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Ruby on Rails is an open source web application development framework for the Ruby language. Having been released in July 2004, this programming language has quickly gained popularity among web developers and system administrators. The reasons are:

  • Ruby is an object-oriented and very reflective language;
  • It gives possibility to develop web applications much faster comparing to the other languages such as PHP.

Redwerk company provides quality Ruby on Rails outsourcing services and our clients reap the benefit from RoR’s multifunctional, agile and innovative technology. Our dedicated teams of Ruby developers have solid and very successful Ruby on Rails development experience and also we have some featured projects to tell you about.

Ruby on Rails is a very demanded skill at the moment which makes Ruby on Rails development services extremely expensive and RoR developers difficult to find. That’s why if you have Ruby development tasks it is reasonable to consider an outsourcing option. This will make your company’s life much easier and less expensive.

We can develop web, cloud and mobile Ruby on Rails applications, social media apps and others enhancing your business with powerful functionality and responsive design. Everybody in our Ruby team and in our company in general stick to clean code, quality documentation and thorough testing.

We are experts in a number of technologies and that’s why we can successfully combine Ruby on Rails with other tools and technologies from our expertise. For example, it can be RoR development combined with AJAX and Ext JS, Ruby with jQuery, etc. Also our Ruby on Rails development is based on HTML5, JSON, XML, WSDL integration.

Our RoR developers can create cutting-edge web applications equipping your business with another bullet-proof competitive advantage. We can bring all your ideas to life no matter how complicated the solution might seem at first sight. We master a lot of other innovative technologies such as Python, Node.js, Scala and if needed we can combine it with other technologies for the best result.

In all our software development projects including Ruby outsourcing projects, we stick to Agile methodologies making the development process faster and more flexible. If you are looking for a professional Ruby on Rails development company, contact us and our managers will happily tell you more about our expertise, processes and achievements.

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Our Ruby on Rails Development Services

Ruby on Rails App Development

Ruby is a flexible yet powerful programming language. Rails, built in the Ruby language, is a comprehensive open source framework that lets you create engaging and versatile mobile applications and dynamic websites. Our Ruby on Rails development services are real examples of quality clean code, amazing UI and advanced functionality. Anyone of our Ruby on Rails developers is keen on what he does and does it perfectly.

eCommerce App Development

What would the world look like without eCommerce applications today? Our Ruby on Rails developers create robust and functional eCommerce solutions of any complexity. Just send us your requirements and we will promptly provide you with an estimation and a comprehensive assessment for you to have a clear picture on your project before starting the development.

Rails CMS Development

Our team is capable of using RoR innovative technology for CMS projects development. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a cool Ruby or a traditional and elegant PHP web development framework, our CMS solutions always ensure code quality, smart design and a hassle-free experience. Just tell us what you need and we’ll take care of the rest for you!

Ruby Mobile Applications

Ruby on Rails outsourcing is good not only for web development projects but also for creating modern, fast and secure mobile applications with rich functionality and interactivity. If you need Ruby on Rails developers for your mobile application, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Social Media and Widgets

Social media solutions like social communities, applications, widgets are very popular today and for some businesses having own social media application is just a must. Redwerk team has great Ruby expertise and strong skills with hands-on experience developing awesome social media projects using RoR technologies.

RoR Porting and Migration Services

Rails provides a robust framework, which is a great reason to migrate an existing project to Ruby to make it more flexible and fast. Redwerk Ruby on Rails experts are happy to help you with this kind of tasks. Keep up with big companies like NASA and Motorola that are already using Ruby!

Why Us

Skilled Ruby on Rails Developers

If you are looking to outsource Ruby on Rails development, you can rely on professional software development services from Redwerk team. With valuable experience and extensive expertise in this area, our RoR developers can cater to your specific needs.

Management and Communication

When you outsource your project or hire a team of dedicated Ruby developers with Redwerk, the collaboration scenarios are very flexible and communication will be organized in a way that’s convenient for you. There will be a business analyst taking care of your request for free. Our team’s excellent English skills facilitate easy interaction.

Legal Protection

Non-disclosure Agreement is to restrict access to confidential information to third parties, agreeing to treat each other’s information as strictly confidential to ensure confidentiality and non-competition between the parties and protection of any type of intellectual property.

Price Advantage

Outsourcing to Eastern Europe saves your money. Our rates for Ruby on Rails development are at least 25% less expensive than some other IT outsourcing locations.

Intellectual Property Rights

All rights on the software developed by our developers belong to the client 100% and in this respect there is absolutely no reason to worry.

Working Hours & Time Zones

Depending on where you are, we can adjust our working hours to make sure there is an overlap with your specific time zone.

Custom Ruby on Rails App Development Case Study

Our company was contracted to develop Cleanagents application which helps cleaners to review and receive orders from consumers. This app allows agents quickly find assignments, look through places to clean and take jobs via the platform. To accomplish tasks assigned to Redwerk devs, it was necessary to analyze the most popular devices of real Cleanagents website users. We figured out that Android is the appropriate platform for app realization and Ruby on Rails is a perfect framework to cover all backend needs of the application.

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