Redwerk’s Dev Meetup series: Charity Meetup

Since Redwerk’s Dev Meetups became popular enough, we decided to aim them at another good thing besides learning and exchanging experience among IT specialists. Winter season is all about sharing – presents, emotions, and kindness with others. We dedicated our November event to collecting money for Children’s ward of Zaporizhzhia Regional Anti-Tuberculosis Center.
Redwerk’s Dev Meetup series: Anniversary

Redwerk’s Dev Meetup series: Anniversary

On July, 27 Redwerk’s South Ukrainian Office held the 10th Dev Meetup. For our anniversary event, we decided to do something very special and cool. First of all, we changed the place from conference hall to the rooftop. Then, adjusted speeches to outdoor. And last, but not the least, planned a party. Speakers have done

Redwerk’s Dev Meetup Series: Python Day

On the 30th of March Redwerk’s South Ukraine Office held our 6th Dev Meetup. This time we’ve chosen Python as the main course. Being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Python offers huge variety of frameworks, libraries, and approaches and, due to its popularity, attracts IT-people from all around to anything

Redwerk’s Dev Meetup Series: Project Management Day

Project Management might seem easy from afar, but if you dive into it, you will quickly see how tricky it can get. Any job that involves human communication can take some weird twists and turns sometimes. And don’t forget that you have to leverage your contact with clients and your development team at the same time.

Infographic: Fascinating Facts About The USA Tech Industry

From the moment Benjamin Franklin captured lighting in a jar all the way up to the creation of the Internet, the US has always been at the forefront of technological development. In honor of the nation’s 240 years of independence and an equally long history of innovation, we’ve compiled this list of trivia about the
Redwerk’s on Clutch in Top Mobile App Developers and Top Web Developers in Ukraine

Top Mobile App Developers and Top Web Developers – Redwerk’s Featured On Clutch

Today we are proud to announce that Clutch has listed Redwerk as one of the top software services companies in Ukraine in not just one, but two listings which means our company is now one of the top web developers and one of the top software developers in mobile app segment. That’s a big honor

Redwerk’s Annual Seaside Trip 2015: After Action Report

We had lots of fun on our annual corporate seaside trip on August 28–30, and we’re happy to share all the good vibes we brought back from the picturesque Azov seashore. Redwerk has just hit 10 years in business, and this trip was a great chance to reflect on the past decade, celebrate our successes,
US computing history owerview

Infographic: US Computing History Overview

On the occasion of the US Independence Day, we decided to create a special infographic dedicated to history facts of the US computing and information technology development. Historically, the USA has been always a major player in this field and lots of inventions and discoveries we know today would be probably still in doubt if