the experience of our specialists will help you achieve the best result in no time.

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Mendix Main Advantages

Fast Integration

The extensive platform capabilities allow to create and integrate new applications or extend existing ones. Mendix readily integrates with other applications and cloud services, often through XML services.

Ease of Use

A transparent interface and support of modular development without code make the platform easy to use and convenient to create projects of any levels of complexity.

Deployment In One Click

The platform offers a great opportunity to deploy an app to the Mendix server and it can be done in a single click.

Flexible Project Management

The platform provides an agile project management system with the help of the Mendix Project Management tool. It allows to make the team work on the same project as you can follow the entire process in a single environment.

Rapid Development

The best result in less time is what makes Mendix develop rapidly. Using this development model allows dev teams to prioritize speed and flexibility throughout the application lifecycle.

Protected Data

You don’t have to worry about the security of applications created on Mendix, as it applies various measures against security threats. It is easy to make different parts of the app visible to different users, as well as to prevent unauthorized access.

Why Us

Experienced Mendix Developers

Redwerk qualified team applies the best working practices with Mendix to deliver projects at the highest level. We always do our best to provide cutting-edge products to clients.

Easy Communication

One of our main tasks is to provide the effective communication between our team and customer. Redwerk business analysts have excellent knowledge of English and will take the project development under their control, ensuring prompt interaction.

Information Protection

When clients entrust us with the development of their project, they do not doubt that we will preserve data confidentiality and non-competition by signing a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). We guarantee that a third party will never gain access to your information.

Attractive Price

You can significantly save your budget with outsourcing. Besides costs on accomodating team in-house, Redwerk offers a lower price than most other outsourcing destinations in Europe.

Property Rights

The software developed by us is 100% owned by the client. The customer has all legal rights to own and use the product.

Flexible Working Hours

Our clients are companies all over the world, so timely communication is essential for us. We will adjust our working hours depending on your time zone to ensure full interaction.

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