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that fits your needs, instead of you fitting your business around it. It’s possible with CouchDB and we’ve done it for e-government 2.0 companies

Rapid fire handling of mega amounts of data in a distributed environment. This is what so many fast-growing companies require today and CouchDB noSQL databases are fulfilling these needs and then some with highly reliable results and major potential for future scalability.

Enormous data workloads are pushing many companies toward alternatives to traditional databases because they cannot handle data the way it needs to be managed and accessed today. And cloud deployment models are simplifying the transition from traditional to noSQL databases like those developed with CouchDB.

NoSQL database solutions are specifically designed to process an extraordinary quantity of transactions — terabytes and petabytes of data — for millions of users. CouchDB has more than 10 million deployments with global powerhouses including The BBC, CERN and Mozilla. These companies and many more have chosen a CouchDB noSQL solution because of replication and sync capabilities — proof positive of its capacity to handle a rapid influx of data.

CouchDB is a culmination of everything powerful about replicating, syncing and managing data in a web-based environment. CouchDB noSQL databases make data transparent to the user. It puts an end to the questions of what to index and how data information is queried. CouchDB can be queried and indexed using JavaScript. The addition of geo-spatial indexing is supporting many open apps for mobile platforms like Android and more.

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Skilled And Experienced Developers

If you want to outsource your product development, you can rely on professional services and expertise of our software development company. With the proven CouchDB experience of our developers, we meet the needs of most businesses.

Management And Communication

If you need to outsource your project or hire a team of developers, we will make our communication as comfortable as possible for you. We have a team of business analysts taking care of each project. Our employees’ English skills are excellent, which makes interacting with us smooth, easy and fun.

Legal Protection

We ensure restricted access to project information and full confidentiality for each client by signing a non-disclosure agreement.

Price Advantage

Outsourcing to Ukraine saves your budget. We have at least 25% less expensive rates than IT outsourcing companies in some other locations.

Intellectual Property Rights

During and after the product delivery, 100% of IP rights on the software developed by Redwerk belong to its respective owner – the client.

Working Hours & Time Difference

Our working schedule is flexible so that we can adjust our working hours depending on your specific timezone.

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