E-Government: Technology Fostering Democracy

We live in a time when almost everything can be done on the Internet: communication, shopping, watching movies, playing games, learning, and working. But there is still a long way to go. To register a marriage, vote in elections, or inherit, we still have to spend time and energy on personal visits to various institutions.
Best Web Development Frameworks of 2019

Best Web Development Frameworks

Web development trends have evolved over the years. The tools, techniques, and languages that were used a decade ago are no more popular now. And, same is the case with the web development frameworks too. With so many options available, developers face the dilemma of choosing the right web development framework for their project. Selecting
Presales Mechanics: How we do it

Presales in IT

What’s a strong sales process? We believe it’s putting the right efforts into the right places at the right time. Just like in a Tetris game. And the foundation of this game is presales. In case you are keen to get the “backstage” of the presales process, this article is for you. We will explain

How IT Helps to Cope With Corruption in Government Sector

The 21st century is known for the expedited penetration of information technology in all areas of life, and now it is facing exponential growth in all directions including the government sector. Many government institutions all over the world have already realized that information technology products help increase the efficiency of their work and the quality
digital healthcare solutions

Implementation of Digital Healthcare Solutions: Worldwide Experience

“The first wealth is health”, Emerson said. Many people might be currently concerned with this quote. Especially when they see and hear more and more about pollution levels growing and the number of diseases increasing. Many countries have already started to reform their healthcare sector to provide citizens with quality medical services via high-tech medical
cover image e-residency for offshore software development companies

Estonian e-Residency: Pros and Cons

Back in 2014, Estonia struck the whole world with news of being the first to create a system of electronic residency, available to businesses from any country anywhere in the world. Now, years later, it becomes more and more obvious that Ukrainian companies are one of the biggest enthusiasts of this program, and Redwerk is

Software Development Technologies in Demand in Florida

Florida, the state or oranges and sunshine, is the southernmost state of the US which was founded in 1513 by Spanish explorer and conquistador Juan Ponce de León. He named this land La Florida in honor of Pascua Florida which is a Spanish Feast of the Flowers. Florida attracts millions of tourists each year due to its famous Walt Disney World, Salvador Dali Museum, Everglades National Park, Daytona 500 Sports Arena, Kennedy Space Сenter and dozens of others. Legendary Universal Studios theme park is also located in Florida. A
How to handle offshore team effectively - software Development company Redwerk

Managing Your Offshore Team

You’ve decided that outsourcing was in the company’s best interest and have hired an offshore team. The contract is signed, the SLA is carefully worked out, the transition period is over – the vendor has started to work. But what happens now? Did you just lose the wheel? How can you manage an outsourcing project?
Mobile Application Development

How Long Does it Take to Build an App?

Mobile applications have already overtaken desktop and web apps, so nowadays businesses are becoming more interested in building their own mobile apps as the primary way to interact with customers. Having a mobile app in addition to a web presence any business can improve its accessibility and enhance customer engagement. According to statistics, people spent
Technologies In Demand In Portugal

Software Development Technologies In Demand In Portugal

The borders of Portugal has not changed since 1139, and this country has much to be proud of. It is always associated with the famous travelers like Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Bartholomew Diaz, the oldest bookshop in the world, the largest bridge in Europe, and also one of the oldest cities in the